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meet trap video

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Meanwhile, the loudest and most enduring response to the video seems to be misogynistic outrage, fueled by the specter of a narcissistic, castrating vixen who has deceived innocent men. Fairly violent misogyny is being hurled at Aponte around the internet, with the Twitter chatter revolving around claims that she's "an attention whore," "playing the victim," "a stone cold psychotic who belongs in jail forever" and "cancer in human form.

Beyond trolls and alt-right bloggers, mainstream news coverage has also been imbued with this narrative, offering headlines like: Aponte wrote on her Instagram the following day: People soon see that their disgust at Aponte's "cruelty," at how she "degraded" and "disrespected" the participants, are actually all sins of Tinder.

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But the claim that the controversy of the Tinder Trap can be neatly wrapped up as the intended response seems weak, given that the the main criticisms — of the banality of the concept and exploitative, catfishing-like execution — respond to aspects of the event outside of the video's Tinder parable.

Bliss does acknowledge the resulting misogyny, claiming it too as successful takeaway data of the project: However, there's nothing remotely interesting or provocative about them. Providing high-production value bait for misogynists isn't a "social experiment" and the predictably resulting violence isn't a test result that proves the value of a project's social commentary.

Ultimately, I'm not particularly moved by the ethical conundrum of the bruised egos of the guys who were indeed gently catfished; the easily-stoked misogyny being directed at Aponte; or the video's lackluster critique of dating apps.

meet trap video

I am, however, fascinated by the role that viral content like the Tinder Trap has to play a role in messy and complex social discussions. When they work, videos like The Tinder Trap can cause a moral panic, which is essentially what Bliss set out to do. When they don't work, like they didn't in this case, the quiet hum around the video allow us the unique opportunity to see what's really going on.

meet trap video

The discussion generated by The Tinder Trap reveals little to nothing about toxic masculinity or millennial dating culture surprise, men are trash and Tinder sucks. But what is revealing is the fact that the project failed to generate nearly any outward-looking discussion at all; any genuine conversation with concerns greater than the viral design itself.

The emptiness of the discussion around the Tinder Trap shows what is at the project's core: A self-justifying spectacle that becomes an end unto itself, and confuses vaguely gesturing towards an already-sticky conversation for starting one.

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When asked if he believes that viral videos are a viable platform to explore complex social issues, Bliss proposes that they can "write the first sentence of the article. Perhaps street harassment did, inalthough the most useful conversation generated by that video ended up being aroused by racist bias in the production.

"On Location: Miami": Meet Latin Trap Artist Lary Over

Police violence against black and brown people certainly did, when footage revealing the frequency and terrors of police brutality, began to circulate virally at around the same time. But viral content's success is explicitly dependent on a lack of nuance; most effectively launched by "evoking high-arousal positive awe or negative anger or anxiety emotions" write Jonah Berger and Katherine Milkman, two Wharton professors in volume of the Journal of Marketing Research.

To go viral, content can't be weighed down by contingency or complication; alternate perspectives or moral grey area; histories and viable solutions.

meet trap video

The overwhelming emotions that viral videos are capable of affecting us with can be intensely powerful and even vital — when they're treating an issue where fervor and passion are missing.

But viral videos alone aren't capable of taking a conversation to the next step, beyond outrage, horror or amazement. When the method of a viral social stunt is applied to an issue which has already launched a thousand think pieces — an issue which already has thousands of first sentences written about it — the self-indulgence of such a project becomes transparent. The Tinder Trap's self-indulgence is perhaps similar to that of the white people who continued to share and re-share images of wounded black and brown bodies, when the discussion about police violence had far outgrown its viral spark.

meet trap video

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meet trap video

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What The Tinder Trap Really Reveals

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