Meet thai women in bangkok

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meet thai women in bangkok

Nothing other than the title stating it, but hopefully it should give you an idea on where to meet nice Thailand women in Bangkok. Want to get laid in Thailand for . Once you meet with your first few Bangkok girls, it will get easier and easier. You will understand how it all works, and why Thai women and. Pathum Wan, Bangkok, Thailand Seeking: Male 41 - Hello! I'm a one woman for one man. I have been divorced 5 years ago, no children. After divorced I.

You can meet attractive Bangkok girls in real life too: Just follow up after one hour with some message and plan your next meeting. Can be the next day, in 3 days or during the weekend, however, the sooner the better.

Meet her, have a coffee and a short conversation. I usually take her to my bedroom by saying that I need to charge my phone or I want to take my camera. Instead, regular local women looking for genuine fun. Carry on reading… Typically for first-time guys in Bangkok will take few days to get laid with a Bangkok girl, mostly because they are unaware of how things develop quickly in Bangkok when meeting a girl.

I had dates with Bangkok girls that took only a few hours to get to a short time hotel room and have sex. What is the trick? Be straightforward and decide what to do next.

Most guys let the girl decide. Wondering why a lot of caffe latte and movies is on the menu? It is your job as a confident man to make decisions, and Thai women will follow your desires. Culturally speaking, Thai women are submissive and rarely disagree with a man. Let me tell you this one story how I banged a Bangkok girl in less than an hour.

I pre-arrange the date after meeting her on a popular Thai dating site one week before my arrival. She was cute, 22 years old and working for a brokerage company. She arrived in a BMW car to the meeting, and here I was a bit confused.

Where And How To Meet A Thai Good Girl - Tasty Thailand

She was wearing high hills and a short dress, she looked gorgeous. My first thought was she must be a PRO professional hooker and today she is going to make me spend hundreds of dollars on dinner and fluffy things. We went for the usual coffee, chat her up for 30 minutes. Tired by the conversation and looking for some action, I told her is time to go her condo.

She seemed puzzled at first but eventually agreed. This is just one of the way you can get laid the same day. Do some homework searching for girls on Thai dating sites, and plan your meetings.

meet thai women in bangkok

When a Bangkok girl likes you, there is no reason why she would refuse your proposal. If she is the high society type, dinner and a movie might not cut it but for most women, dinner and a movie is an ideal first date.

Frankly, I'm not a fan of a movie on a first date. The long period of sitting together but being silent goes against my desire of finding out more about her. For an average Thai woman, dinner at a decent Japanese restaurant goes well. The big chains Fuji or Zen are ok, but if you know one of the better places in the next tier up — it does NOT need to be high end — you'll impress her that little bit more.

Japanese is sufficiently different as to be interesting yet remains safe — few Thai women cannot stomach Japanese. It should be noted that fancy Western dining on a first date might be too much for a girl who has little exposure to Western food and ways.

Save the French bistro or Italian Trotteria for date number 3 or 4. Once you've commenced dating, don't go in for the kill right away! It's a surefire way to scare her off. Of course some women would be delighted at such an approach but I'd suggest they're in the minority. This does have to be tempered by the fact that some local women are pre-programmed with very specific ideas about how they think a relationship should proceed and if you deviate from that path, you may end up alienating her.

That said, any woman who is that closed-minded is, in my opinion, not really suited to dating outside of her own culture. Car owners have a definite advantage and many Thai women are surprised to discover that farangs are allowed to own, or even drive, cars in Thailand! Being taken out in a private car as opposed to sitting in the back of taxis impresses many a girl no end.

But that's not to say you should go out and buy a car to secure a date! Oh, and plopping her on the back of a motorbike is, for most girls, a seriously bad idea.

Granted there are many generalities here. Some Thai women like bulky guys and others like bearded blokes. Some Thai birds want a quiet bloke who will submit to her every command and others like nothing more than the thrill of a hoon on a bike with an engine the size usually only found in cars.

Where And How To Meet A Thai Good Girl

But I maintain that if you follow many of these tips you'll significantly increase your chances of meeting someone. Where was this picture taken? The first person to email me with the correct location of the picture wins a baht credit at Oh My Codthe British Fish And Chips restaurant and the second wins a free jug of margarita, valued at baht from Charley Brown's, a well-established, popular restaurant, offering authentic Tex-Mex Cuisine and delicious margaritas.

Charley Brown's is located in the small sub-soi off Sukhumvit Soi Preference may be given to emails which refer to the previous week's column. I totally agree with your piece about tattoos in Pattaya. My wife and I had a long weekend there recently. I made a joke with friends when I returned about being stopped by the Tourist Police and we are now banned from going to Pattaya again.

When friends asked me why, I said because between the two of us, we do not have a tattoo. Therefore this obviously makes us strange people in Pattaya! A Farang and a Thai wife without tattoos is not normal there! I reckon there would be more tattoos showing and more tattoo parlours per square metre in Pattaya than anywhere else in the world.

And I don't think it's a pretty sight. Privacy is a Western concept, not an Eastern one. As a regular visitor for over 12 years it came home and hit me on my last visit.

meet thai women in bangkok

I had developed a relationship with two "good girls" but I made the mistake of telling them of my travel planes. Within 24 hours of arriving in Bangkok I received a most distressing phone call from my lady in the north of Thailand telling me that she not only knew that I was staying with someone but also her name and date of birth!

When I confronted the staff at reception about this lack of privacy and security they all denied that it had ever happened. Even then with all the evidence all I got was the famous Thai smile. Not the choice for superstars. I have more and more come to the conclusion that guys with real financial freedom would not choose to live in Thailand in the first place.

That's why I will probably have to revise my own goals in life. I doubt the Thai government would drive them away but they have much cleaner and better options with higher standards in their villas in Florida or Acapulco and no lack of girls either.

Thai women do change. I was reading your piece on blokes who had moved back to Farangland, and it was clear that the chaps had certainly been changed by their residence in Thailand. It occurs to me to ask 'what about the women'?

Her attitudes toward Thailand have radically changed from what they first were, and she says she would now be quite happy to retire in the UK and have visits back to Thailand. Her positive feelings about the King remain the same. Our sons and her family are still in Bangkok, but in the main she avoids other Thai people — too much trouble.

When we moved to Nigeria with the company, she was astounded that locals would try cheating her because of the colour of her skin. My response to that was "Now you know how I feel in Thailand", and it really seems to have hit home.

The recent election has had her pulling her hair out, saying "How can those people be so stupid as to elect Samak! Thai dating at ThaiFriendly. There she announces me that a friend of hers is coming. Two more showed up later without notice.

meet thai women in bangkok

They ate and drunk as if they were starving. They ignored me; I was just the useful paying cretin. This was her third strike, so she was out. Similar cases recurred with two other girls, but these times I said that their friends are welcome but they would have to pay for their own consumption; they didn't come. Be aware of shopping malls! On a first date a girl told me she had to buy a pair of shoes. Yet they remain the most alluring, charming women on earth.

And let's be fair, there is a perhaps larger group of conscientious, trusty women willing to share their lives with a good guy. I was rather amazed by Mrs. Stick's response to the guy who had been ripped off by his wife over the car purchase because here was a guy who needed help and advice and all he got was: Stick for this because the purpose of her section is to give the female Thai viewpoint and naturally she will tend to sympathise with another Thai.

My exasperation was instantly tempered by your own rider but my response was already being written in my head so I thought I would send it anyway.

This guy does not seem to be an idiot but, as he now realises, his act of handing over the money was certainly idiotic. But the facts remain very simple — this lady has ripped him off and, human nature and greed being what they are, she will do it again — she won't be able to help herself.

meet thai women in bangkok

This will never, ever, be the basis of any marriage farang or Thai and so this marriage is already over. If he can recover any of the money beforehand because he certainly won't afterwards he should consider himself lucky, otherwise he should just thank his lucky stars that he won't lose any more.

He could also threaten to divorce her unless she repays the money — and then divorce her — but the divorce is inevitable.

With my own wife between 2 — 4 years after the wedding I knew I had to divorce her but I kept hoping things would improve and she also constantly assured me she wasn't after my money, like other Thai women, and constantly told me what a miserable character I wasbut they didn't and neither will his, because people don't change — we might make adjustments during our lives but we don't change.

It thus took me seven years to make the break. My advice to this guy: Don't lose the next four years of your life hoping. It is MUCH worse that it ever was and it is awfully difficult to negotiate one's way in or out of the plaza. And woe be tied you if you knock over one of those motorbikes as you try and thread your way in and out of the plaza in an inebriated state. Most of these pesky machines belong to the thugs doing security work for the bars.

The warnings about freelancer robberies in the Nana area refuse to stop. It has got so bad that I almost feel I would like to post notices up in the Soi Nana area warning of the dangers.

More readers report getting robbed this past week including two pals staying at the Mothership. Taking a girl back to their respective rooms, they were somewhat lucky in that most of their valuables were in the hotel safe — but they still lost their mobile phones as well as all of the cash they had on them. One also lost his camera with photos — irreplaceable memories GONE! What is interesting — and perturbing — is that one of the two girls in this instance lodged her ID card with hotel reception.

What's the bet it was a fake ID, or it belonged to someone else? Club Electric Blue is now open at 4 PM each and every day. Their new happy hour runs from 4 PM to 9 PM daily and features "buy one, get one free". There just seems to be more of a fun factor in there than in the past and the staff seem to really enjoy themselves — which is about the best thing you can say about a naughty bar.

If the girls are having fun, it's likely the punters will too. Lumpini police have ordered the bars in Nana Plaza to abide by their designated policy of all staff having a numbered disc pinned to their person. For dancing girls the numbered discs must be red and for service staff the discs must be blue. Will Dave the Rave soon adorn a number? It would seem that it is going to be more difficult to get a tourist visa from the Thai consulate in Penang, perhaps the most popular consulates for those doing the perpetual tourist visa thing.

It is mooted that tourist visas will only be issued to those who can show an international air ticket not just out of Thailand, but out of the region! The loophole of staying long-term in Thailand on tourist visas year after year has been exploited for so long that it's truly amazing that such measures have not happened before now.

I would expect to see similar policies at other Thai embassies and consulates in the region before too long. Last week Shadow Bar advertised by way of a large banner across Cowboy — and also sent me email — that they would be hosting a Superbowl party starting at 7 AM with the match itself kicking off at 8 AM.

A number of readers emailed me informing that the time was wrong and that the actual kick off is at 6: Shadow Bar is grateful to the readers who let them know and the bar's revised opening time is now 5: For those who like an afternoon tipple, Shadow Bar's happy hour starts at 12 noon and runs until 9: February 7 is Chinese New Year and many locals take a few days' break.

If you are planning air travel in the Kingdom in the next few days but have yet to purchase tickets, you might find yourself out of luck. Bookings are heavier this year than previous years, both domestic and international, and you may have trouble getting a ticket.

Down Pattaya way, Beach Road is more active of gals now than in a very long time. It's filled with these country gals making sweet eyes at those approaching them — and cursing them if they pass by without warming to their advances! If you were to hit the Beach Road at around 9 PM you would see them everywhere!

I'm not in the habit of doing the dirty with anyone, but personally I wouldn't touch them. Some are really rough looking and it should be remembered that Beach Road is the place where some have mistakenly picked up a ladyboy. Dana would be in heaven.

A little beyond Tony's Disco on Walking Street, pretty much right in front of a certain convenience store, many Thais can be found offering marijuana for sale. They bother passers by constantly and are a real nuisance. They're also scattered up and down Walking Street, but are really clustered in that particular area.

Will the boys in brown ever round them up…or perhaps the new prime minister might seize the opportunity to do as his predecessor did, and get the boys in brown to attack the problem with automatic weapons?

Rainbow 4 has absolutely the best selection of pretty ladies in Nana, of that there is no question. Their attitudes are rather a different story though. I witnessed a funny this week with the mamasan wandering around with a message handwritten on her hand which stated "Barfineshort time 2, long time 4,". Shock, horror, there's price collusion in Rainbow 4! Seriously though, that's rather expensive! That's a real chunk of change! I have received so many emails now from guys whose wallets have been lighter after the boys in brown searched them that I would advise readers that if the cops wish to search through your wallet, it might be a good idea to count the money out in front of them.

The management of a new venue in Pattaya emailed me with a link to the site promoting their new venture. It looks interesting, a fine dining establishment as well as a bar serving drinks in a temperature controlled -5 degrees environment. Check out Minus5Pattaya for yourself.

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Beware of the information posted on the websites of some naughty bars, specifically if the girls' ages are listed. One particular Pattaya bar lists a lass's age as 22 when in fact she is a rather more motherly There's much frustration and annoyance amongst teachers with the recent, it must be said, hazy announcement, that all teachers in Thailand will require a teaching license.

Up until now, legal teachers were those who had a work permit, but new regulations would appear to state that all teachers need this said teacher's license too.