Meet tommy wiseau neighbors

The Neighbors: DVD & Blu-ray

meet tommy wiseau neighbors

Directed by Tommy Wiseau. With Tommy Wiseau, Charlotte Catherine Barlow, Yenitza Munoz, Kevin Russel. Charlie, the building manager, and his assistant. COME AND MEET TOMMY, WHO IS FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION THIS YEAR AND SPREAD THE WORD FOR TOMMY WISEAU AND THE NEIGHBORS. You Can Finally Watch Tommy Wiseau's Sitcom 'The Neighbors' On Hulu. headshot that followed the “worst movie ever made,” then you know who Tommy Wiseau is. What 25 Celebrities Wore To Meet The QueenDelish.

I think about 20 percent of actors or filmmakers out there, they have this dilemma. They want to do things very quickly. Well I have good news and bad news. The good news is keep going. Especially in America, as you probably know.

I want to do that myself. When you do an audition, be ready for rejection, you know.

meet tommy wiseau neighbors

At the same token, treat people the way you would want to be treated. So you have to be very, very strong and be optimistic, you know.

They were constantly in search of original material, you know? Whether a play or whatever I am in, I always like to go by the motion, not so much the words, but the words are important too. I have to understand it.

meet tommy wiseau neighbors

You go by situation. They like, for example, if actors talk to walls. Actors need a divide you know. The better in tune you are, the better you are is my point. If you look back, in the s, or a little earlier, that the star usually makes the movie. Now people make the star. Tarantino and others, they are pretty good. You probably know the major five or six of them.

They have something very unique. You need a vision.

meet tommy wiseau neighbors

People choose a script, a story from a book or whatever you are doing, you still have to have a vision. You have to have the skills to put all the pieces together. It shows that, sometimes, you have to have see all the directors. You know, like Hitchcock or Clint Eastwood, you can see distinct visions, for example. I hope I answered your question. Yes, that is correct. I did get into a little trouble from my acting teachers.

Okay, so it came out a little while ago that James Franco is going to play you in a new movie. They describe some of the stuff right, and some of the stuff is completely off-the-wall. We still talk, I still talk to Greg. I can say James Franco, Seth Rogen are involved. Dave Franco, he will play Greg and James Franco will play me.

Do you think he is kidding? Bottom line, he will say what he wants to say, you know? By the way, have you read the book? I hope you finish. But I think it will be a good production. Alright, two more questions? So what would you like to do with The Neighbors right now? Wow, I commend you to ask me that. Because, again, what you see on Hulu now, I think we can do percent better.

Tommy Wiseau’s ‘The Neighbors’ Sucks All the Fun Out of Hate-Watching – Flavorwire

But we did a screening of The Room and Neighbors at the same time. And we have a spectacular response from audience. I was actually, to be honest with you, very, very surprised.

We screened in London this year, as well as other countries, and we got a really great response. I hope people will enjoy The Neighbors. And also the Rifftrax, as you know. And your final question is? Alright, this is kind of a weird one. Ask whatever you want. One of the strangest things, I remember back today, is a person, a girl, she asked me if I can marry her. She really meant it. It was very emotional for her, you know.

People tend to go emotional, you know, with The Room, everything was a certain way. I really enjoy that people enjoy it. The Room screens in theaters across the U. To watch The Neighbors, check out the link here. Coincidentally Seth Rogen was a friend of The Room 13 years ago. He still is, probably.

Why the critics are wrong about Tommy Wiseau’s “The Neighbors”

I can give you at least one example. His mistake, I think, is that Greg got caught in the Hollywood dilemma, the Hollywood I always say, sort of web. He said in the book, as well as some other people in the book, that I did this scene in 37 takes.

The movie will never be completed. Did Greg consult you before he put the book out? How did you feel knowing this was out in the world? But I will say that I blame Tom Bissell. Because he wrote 20 books or whatever, right? And Tom Bissell, he knew about it, and should consult with me about certain facts. People want to be famous for garbage. But it was not called for: Greg did not have experience writing book. So if I am writing book, if I am writing about someone and I have experience, I say, hey, you know what, we need to consult some of the stuff with Tommy But I was completely shocked with pictures, for example.

I never approved the pictures in the book, for example. So all this stuff was just like Do you feel hopeful about the future of film? Actually, I do, to be honest with you. We create all this stuff, and you decide which one you want. The fact is that before The Room, which you probably noticed in the Greg Sestero book, I was independent and pretty comfortable with my life.

I was very successful because I designed clothes before. Why underwear instead of shirts or jackets? By the way, I design jackets as well. But one of the best designers of underwear, I bought it and was so disappointed. I know about clothes. The quality was not there, it was very expensive. I want to design underwear and people really like it and I already had the concept a long time ago, the time I had my store prior to The Room.

meet tommy wiseau neighbors

So we have a really groovy time and people like it, actually! Would you be open to designing the clothes in the vampire movie? Underwear and other clothes I design just for fun but I notice people like it. And also open the museum of The Room. Yeah, because I have a lot of props, I have the cameras, all kind of different equipment, so when we actually present this, people see.

meet tommy wiseau neighbors