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meet up mega fusion ninjago

Fusion is an event for Tech passionate people in the Midlands, held in Birmingham city centre with a focus on engaging, thought provoking talks in an informal. Ninja heroes Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole take on Lloyd Garmadon, who has released when Lord Garmadon's son Lloyd shows up and tries to pick up where his father left off. Jay and Nya must cut short their first date in Mega- Monster Amusement Park as the .. Beyblade: Metal Fusion Ben 10 Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Upon meeting Wu, Nya and Kai joined him in his quest to protect Ninjago. Later, the two met up with the other Ninja and revealed her secret to Cole and Zane. . When Lloyd froze the tip of Garmadon's Mega Weapon, the villain fled and left .. create a fusion of their Elemental Dragons; one made of Water and Lightning.

Morro and his Ghost Warrior allies bring the Preeminent to Ninjago. While the Ninja are evacuating everyone from the city of Stiix, Nya unlocks her true potential and creates a wave which drowns the Preeminent. Morro, who feels remorseful, gives Wu the Realm Crystal and drowns with his master instead of staying with Sensei Wu.

The Ninja use the Realm Crystal to bring back Lloyd, who is ready to begin his training to become a Master, as he received his father's robes while the two were briefly together in the Cursed Realm. Skybound[ edit ] During Season six, the Ninja are popular, thanks to saving Ninjago from The Preeminent, but trouble rises when Clouse returns after having escaped the Cursed Realm.

Clouse frees Nadakhan, a Djinn who can grant three wishes, and captures people by forcing them to 'wishing it all away'.

Nadakhan frames the Ninja for crimes they didn't commit while the Ninja are in Stiix. Misako tries to rescue them in the Bounty, but she and the ship are captured by the police, later being captured by Nadakhan along with Wu.

The Ninja try to escape the police, but they are caught and arrested by Ronin in exchange for a clean reputation. The Ninja are thrown in Kryptarium Prison, but escape with the help of Captain Soto, who tells them how to find the only thing that can stop Nadakhan: Meanwhile, Jay uses his first two wishes and finds out he was adopted.

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The Ninja sail to Tiger Widow Island to obtain the venom, but Zane is captured, Jay is kidnapped by Nadakhan, and Nya, Lloyd and Cole are stranded on the island until Ronin and the Police Commissioner come to rescue them, after finding out what side they were on.

They hide in Dr. Julien's lighthouse, where they meet Echo Zane, Zane's counterpart. Jay is forced to escape while Nya is kidnapped. Nadakhan gets Infinite Wishes and freezes everyone except Jay, but Nadakhan is poisoned by the venom. Incidentally, the venom hits Nya, and she dies. A disheartened Jay uses his last wish to erase recent events and ensure Clouse didn't find the Teapot of Tyrahn in the first place, thus removing the events of the season from the timeline.

As a result, Nadakhan is never released and Jay and Nya, who are the only ones who remember the erased events, renew their relationship. Day of the Departed[ edit ] In a minute TV special, Cole faces his struggles against Sensei Yang, the creator of Airjitzu and the one responsible for Cole's ghostly appearance.

He resurrects the past villains from their statues in the hall of villainy and each one goes after a ninja. Sensei Yang fights Cole but stop when they realize that they have something in common: The lunar eclipse is almost closing and Cole and Sensei Yang. Airjitzu is their way to the rift. The Ninja defeat the resurrected villains and celebrate in peace and Cole becomes a human again.

When the Ninja first face Acronix at the old monastery, Acronix teleports away with his time blade after hitting Wu with the 'time punch', accelerating Wu's aging. The Ninja think Acronix was defeated, but when something attacks Zane, they look into his memories and slow it down just enough so they can see that Acronix attacked Zane while he was distracted by Dr.

The Time Twins then gather up an army called Vermillion which are samurai snake warriors. They steal all the metal and the most skilled producers in Ninjago to help build the "Iron Doom", which if they collect all 4 time blades Fast-Forward, Slow Down, Pause, and Reversalthey could travel wherever they wanted in time. Kai finds out that he and Nya's parents, Ray and Maya, are still alive, having been captured by Krux and forced to work for him.

meet up mega fusion ninjago

Upon completion of the Iron Doom, the Time Twins go back to during the Serpentine Wars, 40 years in the past, where they first got banished into time. They try to win the battle against the elemental masters, but luckily, Kai, Nya and Wu traveled back with them, and they defeated them.

