Need to meet vs doodle

Best Meeting Scheduler Apps

need to meet vs doodle

Let's do some math You need to schedule a meeting with five attendees. You send out one email to ask, “When can we meet?. Doodle is the best online scheduling tool for finding a date and time for many people to get No-brainer way to pick a time to meet that works for everyone. The free account gives you all the basics you need to schedule a. When2meet helps you find the best time for a group to get together. It is a free survey tool that is quick and easy to use.

You can even send a message to Meekan so that the app will alert meeting attendees if you're running late. Meekan also offers scheduling apps for iOS, Android, and Outlook, so it can help you organize appointments from anywhere.

Schedule meetings by providing a personal scheduling page, or by setting up a meeting with contacts from Google Calendar or Outlook.

The 17 Best Meeting Scheduler Apps and Tools in 2017

The app's dashboard allows you to organize and view all scheduled meetings in a timeline view, so it's easy for you to see what's next.

Thanks to the Meetingbird Chrome Extensiona quick-view of your calendar sits next to your Gmail inbox. Use this extension to quickly find available meeting times, quickly generate calendar invites, and share a link of all your available meeting times—all without ever leaving your inbox.

need to meet vs doodle

Meetingbird can even recognize email content and add relevant information to your calendar invite, to keep all the details in one place.

Blocking time in Meetingbird One of my personal favorite features in Meetingbird, however, was the ability to block time and hyper-schedule when I wanted to be available for meetings. This is especially useful for those looking to use time-blocking as a productivity method.

What sets NeedToMeet apart, though, is that everyone visiting your registration page can see everyone else's availability. If most of the guests who have already RSVP'd are only free for a limited span of time, all guests following will see that and can potentially adjust their own schedules to suit the group.

This limits the back and forth and removes you as schedule moderator. The Outlook add-in means that you can create events from the Outlook application without visiting the NeedToMeet web app. There are also iOS and Android apps for creating and managing events. Pick allows for simple scheduling among a group of Google Calendar users, either via browser or iOS mobile app.

Pick automatically finds and books meeting times by tapping into your contacts and calendar in Google.

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Choose someone to meet with, suggest a time from your own schedule, and the app allows them to do the same. If all users are on Pick, then their availability will be automatically updated, making scheduling even easier. Pick arrives at an agreeable time for everyone without the obnoxious back-and-forth, so you can save your energy for the actual meeting itself. Free Rallly Web For voting on meeting times Show of hands: That's the mechanic behind the very simple Rallly app, which helps you vote on times and start discussions, all on one page.

Instead of hunting around for agreeable times and hoping that attendees come with an agenda, Rallly lets you deal with everything in one place.

This app doesn't have many management or advanced scheduling tools, but it is quick to use and easy to share. Free TimeBridge Web Best for both inbound and outbound meeting scheduling TimeBridge is a web app that will coordinate all your meetings for you. Schedule meetings with a coworker or a group of individuals by typing in some emails or choosing from imported contactsthen simply select up to 5 times that you're available to meet, and let TimeBridge take over the rest.

TimeBridge will email everyone, take everyone's meeting preferences into account, then confirm the meeting with all attendees. Compatible with Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCloud, TimeBridge syncs your calendars with its scheduling app so that you're always up-to-date. Want to provide your availability to a client or sales lead?

You can also build an availability page with TimeBridge. Just send the link out, and let recipients schedule a meeting during one of your available time slots! There are some pretty great reminder features included in TimeBridge, too. With a mobile number saved in your TimeBridge account, you have the option to receive an SMS notification five minutes before a planned meeting.

Plus, TimeBridge's Daily Brief email can provide you with a few details about your day, including maps, directions, and weather forecast for your meetings.

Doodle vs. vs. Vyte

Free Time Zone Ninja Web Best for finding the best hour to meet with international colleagues Time Zone Ninja is a very simple tool, but it makes international scheduling much, much easier. The interface is about as easy as it gets: Then hit Find the Ninja Hour—that magical time of day that will be best or at least, not terrible for all your attendees. Clicking this button will generate a table, where you can see all attendees' time zones displayed, as well as a color-coded indicator of how good or bad the suggested meeting time is for your colleague.

Time Zone Ninja will display three different times for your meeting: Time Zone Ninja use this three-hour range to try to find the best possible time for all attendees.

But sometimes, that may just not work.

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To adjust times and try to find something better, simply drag the slider under your location to adjust the table below. Time Zone Ninja Pricing: Free If you wish Time Zone Ninja would take it a step further and let you schedule a meeting directly from the app, you may be interested in World Meeting Time.

The major downside of this app is that there's no way to add locations except by dragging a pin to your colleague's general location—an imprecise method that takes more time than Time Zone Ninja's auto-populated location searches.

Email invites are quick to send, then your invitees can vote via email for the most convenient meeting times, and Vyte. If your coworkers also use Vyte. As far as I could tell, schedulers will need to send the link via e-mail, and this could make it more difficult to keep track of invitees. Additionally, unlike Tungle, meeting times are selected on a horizontal time line. This seems more intuitive if the meeting time being considered is only for a single day, but more confusing if multiple days are up in the air.

ScheduleOnce has an integrated plugin for Google Calendar and Gmailwhich places a box in Gmail right above the chat window that displays upcoming meetings. It can also find group availability like Tungle.

TimeBridge TimeBridge has a similar graphical user interface to Tungle and ScheduleOnce, but there is a limit to five proposed times at least in the free version. Time Bridge, like ScheduleOnce, allows invitees to show their preference for a favorite meeting time by selecting "Best" from a list of "Yes," "No," and "Best. It offers phone conferencing, online meetings, and to-do lists. Additionally, TimeBridge was by far the most aggressive advertiser.

4 Web-Based Meeting Schedulers Reviewed

I was offered a coupon for free coffee twice and got multiple pop-ups to try new features and sign up for premium membership. Instead of the scheduler playing king, TimeBridge allows invitees to propose meeting times, which might be the most convenient way to corral a busy team in some cases.

need to meet vs doodle

TimeBridge also has a free iPhone app. Conclusion First, for those concerned with privacy, each one of the online applications is subject to OAuth protocol, which masks sensitive information from service providers.

Second, I would recommend trying out each service. Below is a comparison chart of features, but each app has its own unique interface, and it's ultimately up to you to decide which one works best for your team.

Tungle also allows invitees to select a preferred time, and TimeBridge can find group availability. For more technology coverage, follow Mashable Tech on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook More tech resources from Mashable: