Meet uncle hussain juara lagu muzik

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meet uncle hussain juara lagu muzik

name = Meet Uncle Hussain | image = Meet Uncle Hussain | Caption Juara Lagu; Won the Best New Artist at the 16th Anugerah Industri Muzik. Add Meet Uncle Hussain to your topic list or share. the 23rd Anugerah Juara Lagu; Won the Best New Artist at the 16th Anugerah Industri Muzik. Popular local indie outfit Meet Uncle Hussain will be playing their final show as a group at the KL Muzik Festival this July 5. Their lead so rugi woo.. menang juara lagu, best indie band (for me la) then split-up.. donno why all.

Tunggu Sekejap — P. It has the familiarity of British indie pop bands which is melodiously gloomy. Isabella — Search A song that you would go through five minutes of straining your voice; hey, not all of us is as gifted as the rock star, Amy Search.

Hey There Young Sailor — The Impatient Sisters Love does make you feel like going for a whimsical adventure across the seas and maybe battle a few underwater monsters and make friends with mermaids so you could meet with your soul mate. The lyrics tell a catalogue of stories of failed relationships and attempts at finding the one.

Relatable to most, but made poetic to all with the sweet bars of Malique and Joe Flizzow. With a catchy hook to boot, Permysuri has one of the best metaphors in a love song ever used, comparing his partner to satellites, drama productions, sunsets and stars.

Have any comments about our list? Feel like recommending some of your own must-hear local love songs?

Meet Uncle Hussain

Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. This article is co-written by one of our writers, Aina Izzah. Posted In EditorialMusic Tags. Raja Azmi memberitahu saya shortlisted untuk pelakon-pelakon utama Anu Dalam Botol sudah ada dan penggambaran akan dimulakan pada bulan Jun sadly I am not in the list, probably I am not beautiful enough to become maknyah!. She is the one who produce Spa Q 1 and 2. Wait for the slots ya… Opening act by M. Nasir playing it simple in black. The main characters of the night.

Meet Uncle Hussain Lagu Untukmu live ABP '07

Adibah Noor looks elegant in yellow and Bob Lokman in red shirt tux, glamour! Sparkle, sparkle silver Misha Omar Amazing performance and superb outfit! Faizal Tahir in black and gold silver vest while Rossa dress just superb! Afdlin in blue velvet jacket and matching keffiyeh nice styling!!

meet uncle hussain juara lagu muzik

Still hate Afdlin hair! Terra Cotta Warriors rapping! Is it Nelly and the rest of his hip hop performers in town?

Slumdog Millionaire dancers in town? The music, the colourful outfits, the dance, just great! PLKN trainees ready for Malique show.

Meet Uncle Hussain

Nasib baiklah saya dah tua, kalu muda lagi, tak pasai-pasai kena pi PLKN. Tapi my anak buah kata punyalah best kat PLKN. Congratulation Meet Uncle Hussein for winning the award and for being in festival ready outfit. It makes me want to wear that type of jacket.

meet uncle hussain juara lagu muzik

The third and best change for Adibah Noor. Mahalnya barang-barang kemas ni!!! She never fails to be in her best in any performance!

To all young stars, listen. Learn something from her! What more that I want. It just like going to the centre where stars just go there to have fun and listen to cool music. A very spectacular night indeed. All the famous singers in their most extravagant or ridiculous wear walking and sitting next to each other.

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I still remember back a night in and I am still a little child read: The winning price is rm10K very,very big at that point of time and Francesca Peters won. It is still big now, but not as big as before. Probably due to like dozens of singing competitions now! If you into Malay songs and singers, you must be having a dream to attend this event. It took me like 2 to 3 days to think what I should wear. The result is not bad.