With the Reversal Blade, the two ninja stop Wu's rapid aging. Acronix and Krux decided to go far into the future, but when they discover they have stowaways, Kai, Nya and Master Wua battle breaks out on the Iron Doom, ending with Sensei Wu pulling the Reversal Blade from the Iron Doom and pushing Kai and Nya into the present, while staying on the Iron Doom to finish the battle, and Acronix, Krux, and Wu get lost in time.

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Sons of Garmadon[ edit ] About a year after the events of Master Wu being lost in time, Lloyd Garmadon encounters a group of skilled biker-themed thugs who steal one of the three prized Oni Masks The Mask of Vengeance from a vault in Borg Industries. After these events, Lloyd learns that the group who stole the mask was part of a criminal syndicate known as the Sons of Garmadon S. In light of the crime spree committed by the Sons of Garmadon, the Ninja are paid to be temporary guards to the Royal Family, but Sons of Garmadon succeed in stealing the second Oni Mask from the Royal Family's palace in Ninjago, destroying it in the process and leaving only Harumi, the Princess and Lloyd's love interest, the sole survivor.

During their attempt to infiltrate the Sons of Garmadon, Cole ends up imprisoned and rescues a baby that the Sons of Garmadon believe is the key to the Mask of Hatred, discovering a map on the baby's blanket. They soon discover the baby is a regressed Master Wu, who is recovering from the excessive use of the Reversal Time-Blade in the previous season. Eventually, the Sons of Garmadon succeed in obtaining all three Oni Masks, but with help from the police, the Ninja stop them, unfortunately, it was too late as Garmadon was resurrected and when Lloyd tries to reason with him, he ends up defeated and powerless.

When Garmadon creates Colossi and terrorizes Ninjago, four of the six Ninja attempt to keep Wu safe from his brother, but end up in the Realm of Oni and Dragons after using Traveler's Tea to escape the Colossi's grip.

Meanwhile, back in Ninjago, Garmadon takes over the world and declares himself Emperor of Ninjago while the remaining Ninja, Misako and P. In this season, many things are explained, as the origin of the First Spinjitzu master, which is as follows: The Dragon had the power to create, while the Oni had the power to destroy. A child was born from both of them: When he was pressed on which side to choose, he left the First Realm and created Ninjago.

The season also explains how Zane inherited his Ice power, which was given to him by his ill predecessor off-screen, the identity of the new Samurai X, which is revealed to be P. G, revealed to be Harumi and has been around since the beginning, believing Garmadon is the real hero as he killed the murderer of her biological parents: L, and the other Elemental Masters, as they oppose the Sons of Garmadon. As the Ninja struggle with the Dragon Hunters, Lloyd's Resistance faces off against Garmadon's followers; Garmadon demands his followers find his son, and he executes Mr.

E for his failure to do so. In the First Realm, Wu continues aging back to his normal self, while the Ninja ally with rogue Dragon Hunter Heavy Metal, who is revealed to be a woman named Faith, who tries helping them find the Dragon Armor. Wu regains his memories, and Iron Baron forces him to find the Dragon Armor. Though they succeed, Firstbourne incapacitates Baron, allowing Wu to put on his father's armor and ride his Dragon. Using their newfound Dragons, Wu and the Ninja return to Ninjago, where they begin fighting against the Colossus.

As Wu, the Ninja, and the people of Ninjago bring down the Colossus using Vengestone chains, Lloyd uses his father's old tactic of "fighting without fighting"; by avoiding his father's blows and destructive energy blasts, Garmadon slowly loses his element - allowing Lloyd to regain his. This causes the Colossus to collapse, ending the conflict. Garmadon then warns Lloyd that his element was the only thing that could battle back a coming darkness, which Lloyd realizes is the Oni. Though Garmadon and his followers are arrested, and the Ninja celebrate their victory, Lloyd expresses his concern to a properly aged Wu, regarding whether his father was right about the Oni's return.

Cast and characters[ edit ] Characters by voice actor and season Character. Now they are in cloud Kingdom and they meet Fenwick, the Master writer though they don't know that yet. He traps them with Nimbus, a beast of some sorts. He left the "backdoor open" and Morro and his ghostly friends come in. They take the sword, and the ninja escape Nimbus and head for Morro. With the sword, Morro can see what's coming. The chase goes on through the eye and Back to Ninjago. The radio the Bounty and all of them discover that Morro's plan is to retrieve the Realm Crystal to free his master, the Preeminent from the Cursed Realm and curse the 16 realms one of which is Chima.

Kai stays on the ground to catch up to Morro and hopefully get to Lloyd like he did before while the others get back onto the Bounty. Lloyd was able to fight Morro's Possession and was able to give the sword to Kai. So Kai then Airjitzu's off the boat and back on the Bounty. Back at the Tea shop, they modified their place while Wu and Misako decipher the third and final clue.

