Mt taranaki summit track meet

Getting my ass kicked on Mt. Taranaki - Young Adventuress

mt taranaki summit track meet

WHAT WE'RE DOING - OVERVIEW:Saturday 04/We'll meet at the station and jump in our rented van, THE MAIN EVENT - MT TARANAKI SUMMIT TRACK. A climb to the summit of Mount Taranaki is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Rising above the clouds, the m summit of this dormant volcano offers truly. Wanting to take advantage of the long weekend, we decided to head up the west coast towards Mount Taranaki to attempt the famous summit track. Back when.

The is a public toilet metres below the lodge, near a large radio transmitter tower. The final third of this 4WD track is known at The Puffer - it is steep, and despite having a concrete base it is hard going.

mt taranaki summit track meet

Resting near the lodge is a good idea. The lodge is at about metres asl. The lodge is at the junction of the round the mountain track, and the summit track. Following the summit track there is a short, interesting segment through the Hongi valley. You are warned not to loiter danger of falling rocks.

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Steps lead out of the end of the valley and seem to go on forever. But that is the easy bit! At the top of the steps the scoria slopes begin. But before I knew it the stairs turned into boulders and rock scrambles before turning into a climb on scree. Think two steps forward, one step back.

On your hands and knees. In fact, the view was so great I could see the other volcanoes in the distance, between my knees! How painfully ironic and horribly beautiful?! Pretty steep, view from the scree slope After what seemed like hours, and what in fact was probably hours, I finally was back on solid rock and scrambling my way towards the crater.

Should I have been wearing a rope and harness?

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The views were insane! And everything was turned to gold and made infinitely more beautiful by the sheer fact that I got to the top all by myself without any help!

Too cold and exhausted to stay up there for long, I chatted with the Australian family before starting to make my way back down.

mt taranaki summit track meet

And I hate to be a debbie downer but holy shit is going down so much worse than coming up. After almost 6 hours of climbing, my legs had turned to jelly and once I hit the scree slope, the tears just started to flow freely.

Back when I was a teenager, I dislocated my knee, which only bothers me once in a while on really intense workouts. Coming down on that steep slope killed my knee.

'The Puffer' - Mt Taranaki summit track

The scree is so slippery you can sort of ski down it, but not being a natural skier, this was more like a ski-frolick for a couple dozen meters before I lost control and slid down on my back. So after about the 10th time of falling and sliding on sharp scree, I cried. This went on for 2 hours. When I finally got to the hut, and ran out of water, it made me smile to see that the Australian pop had waited for me. The last hour down was brutal without water and the steep incline of the 4 wheel drive path busted up my knee even worse, forcing me to lay down every few minutes and calm the hell down.

By the time I reached my car, I was ecstatic! The quarries closed in The York Track starts metres from the national park boundary on York Road. You can quickly take a 2-minute detour to a housing site before heading to the crusher site.

From the crusher site, continue over the bridge and follow the railway embankments.

mt taranaki summit track meet

There are two short sidetracks to take: Return to the main track and go to a clearing called the Foot Station — the end of the railway line. Return to the starting point via the old service road. Mt Taranaki Summit Track hours return The big one! This is your chance to hike the most prominent feature in the Egmont National Park: The challenge should not be taken lightly, in fact, those who are inexperienced at these hardcore hikes usually go with a guide.

mt taranaki summit track meet

An ice axe, crampons and mountaineering experience are essential if there is ice on the upper slopes of the mountain — most likely in winter. Afterwards, you emerge at high altitude. A tough climb awaits up the stairs and a zigzag track to a rock lava flow called The Lizard. Be careful not to dislodge any rocks on the way up. This could be pretty painful for those walking further down the track. After you have finished congratulating yourself for your epic climb, return via the same track, which is much faster than the ascent.

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