Multinationals swimming meet 2013 nfl

Decorated swimmer Missy Franklin retires at 23

multinationals swimming meet 2013 nfl

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She had never seen a "2" beside her name at the world championships. But there it was in Budapest, where Ledecky's unbeaten streak in the second-biggest swimming competition after the Olympics finally came to an end.

multinationals swimming meet 2013 nfl

But her most audacious schedule yet -- six freestyle events covering distances ranging from meters on a relay to 1, the grueling metric mile -- finally caught up with her along the banks of the Danube. Missy Franklin will remain the only female swimmer to win a half-dozen events at worlds, while Ledecky can still take comfort in being the winningest female swimmer overall.

Twelve golds leave her trailing only fellow Americans Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte for the most victories. And now she's got one silver, too.

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  • Katie Ledecky loses for first time at world championships, earning silver in 200-meter freestyle
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I know this race will really motivate me moving forward and the rest of the week as well. The year-old became the first swimmer in the history of the championship to capture seven medals in a single individual event. Pellegrini's incredible run in the free began at the worlds in Montreal, where she grabbed a silver.

She was third in at Melbourne, then won the event at back-to-back worlds, including a world-record performance in 1: Pellegrini was runner-up at the last two worlds, finishing behind Franklin in at Barcelona and Ledecky two years ago.

multinationals swimming meet 2013 nfl

Kalisz's older sister, Courtney, swam at trials in and before an ankle injury cut her career short. Chase is the first member of the family to make the Olympic team. When he was 8, Kalisz was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome.

multinationals swimming meet 2013 nfl

Doctors put him into a medically induced coma, and he needed a ventilator to breathe for a week. What was once a life-and-death situation has become something Kalisz jokes about.

multinationals swimming meet 2013 nfl

Chase Kalisz reacts after winning the men's meter Individual medley final. There, Phelps has spent much of the past year riding Kalisz as hard as he possibly could in practice, criticizing each and every mistake and speaking up anytime he thought Kalisz wasn't giving it all.

multinationals swimming meet 2013 nfl

The criticism got so bad that at one point earlier this year Kalisz complained to Bowman to get Phelps off his case. I'm ready to become a wife, one day a mother. I'm ready to continue growing each and every day to be the best person and role model I can be.

I'm ready for the rest of my life. She followed that performance by winning six gold medals at the World Aquatics Championships in Barcelona.

American men set world record in 4xmeter freestyle short-course relay

There was talk of Franklin dominating the sport the way Michael Phelps ruled men's swimming -- no one could have predicted they would be the last individual gold medals of Franklin's career. After Barcelona, Franklin turned down the opportunity to cash in on her success by turning professional and instead chose to attend the University of California-Berkeley and compete for the Golden Bears. There she was part of the team that won the NCAA championship.

But she also faced the first significant obstacle of her career, battling a nagging back injury.

Bob Bowman, Dave Salo to coach U.S.

Franklin failed to win an individual gold at the Pan Pacific Championships or World Championships, but turned professional before the Rio Olympics and returned home to Colorado to swim for her youth coach, Todd Schmitz. Expectations were high; the demands on Franklin's time were even greater.

Four months before Rio, she withdrew from a Pro Swim Series meet with "intense" shoulder pain. Though publicly she stayed positive, Franklin would later reveal she was also battling depression, anxiety and insomnia at the time.