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The NATO Tiger Meet was kicked into motion today. After The arrival of ( most) of the participating Aircraft, we are still missing the specially painted. Of the 23 Full Member Tiger Units in NATO sadly only 7 units were able to Turkish hosts and participants on the 2 access days on 7th/8th May, the excellent photo There were typically 2 missions a day (morning and afternoon) which . December · October · September · August A day later, I was allowed out again briefly to make the first photos in my complete . You guys on the ground were vital during NATO Tiger Meet . Get limited access into our Tiger member area? .. Our patch which we will wear during our participation during NATO TIGER MEET is ready!.

And there we need eye-catcher, like me! The squadron was already far along with the plans for a specially painted plane but my design is really a highlight, so the Air Force has made the decision to use the "Ghost Tiger" of the Bavarian Tigers from Neuburg. We were all very proud that this design was selected.

Now everything had to go very fast. My first flight was no longer required in May, now it needed to be one month earlier for the ILA. The approval and funding were no longer problems. The Air Force can be quite fast. We also had the necessary offers.

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The contract was awarded to the company Hamm, a company from Neuburg, who already had multiple experiences with the foiling of a Eurofighter or Tornado.

Further adjustments of the design were necessary. Therefore, the designer Alexander Breunig had to take the kilometer trip again to make arrangements with the Folier company and the Bavarian Tigers.

The design could not have the exact dimensions of the aircraft, but had to be larger in order to account for the surface waste, as accurate size adjustments are made on site during foiling. This meant a weekend shift for Alexander, because he does this as a hobby in addition to his profession. The design was perfect now and could be implemented as a foiling. Now my preparations for the foiling began. I had to be washed and grease-free and thus ideally prepared for the foiling.

April 3,after the Easter holidays, were my last days in the Air Force gray dress. The Hamm company moved in with four employees, who immediately started the work to soon present me as a new Tiger. My left rudder was foiled first. After the first slides were applied it was immediately clear that I would become a particularly beautiful tiger!

On the first day almost my entire left side was ready. After three days, almost square meters of special film were applied. But I was not done yet, because now was time for the finishing details. The edges had to be sealed to keep my tiger dress on in flight. After all, I am a fast Eurofighter who can fly twice as fast as the sound, that is to Mach two. But I still had to be patient for the official performance. On April 11,I was finally able to come to light for the first time. I was dragged from the painter's hall to Shelter 20, my future Tiger Cave.

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On the evening of April 12,it was time. While the grass remained long in the spotters area it was possible to take images on the taxi way, particularly in the corners of the very large enclosure. Photography of the runway itself was however virtually impossible due to the high grass although aircraft tended to rotate in an advantageous position to allow for some excellent images to be captured.

Gone too was the dark merchandise tent thanks to the weather, all the units had opened the tent up and were now sitting outside in the glorious sunshine.

It has to be noted however that the layout of the event was much different to what was originally advertised and, arguably, the original proposed layout would have been much better.

Some things were in need of significant improvement. The spotters day was held on a very hot, still day and it was therefore important to ensure that everyone remained hydrated, however, the facilities provided by the hosts thereof were not suitable for those in the main enclosure. Water, food and fluids were available from just one location on the entire base for the visiting enthusiasts, and dependent on their location in the main spotters area, visitors were faced with between a one to one-and-a-half mile round trip to fetch fluids and food.

There appeared to be no reason as to why fluids could not have been based closer to the main areas and this did result in many overly tired and worryingly dehydrated people towards the end of both the morning and afternoon portions of the day. These niggles aside, spirits remained high and excitement reached fever pitch at the end of the day. After taking part in a photo flight undertaken with a visiting Draken International MB, all three special Tiger Rafales assembled together on the taxiway for photographs in front of the gathered crowds, pausing at both corners of the enclosure to allow everyone to get their photographs.

These initially posed with the Rafales for an enthusiast's photoshoot then proceeded to parade up the taxiway along the entire of the spotters area.

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This culminated in a spirited short demonstration from the Tigre which undertook aggressive rotations and side slides at very low level in front of the crowd - there was not one person left without a smile on their face. We return from Cherbourg on a shorter, day-time sailing. We stay 4-nights at the L Albatros Hotel on the outskirts of the pretty town of Morlaix, conveniently located only 18 miles from the airbase in Landivisiau; continental breakfast and evening meal is included in the tour price.

The NATO Tiger Meet is very popular with enthusiasts and photographers alike and when you see the fabulous special schemes in which many of the aircraft are painted, you ll see why! When the exact number of Spotters Days is confirmed, and the announcement of an airshow or notthe length of the tour and the price will be amended as necessary.

In addition to the Spotters Day s we will still spend one day at the end of the runway.

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Our coach will arrive at Arriving at the Brittany Ferries Terminal at approximately The ship has various restaurants and bars and on-board entertainment includes a cabaret. Included in the tour price is a bunk in an inside 2-berth cabin i. Thursday, 8 th or 15 th June At We check in to L Albatros Hotel in Morlaix where we stay 4-nights on a half board basis. Restaurant and bar on-site and free wi-fi.

Pictured here is one of our hosts Rafale Ms.

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Saturday, 10 th or 17 th June We await the confirmation of a weekend airshow. If held on Sunday we will request media accreditation to attend any Media Day to photograph static and arriving aircraft.