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meet rich man london

Tiffany Wright, 35, from Chelsea, London, has made a career out of organising the love lives of rich men willing to splash their cash on finding. In fact a quarter of all home owners across London are property millionaires. The cheapest 3 Is Millionaire Match a good site to meet rich people? 2, Views. So some of the easiest places to meet rich single men in London would be its swanky pubs and bars. And among the most stylish places where the big boys of .

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And among the most stylish places where the big boys of finance are known to hang out are Berkeley Square in Mayfair and the Dover Street wine bars while the Red Lion in Crown Passage are known to serve the aristocracy as well. The best part about chatting up guys at one of these places is that they would likely to be in a relaxed frame of mind and keen on socializing with you.

meet rich man london

Fine Dining Places London is justifiably renowned as home to some of the most expensive fine dining places in the world. However if you manage to get a table, you may spot a millionaire to two sampling his caviar or truffles. The only hitch in this plan is that in all probability the guy would be dining in company but nothing dared, nothing gained, right?

Premium Gyms Other places where you are likely to bump into the hedge-funders are where they are building their pecs and abs. While buying a membership at any of these addresses might set you back by a few thousand pounds, it may be worth the investment when you discover that the guy on next treadmill rakes in a cool k plus merely as a bonus. Semi-professional events Do a bit of homework on the most successful professions in London. These are bound to include bankers, businessmen, media moguls, lawyers and consultant physicians.

Then look up classifieds or listings in your local newspaper which mention workshops, conventions or fund-raising dinners revolving around these professions that are going to be held in near future. Try to attend these either by cadging an invitation or accompanying someone you know and you will find the biggest successes in the particular professional field thronging the venue.

The only downslide of this approach may be that at semi-professional events, the guys may not be willing to talk of dates but then you can always use these opportunities to build up the groundwork. Up market areas Yet another way of coming across rich single men in London is to frequent the areas where they live and socialize. These would be the locations with the best demographic profile and the highest residential property prices.

meet rich man london

Mayfair, Chelsea, Kensington Gardens, Grosvenor Square, Knightsbridge, Belgravia, Covent Garden and Notting Hill in London are some such areas and parties, pubs, cafes, parks as well as gyms here can be safely assumed to have the potential to throw a millionaire or two in your way.

If you are residing in London, you have the opportunity to meet your dream lover because London happens to be one of the major financial centers where a number of rich singles lead an incredibly luxurious lifestyle. However, you need a radiant personality, positive mindset and smart approach to hang out with a rich boy.

In this article, we are going to list some places in London where you can find rich guys. It hardly matters whether they inherited their property or worked hard to become a millionaire, they often visit these places to enjoy some exotic drinks and relax.

These two locations are known as the most favorite places among the rich class because of its inherent style.

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You can also find rich gentlemen at Red Lion in Crown Passage. The good thing about these hangout places is that many eligible singles frequently visit there to relax and connect with the community. You will face no problem in interacting with them and socialize with them. Great Dining Places The places serving exotic food and drinks are other favorite visiting places of rich men. Obviously, if you are a rich man, you would like to enjoy the most exotic dishes at expensive and exclusive dining places.

If you are smart enough to get a table at these places, you can immediately spot several rich men enjoying their caviar, truffles or luxuries of their choice. The only problem is that most of them might be dining in the company of their friends or family.

So, try a bit daring with smart moves and approach. Upscale Gyms The upscale gyms are next on the list. Joining a premium gym can be expensive, but this investment will make you more attractive by improving your personality and fitness. At the same time, you will get the opportunity to meet and socialize with a rich guy who makes your heart beat faster.

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Cultural Events You are not likely to meet with wealthy guys at art galleries or the average movie theaters. The rich men attend exclusive events like movie and theatrical premieres at expensive West End venues.

If you are lucky, you can meet with your ideal lover at Odeon Leicester Square or upscale halls at Everyman and Electric and other expensive movie shows. London happens to be the central venue of many cultural events where earls, knights, dukes, and other inherited title-holders of British royalty gather to connect with the community.

Attending these cultural events will allow you to find the man you desire. Garages that Selling Expensive Cars Rich men are known for their exquisite hobbies and driving the fastest cars is one of the most preferred hobbies for those who can pay for these expensive vehicles. So, garages like H. If you can manage to visit such garages, you can get the opportunity to meet and date the stylish boy of your choice.

meet rich man london

However, you may have to explain your presence in those venues, but smart girls should have no problem in explaining such things. To begin with, you can say that you are looking for a gift for your loved one.

meet rich man london