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meet oklahoma musicians

Sarah Evans (B.M. Oboe, University of Oklahoma and M.M. Oboe, University of Michigan) is a stay-at-home mom, wife, and freelance musician and educator in. We had met Adam Chance on The Sing-Off and when Adam's brother, Chris, Austin attended Oklahoma City University for musical theatre, and Tim was a. Peter Markes and Kyle Dillingham met and performed for Duane Allen, The Oak Ridge As the University of Central Oklahoma's Musical Ambassador, Kyle.

Debbie and Jae L.

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Along with Jae L. Sheppard and Porter Wagner. As a long time local performer, Debbie has been given the opportunity to enjoy what she loves most in life, being home with her family and entertaining the music fans who enjoy their Saturday night outings at the McSwain Theatre. Gary Bryan Drums Gary Bryan has been associated with McSwain sincewhere he performed with the McSwingers and has more than 35 years experience playing the drums and percussion.

Gary began performing in bands in junior high, playing at rodeos, civic functions and a few high school proms. Later, Gary became a member of the Sundowners Band, playing shows across Oklahoma and Texas for nearly 20 years. He has been a member of the house band for the Rodeo Opry in Oklahoma City.

Gary and his wife, Cheryl, have been married for almost 25 years and have a son, Blake, and a daughter, Madison. Gary also has a daughter-in-law, Noelle. In addition to playing with Crossover, he has performed with the Jeff Sibble Band and enjoys teaching private music lessons.

meet oklahoma musicians

Greg lives in Stratford, Oklahoma, where he plays with the praise and worship team at Strafford Freewill Baptist Church. Stilwell has shared her gift of music with audiences since the first grade. Together with her cousin, Debbie Allen, they have made numerous appearances on television, radio and the live stage. A veteran to the music scene, Jae L. Sheppard and Lee Greenwood. SinceJae L. Lois is also the pianist at Forest Ridge Baptist Church.

Lois and her husband David of 40 years have 2 children and 5 grandchildren. She loves to play fantasy football, go fishing, hunting and plays golf. She is principal clarinetist in the Signature Symphony and also doubles on saxophone for the Big Band and Pops Concerts.

Christy is the instructor of clarinet at Oral Roberts University where she teaches both private lessons and coaches a clarinet quartet.

meet oklahoma musicians

In the summertime, Christy performs in the Tulsa Starlight Band and hosts a clarinet choir camp for clarinet players in the Tulsa area. Dale Barnett has been a trombonist in Signature Symphony for the past 10 seasons.

meet oklahoma musicians

He was a member of the Tulsa Philharmonic from until second then principal and a member of the LOOK orchestra for 25 years. These are among just some of the performances he has done over the past 45 years of professional playing. He is currently the band director at Holland Hall as well as director of the Starlight Band, and bass trombonist for Signature Symphony.

What do you do to help you relax? Gardening and landscaping Favorite works featuring your instrument? Read a novel Just my youngest son. If you could look into a classical crystal ball, what would you see in the future? I grew up in a very musical family. Seemingly everyone from my siblings to my great grandpa either played multiple instruments or sang. Music has always been a part of my life and I hope it will continue to be so. Other than the violin, I play piano, viola, guitar, ukulele, and I sing.

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I have a BM in violin performance from the University of Tulsa. Favorite non classical band and song? I enjoy playing video games. It helps my mind unwind. Favorite works featuring your instrument? The Sibelius Violin concerto would have to be a close second.

If you had a day to do anything you could, what would you do? I would sit home and relax, probably read a good book. Is your family musical? What was the first tune you learned to play and where? Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I was taught by Eric Ryan-Johnson. Oboe, University of Oklahoma and M. Oboe, University of Michigan is a stay-at-home mom, wife, and freelance musician and educator in the Tulsa area. Gardening, hiking Favorite works featuring your instrument?

meet oklahoma musicians

Read, crossword puzzles, embroidery Yes, my mother is a church music leader What was the first tune you learned to play, and where did you play it? Twinkle, Twinkle on the piano If you could look into a classical crystal ball, what would you see in the future?

An accomplished classical and jazz trombonist, Rich is the principal trombonist with the Signature Symphony, and also performs in a variety of musical settings; from the pit orchestras for Broadway touring musicals, like The Lion King or Book of Mormon to national touring performing artists like Kristen Chenowith, or Frank Sinatra Jr. Over the years, he has performed in musical genres ranging from big band and jazz, to klezmer and salsa.


Stephen Goforth is an Oklahoma musician who has distinguished himself as a trumpet virtuoso comfortable in any venue — principal trumpet, featured soloist, lead trumpet, jazz soloist, church soloist, conductor, clinician, composer, recording artist, brass quintet and more. He is particularly known for brilliant piccolo trumpet playing and spontaneous exhilarating obbligatos.

He has performed for OKMozart numerous times, toured with the Dallas Brass, played in Europe, with numerous touring artists and for presidents and other dignitaries. His programs stretch from church choral works to full orchestras to the acclaimed Experience Trumpets concert featuring more than 20 instruments.

His most recent recordings and compositions are being played on national television networks including Fox, Disney, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, in Europe, Africa, and most recently Asia and Australia Flutist Dana Higbee is a person with multiple talents and interests.

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She is a former member of the Tulsa Philharmonic. She regularly performs chamber music with Tulsa Camerata, and is a flute instructor at Oral Roberts University. Dana and her husband Paul are parents to four children and 4 grandchildren. He is proud to have been a member of the Bartlesville Symphony for many years. His wife Valerie and son Colin are both violinist. Being a music teacher was her goal as early as elementary school and specializing in strings became her focus in high school.

As the head of the string program in the Jenks Public Schools, she directs all of the high school orchestras though previously she has taught choir, band, music theory, and general music.

meet oklahoma musicians

In addition to playing violin with Signature Symphony, she performs on both violin and viola in small ensembles and has a small number of private students. Reading is the perfect way to relax. Many of my relatives have some musical background and a few have been involved semi-professionally. Murray is the second violinist of the Tulsa Rock Quartet. Smith, Jordan Smith, Astronautalis, P.

She currently works with the Harmony Project of Tulsa, and is a registered Suzuki Method violin teacher, and a faculty member at the Barthelmes Conservatory of Music. Bon Iver he is a performer with a band and The XX. I take a bath, do yoga, and read fiction Favorite works featuring your instrument?