Mortals meet percabeth no mist

mortals meet percabeth no mist

Read Mat Myers-NO MIST from the story Mortals Meet Percabeth by AaronSonOfChoas (Aaron) with reads. wat, love, solangelo. Okay In this one there is no. Read Mike Carters from the story Mortals meet percabeth (no mist) by mspfriend ( Madalyn) with reads. mortalsmeet. Read OC Form from the story Mortals meet Demigods (No Mist) by whatupimjared19 with reads. jiper, percabeth, pjo. So I'll try to update every week but.

Popular, hunted by wannabe girlfriends, and that he lacks the knowledge that she is transferring and misses her terribly? Well, Percabeth overload of course! Rated T because I don't really know how mature I am going to make it yet. Please enjoy and review.: D Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: Gone With the Mist by Sly Raccoon reviews Basically the Mist is gone and Percy and all of our other favourite demigods are learning to cope.

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Also how do mortals react? Hope you like it! Rated T because that's what I rate everything. I don't own the PJO series.

This used to be "Mortals Meets Gods", but I edited it. Please Review and Fave! If you want your idea to be one of the chapters in this story, all you have to do is comment or DM me. Make sure to follow and favorite! Mortals know about demigods. Read as our strongest heroes and their identities are revealed to Mortals.

Percabeth meets mortals and new demigods, maybe even a few monsters! Still, no matter what happens, Percabeth is together to the end Jackson reviews Annabeth goes to Percy's high school and meets his mortal friends. At least worth a read!

Mortals meet Demigods ( No Mist )

Most of them are most likely not going to be Percabeth because I want to try other demigods. Also, most are going to be in high school where people realize something different about the demigods they think they know. So, why should they know the power couples from Camp Halfblood and Camp Jupiter? Some might have slightly M rated content.

mortals meet percabeth no mist

They knocked them out of my hands, and as I tried to stoop down to pick them up, the biggest one grabbed me by the collar and rammed me against a locker. Everyone else just walked by casting their eyes down, ignoring what was going on. I knew that I was going to come home with fresh bruises, so I just closed my eyes and held my breath waiting for the pain to come.

No punches landed, no kicks, no pain. I felt myself drop to the ground, only to be steadied by a pair of friendly hands. I opened my eyes to find the jocks writhing in pain on the floor, and I was looking into the greenest eyes I had even seen. I managed to nod numbly in reply. From there he helped me to collect my books and walked me to class, making sure I was alright. I expected that to be the end of it, but later he called me over to sit at his table at lunch.

At that point in time there was only one other person, a red head called Rachel. I remember them talking quite adamantly about things I honestly had no clue about, but they kept including me.

mortals meet percabeth no mist

I began to feel wanted and it truly was a great feeling. Now here I am three years later toasting beside a few very good friends, and it was all due to that raven haired boy with the green eyes. I looked across at my other friends and saw that they too were all laughing away at some joke Percy was telling. Something about a fish that I didn't really get, he talked about the sea a lot.

mortals meet percabeth no mist

It seemed that I wasn't the only one who wasn't entirely focussed on the joke. I looked straight across and saw Stacy staring deeply at Percy. I mean who can blame her? She's liked him for as long as I can remember, and is forever trying to flirt with him, but he never notices a thing.

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He is completely oblivious about girls, but maintains that he has a girlfriend. I let out a small sigh at this. I couldn't blame her for liking him and hell I couldn't dislike the guy, I mean who could!? But sometimes I wish it was me who she looked at like that. I remember all the days we sat talking over the year when Percy seemingly disappeared, saying he had 'urgent family business to attend to'. I didn't buy it but I didn't want to press him further, as every time I did he would get a dark look in his eyes and stop talking for a while.

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Anyway, while he was away Stacy and I would go just to sit and talk about him, then we would scour the internet for any news reports. Oddly enough we found some about him from when he was twelve, and a few that could refer to him but they were from Greece and Italy, no way was that him.

For a year we searched for him even though everyone else just seemed to forget.

mortals meet percabeth no mist

Then he strolled back into school one day as if nothing had happened, but a lot had changed in that year he was gone. Stacy had fallen harder for Perce, while I had fallen for her. Now we sat here a year on from his disappearing act, acting like completely normal teens.

While I sat quietly knowing that we weren't all the same.

mortals meet percabeth no mist

Stacy and I were changed people from before he left, even if everyone else had stayed the same. The only other one who had changed was Percy, he didn't show it much but there were subtle signs. Like how his smile never quite reached his eyes anymore or how, when he thought that no one was looking, he would get a panicked look across his face.

I wouldn't pretend to know that I knew what was going on, because I was fricking stumped. I mean how bad could a family thing really be? Our cheering and laughter was then broken by the sound of the door bell ringing. There was a slight pause before I heard the door open.