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Saying thank you is good manners. . Often we use a phatic response when we don't know what else to say. . How about "my pleasure". Search, Discover & Share your favorite Reactions GIFs. Find the newest in Reaction GIFs, Emotion GIFs, Action GIFs and more. The best GIFs are on GIPHY . bad #oh no you didnt #oh snap #ok #omg #oops #party hard #please # pleased. There are some responses I use when someone says “Nice to meet you”: Them: It's nice to meet you! Me: Likewise. (shake hands) Them: Nice to talk to you!.

This stupidity is probably because women have a higher screening procedure, so she will have matched with you for a reason and is therefore going to want to talk. Tinder messages — What to do: Like you did after reading this, I made an effort to write a cool bio meant to engage you and lead you in with a call to action — so fucking be engaged.

If I have a picture scuba diving, you can comment on that in the tinder messages. If I have an engaging question at the end or a shared hobby, talk about it. Send a strong first message Jesus, Tinder even gives hints on tinder messages: The first one shows a shared interest and a compliment and the second answers my bio question with a compliment note: See what a good job I did there of chatting myself up? Do NOT copy these word for word. When you email a client, you use professional language.

Likewise, in a tinder message, be smooth. Use GIFs This is an awesome tinder feature — use it! GIFs makes you look unique and funny without doing any work. I like this one right now: And look, it works: From his response, I can see that not a lot of women approach him like this, which is great for me. Yes, I do have a tattoo on my thigh.

Also some of the language is too fancy for me — see above Congrats! Now you have a conversation going! The key is to build rapport but be moving in a direction. I find it easier to see messages on there. My number is How to ask to meet up? They spend so much time worrying about not getting matches and are relieved when we do the asking, often finding our confidence and assertion sexy trust me, I know.

Being bold is a great thing for either sex.

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Read the bio of your hot recipient. Grow some balls and send the first message. Strike through your text with tildes. Add an angle bracket to multiple paragraphs for indents and block quotes. Add a bullet point. For more Slack formatting tips, read this article. Make a Pretty Theme Slack comes with a nice purple-and-green color scheme, but not everyone wants their messaging app to look like Barney. I, personally, would prefer that nothing ever looked like Barney.

There, you can choose from Slack's pre-made themes, or you can create your own and even share it with others, if you so desire. Star Important Messages Another handy little Slack feature is the ability to star messages. Simply hover over any message or file, and you'll see a gray-outlined star appear next to the time stamp.

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But you can come up with your own messages if you want. To be safe, you can always say something inspirational or highlight your company motto, like we did: You'll be able to read and index imported files, plus search for them with ease. This will allow you to set up event reminders for specific channels. For a full list of Slack integrations that can make your Slacking experience as easy as possible, check out the Slack app directory here.

How Mariah Carey’s ‘I don’t know her’ became pop’s shadiest power move

But you can edit your notifications in other ways, too. For instance, you can opt to be notified when certain words or phrases are mentioned. This hack is perfect for keeping tabs on the projects or tasks you're involved in. You can also choose what kind of notifications you'd like to receive desktop, mobile, or email. You can even mute notifications for certain channels. You probably already knew this one, but we use it so much, it can't go without saying.

Happy about someone's happy hour suggestion? I get COOL-ed a lot. You can get very creative with your emoji reactions. HubSpot suggests using them to take an office poll: You can also download the Simple Poll app to more easily create polls in Slack.

This is a great place to air out those custom emoji you created, too. No matter what, emoji reactions should always be used lightheartedly. We're all about business productivity and business fun here at 9 Clouds. It's got lots of tips that will help make you a smarter — and happier — person at work. You can also subscribe to our blog to get monthly productivity tips delivered to your inbox.