Meanwhile, Ronin got a telepathic message from Bansha. She told him to bring the sword in return for his "cursed soul". Ronin takes the blade, defeats the ninja, and escapes. Later, Ronin, under the possession of Morro, tells them that the tomb is in the caves of despair. The Ninja head there to find out that its a trap. The cave they were in exploded with molten lava and lead them to a mine cart.

The track runs out and the heroes are about to die. That was until R. X came in to rescue them, but Ronan wasn't in it. He sent them to tomb's actual location. So they head there, with Morro already through the second-half of the maze Destiny's Bounty arrives and with the ghost ship on sight.

The Ninja get through the first two tests and enter a crystal maze. Looking at the crystal walls showed the future. Everyone, but Cole could see their future. Jay had an eye patch and Nya came in with him which showed that they do get married. Morro comes in and fights the ninja by surprise. Kai defeats Morro and traps him in a field of crystal spikes. They dig their way down and fall to where the remains of the First Spinjitzu Master along with the Realm Crystal.

Morro came with Lloyd who's unconscious. With Morro out of Lloyd's body, the ninja gain their powers back so Kai lights up the Crystal and throws it to Morro which burned him.

The Ninja come out as the other cheer with joy that they made it and most importantly, saved Lloyd. As the ninja head back to the Tea Farm, Morro comes back with an army of ghosts and raids the City of Stixx. At the Farm, Borg comes out and gives all the ninja, except for Kai and Lloyd, new vehicles. Jay gets the Jay Walker 1, Zane gets his mech back, but with ice shooters, and Cole gets the Blaster bike.

Kai instead gets a headband. A thread count to be precise! The ninja gear up and head to Stixx, following Nya's plan. Morro freaks out when he finds out that Nya was in the Green Ninja suit and when she blasted water at the squad of ghosts. With that being the signal, the ninja get their gear and take down some ghosts.

Lloyd, in his casual clothes, faces off with Morro in the air since Morro raised Ronin's old pawnshop up into the sky. Ronin comes back and dumps all of his money onto the floating building. Lloyd was about to destroy it until Morro tells Lloyd that he has seen his father. This stopped him from destroying the Crystal and the gateway is strong enough for the Preeminent to cross-over. Lloyd found himself at the "belly of the beast". He found Garmadon and was told that he doesn't have to be the green ninja.

So Lloyd comes back with his father's robes on and tells the ninja to take down the stilts to drop the Preeminent into the sea. The ghosts then took the people's homes and put them on the Preeminent.

It became a mobile beast! Morro and Lloyd traveled from realm to realm fighting for the Realm Crystal. Morro finally loses Lloyd in one of the realms. The are just over "Hollow's Trench". Nya just stands looking at the beast, but also putting aside what was holding her back and unlocked her True Potential. After unlocking it, Nya manages to defeat the Preeminent, the ghost army and Morro.


Wu flies on his elemental dragon to save Morro, but Morro finally turns good and gives Wu the Crystal and lets go. Morning comes, and Lloyd returns to Ninjago and finally is at peace again.

He told his friends that he doesn't have to be the Green Ninja to save the day every time and also wants to follow in his father's footsteps to be come a Master like him. And he brings up that saw "beyond today" and said that there is a bright future for them AND for Ninjago Season 6 Skybound [ edit ] Ninjago is at peace once again, from foes, yes.

But for the ninja, they are now celebrates and have to stay on the bounty for peace and quiet so that all the fans don't go after them.

The sensors pick up Clouse who somehow escaped the Cursed Realm and is on his way to Stixx for some reason. The ninja do so, but one stop at a hospital jeopardizes their mission. Clouse makes it to Stixx and finds the tea pot of Tyrahn and unleashes Nadakhan the Djinn. The djinn tricks Clouse by making him "wishing it all away".

Now Nadakhan frames the ninja so that he may the Realm Crystal so hat he can rescue his lost crew. The ninja go into hiding and split up to find clues on Nadakhan and who framed them.

In one day, all were caught by Ronin. Nadakhan retrieves the Realm Crystal and rescues his crew and visits Djinjago, only to find out that his home is crumbling, being destroyed, due to the cursed realm gone.

His father, Khanjakhan, gives him the Sword of Souls and tell him to avenge them. Nadakhan vows to end the ninja and they escape. Meanwhile, the ninja are in prison, but escape with the help of Captain Soto. The ninja hide in plain sight, searching for Nadakhan and his crew. Jay, finds himself alone with him and makes two wishes. Luckily, he was able to make it without using his third.

