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meet up classical music

Welcome toThe Toronto Friends of Classical MusicAre you ready to experience. Promote classical music and meet new friends Host a MeetUp for any DFW Classical Music event. Open Classical runs the DFW Classical Music MeetUp group. Dear all, how to find good classical music (better if piano music) in has a group of people here in Zürich who regularly meet up for concerts.

From the mainstream groups such as photography, salsa dancing, cinema, hiking, business strategy, computer programming, graphic design and language exchanges to more esoteric meet-ups like the Python programming group or the group formed to discuss the writings of the famous Italian blogger, Beppe Grillo.

Without a doubt, there is something for everyone.

meet up classical music

Catherine McPhilemy is originally from Derry, Northern Ireland, but has lived and worked in many different countries. Also, the activities are always good fun.

Hindustani Classical Music Meetup - Dil to Piano Choir Piano & Guitar

Meetup sent her an e-mail asking if she wanted to activate the group and become its organiser. It has been going strong ever since. Then there are the ones that come and go, they ask for information and never come back.

But, generally, we have between five and 15 people per meeting. We work online all day, so it is a relief that the bar has no WiFi. Now Meetup is charging something like six bucks a month, not bad.

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They sent me cards and a sign. The only other thing I could say is that the members need to be more pro-active. No one wants a one-person show, it must be a collective of like-minded people. When I told my mother about the idea, she wanted to start a group in her tiny village in Germany. I imagine Meetup is going to grow very large, it just makes sense.

But, I am proud to say, we just got our first two Catalan members.

classical music (or piano music) in Zurich - English Forum Switzerland

So we all practise our language skills while discussing what we love, which is design. Somehow it seems to work out fine.

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This group promotes quality cult or classic films in an uber-relaxed Raval bar called Inusual Project on Carrer Paloma. The weekly lounge-like atmosphere, free popcorn and two-euro entrance fee, make it a perfect and cheap weeknight out.

Rosie and I arranged to meet up for the gig.

Slovenian classical guitarist Karmen Stendler

The gig was incredible, Rosie was a member of the Green Day fan club and had won early-entry tickets so we could be in the front row. But music has definitely cemented our friendship.

meet up classical music

We arranged to meet up and she said she would bring hers with her so I could help her learn to play. Not all of our music tastes are shared. Natalie is a classically trained pianist and I love heavy metal like Alexisonfire and Misery Signals, but I have got her into some rockier stuff. It went down really well, thankfully! Our maid of honour, Anna, is an incredible singer, so she sang at several points during the day, and for the first dance we recorded our own version of a song called The Girl by City and Colour and played that.

Making music together has always been a big part of our relationship, so it felt really special to have that as part of our wedding. The event will take place at The O2 on Wednesday 21 February.