Cole gets the Lantern with the map on it, while the others are busy. Kai gets abducted by Nadakhan and uses his three wishes and is now trapped in the blade. The pirates leave, and the ninja gather to a rooftop and find out that Kai is missing.

Cole finds out that Jay made two wishes and that he saw himself with Nya when they were in the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master.

They now then head out to the Docks to charter a ship. They head out to sea, only to face off with an electrical storm. Nadakhan then manages to trap all of the Ninja in the Djinn Blade, except for Jay, who manages to escape, and Nya, who he plans to marry to become the Djinn King and grant himself unlimited wishes.

Unfortunately, the Tiger Widow venom used to weaken Nadakhan also hits Nya, killing her. Fortunately, Jay is able to use his final wish to wish that no one had ever found the Teapot, erasing most of the events of the season. Day of the Departed [ edit ] The Special starts out with the Ninja in pursuit to Ninjago City for the one day that comes every year: Day of the Departed.

They reach the museum and buy their lanterns for the celebration. They then meet with Dr. Saunders but he preferred Dr. Sander Saunders, his full name. Only were they mentioned once through the special. Cole was disappearing and his friends didn't see or hear him.

Yang gave Cole a message: While the other Ninja celebrate, Cole arrives at Yang's temple and both Cole and Yang have a small face-off. Cole accidentally broke a pottery and out came green smoke which traveled to the Ninjago Museum's Hall of Villainy, and then Cole is captured. Cole is trapped and Yang tells him his story that was supposed to lead to "greatness" which resulted in Yang and his Pupils turned into ghost to "live forever" and a curse that was put on the temple to make Yang the "Master of the House".

And Yang leaves to head to the rooftop to unleash the Rift, the only passage to become Human again if anyone's a ghost in Ninjago. Across Ninjago, the battles begin between the Ninja and their old enemies. Morro instead warns Wu about what Yang has done rather than fighting him. Cole escapes follows Yang and takes on his students. The Ninja won against their enemies, but Pythor has yet to be seen, because he is the only enemy that hasn't died. The Ninja freak out and pull their weapons, Wu tell s them to stand down.

Morro tells everyone and the Ninja head for Destiny's Bounty. Wu and Morro say goodbye for the last time and Morro returns to his stand in the Hall of Villainy. Cole manages to defeat Yang's pupils and heads to the rooftop. Cole and Sensei Yang battle each other until Cole lost his weapon and feels lost and left alone. Cole hears his friends and gets back up and battles Yang once more, but this time, he discovered a new power and became Cole RX.

Yang mutters to himself that he always failed, and that stopped Cole from using Airjitzu to fly through the Rift. Yang tells Cole that he wanted to live forever and be Ninjago's Greatest Master. Cole explains that he is already remembered for creating Airjitzu and Cole brings Yang with him to the Rift of Return, but Yang says that the curse requires that one ghost has to stay behind and that it should be himself.

Doing so, Yang saves Cole just in time before the Rift closes. The Ninja thought that they lost Cole but he surprises them. The Temple of Airjitzu was restored and the Ninja plan to move in to the temple as a new home.

So all of the Ninja and their families sit at a campfire they made at the Airjitzu Temple and let their lanterns ascend and light-up the night Wu has been waiting for decades to end this between the Elemental Masters and the Hands of Time. Wu and Acronix battle each other at the Monastery leaving damage wherever they go. The Ninja were at the Museum for cleaning up the mess that was from the massive battle on the Day of the Departed.

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They find a painting showing Wu, Garmadon, the elemental masters, and two strange enemies. They bring this to Dr. Saunders attention and he says this was a legend and not actual history. Wu and Acronix fought and Wu ended up being the victor, ending the 4-decade battle. That was until the fast forward time blade came out of no where and Acronix took the time blade and told Wu "The battle can begin again!

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At the Airjitzu temple, Misako, Ronin, and Dareth were unpacking and they felt time just across a minute. The Ninja got out of work and felt time jumped a minute too. The Ninja found the anomaly and headed over to the Monastery to help Wu. The Ninja arrived and took on Acronix. They thought he disintegrated, but he actually escaped while using the Time Blade. They rescued Wu from falling from a broken branch he was hanging on.

At midnight, Acronix met up with Dr.

meet up mega fusion ninjago

Saunders and he takes of his disguise and we find out that Dr. Saunders is Krux, the second Hand of Time. Meanwhile, The Ninja are at the temple of Airjitzu to see if Wu is alright. So Wu tells them the story of the Hands of Time and their battle with them which takes place 40 years ago right after the Serpentine War. Acronix and Krux unleash the Vermilion on a Borg store. Then the Ninja see it on the news and take action. These Samurai Snakes were different. After being sliced, they turn into a bunch of snakes and then reform into one.

The Ninja race to Zane and see that he is down. As the days pass, the Vermilion take all the metal and the best workers.

The Ninja try their best to take out the Snake Samurais but don't really succeed. Zane is back up and joins the Ninja once more, but P. L has yet to be found because Zane can't find her in his head. The next time blade falls from the sky in the Sea of Sand and the Ninja race the Vermilion for it. At first they lost, but then they succeeded.

The Ninja head back to the temple. Later, the Vermilion come to their temple and attack them to gain the Time Blade but Ninja fight back! The Time Twins arrive onto the floating island and fight the ninja. The Ninja gain the other Time Blade and succeed. Kai searches for answers in his blacksmith shop and finds out that Krux was right about his parents working for the twins, Nya finds a mysterious person in her Samurai X suit, and the others search in the museum looking for clues to where the Vermilion hideout is.

Lloyd calls Nya and Kai over to the Vermilion Hideout. The Ninja search the swamp. Jay and Cole try to save the prisoners, Zane looks for Borg, Lloyd looks for his uncle, and Kai Nya search for Acronix and Krux, but Kai had the map so he was leading his sister and himself to their Parents.

They find them, but Kai attacks them because he thought they were still traitors. Nya stopped Kai and let their parents explain everything. So the Ninja hid and went to the heart of the operation and found Borg, then they find out the plan that the Twins were planning. They were creating a shell for the snake-controlled Mech: At the Boiling Sea, Nya and Kai traveled to the bottom of the sea and into a huge cave with lava monsters.

By combining their elements, they defeated the rock-like monsters and opened the door to where the last Time Blade was hidden. After taking it from its perch, the place begins to crumble and the summon the Fusion Dragon again and escape back to the Mini Zeppelin and then they fought but lost to the Time Twins.

One of them paused the ninja and took the last Time Blade. They had all four Time Blades so they are ready to commence to the Iron Doom. They left the Ninja in mid-air and they fell. At the Swamp, the other Ninja were caught and they fought. Samurai X came to the rescue and took Borg to the Mech's Chest to disable it and to end it. Acronix and Krux got there just in time before the Ninja could disable it.

They succeeded and put the Time Blades into the chest and activated Iron Doom. The Ninja cleared the area and also watched as the Mech shoots a Time Vortex is being raised up and into it. Now its up to Kai and Nya and Sensei Wu to save the future. Then the Vermilion retreated into the mech and became the Iron Doom. Nya jumped off to "find" something. It was all up to Kai to finish the battle.

He wasn't able to hit them from leaving them stranded and failed. Nya came back with the Reversal Time Blade, and Sensei Wu, now back to the age he's supposed to be and he tells Kai and Nya that they still have a chance.

The used the Time Blade and everything reversed to where Kai was going to knock the Iron Doom out of the sky. This time, he swoops down and Nya and Wu jump on. Wu throws the Time Blade to his younger self. And they enter the Time Vortex, knowing that Time is set back on track. The three Ninja surprise Acronix and Krux and they have an all-out battle.

For the Time Twins, and sadly himself. He gave the blade to Kai and Nya and both the brother and sister arrived back to their timeline. They meet back with the others and save their Father. They find out that Wu sacrificed himself in the Time Vortex. They gathered around Lloyd, asked him to be their Master.

He then accepted and gave out his First two orders: To get rid of the Reversal Time Blade for it being too powerful, and within all their energy, they will not rest until they know where is Wu Season 8 Sons of Garmadon [ edit ] The season starts out with people celebrating across the city.

Six mysterious figures dressed like the ninja, come together and look up to Borg Tower. The ninja make their way up the buildings and reach Borg Tower. They break in and look around, nothing was spotted, until the "Green Ninja" walks up to the painting of Cyrus Borg. He takes out his swords and cuts up the painting. Inside the painting is a mask, he reveals the censors guarding the mask and uses his swords to point the lasers somewhere else and grabs the mask.

The "White Ninja" grabbed the swords without carefully taking them out and then the alarm is triggered. The whole building went on lock down and the impostors made out in time.

meet up mega fusion ninjago

All of a sudden, they hear someone from behind. They turn around to see Lloyd, challenging them. The "Green Ninja" and the "White Ninja" start to escape while the other impostors try to keep Lloyd distracted. Lloyd out matched the thieves and got onto the line, catching up to the final two. Lloyd saves the "White Ninja" only so that he can taken by the Ninjago Police.

Lloyd goes after the "Green Ninja" and asks P.