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meet mister muttley

After the jump: Bandit, Ren, Gromit, Goofy, Pluto, Muttley, Mr. Peabody, Let's travel back to the early days of cartoon dogs and meet one of. O Movie: Blue Collar CD Old Time Gospel Hour CD Mister Rogers CDTBA 31 Too 8 Point of View CD Dastardly and Muttley (cartoons) CD Dateline N.J. O Rex Humbard CD Movie: Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ( ). Meet Mister Muttley. $ Author: Maryalice LeDuc-Lenmark Publisher: Heartstrings Publishing Publication Date: Edition: First Edition.

His most recent appearance was in DreamWorks Animation 's The Boss Babywhere he briefly appears on the cover of a comic book.

On television[ edit ] In the s, UPA turned its attention to television, and began producing the series Mister Magoo for the character. The cartoons suffered from varying character designs and choppier animation, due to rushed production schedules. Magoo's nephew Waldo voiced, as in most of the theatrical cartoons, by Jerry Hausner was seldom seen with his uncle, now appearing in his own episodes, introduced by a brief phone conversation from Magoo's point of view, which acted as a teaser.

The Waldo episodes also featured a slick-talking con man named Presley, and always ended with a return to Magoo saying, "Oh, that Waldo and Presley. What'll they be up to next?

Cholly was an Asian stereotype with huge buck teeth and comically fractured English pronunciation.

meet mister muttley

Despite his stereotyped appearance and voice, he nonetheless usually plays straight man to Magoo's shenanigans, rather than being a source of humor on his own. He is the "sane" one of the pair. His resourcefulness often saves Magoo from danger. Still other cartoons featured Tycoon Magoo, voiced by Mel Blancand his bumbling assistant Worcestershire.

It was the first ever animated Christmas special made for television and the first hour-long animated TV special and is considered to be a holiday classic of the s, ranking alongside A Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Magoowhich placed Magoo as an actor in other well-known stories. In the late s, Mr. This series was made under license by the DePatie—Freleng studio, as UPA had by this time ceased in-house cartoon production.

Magoo was portrayed by Leslie Nielsen in a live-action Mr.

Meet Mister Muttley

It failed to find critical or popular success, and some support groups for the disabledincluding the National Federation of the Blindprotested it on behalf of the blind and sight impaired. Magoo helped advertise the General Electric line of products throughout the s and s, [12] sometimes under the name J.

meet mister muttley

Magoo became the spokesman of the optical retail store Sterling Optical. Magoo also was featured in a series of commercials for Stag Beer in the s. Also in the s, the Polaner company sold its line of preserves in jars decorated with images of Mr. Magoo, which when empty could then be used as drinking glasses. ASI Entertainment [14] has used Mr. Magoo cartoons to "warm up" audiences when testing television comedy pilots.

Magoo's catchphrase was "Oh Magoo, you've done it again! Magoo is an alumnus of Rutgers UniversityClass of The reason behind this is that his creators wanted him to be "a college alumnus who was still fired up with the old school spirit [and they felt] Rutgers was the embodiment of the 'old school tie' in America.

meet mister muttley

Magoo's dog, in the s cartoon series, What's New, Mr. A talking bulldoghe shares his owner's facial features and poor eyesight. Charlie's depiction as an Asian stereotype was controversial. The character was prone to unusual misuses of English, such as referring to himself in the third person as "Cholley", and calling Mr.

Magoo "Bloss" instead of "Boss".

Was Mumbly Invented to Replace Muttley in the Laff-A-lympics?

In the late s, episodes featuring Charlie were dropped from the series and his character was never mentioned again. A version of the series that runs on the Christian network KTV retains Charlie, but dubs over his ethnic-sounding voice track. Magoo's dog really a Siamese cat. Magoo occasionally babysits in The Mr. His catchphrase is "Worcestershire, get in here! Muttley and his master returned in the Wacky Races video game with Billy West voicing the dog.

In this brief appearance, Muttley's vocal effects are done by Joe Alaskey. Muttley has made at least one brief appearance in Dynomutt.

Meet Mister Muttley

Muttley appears alongside Dick Dastardly as one of the main characters in the Wacky Raceland comic book. In this version, Muttley is reimagined as a mangy rabid dog with several robotic prosthetics and a taste for mutant flesh. It is revealed that he was a guinea pig in a lab experiment conducted by Professor Pat Pending and that its original codename was "SC-BB".

This version is Cpt.

meet mister muttley

Richard "Dick" Atcherly, who is fused with his pet dog by the mysterious element "unstabilium". Film director Quentin Tarantino has said he owns a stuffed animal toy of Muttley, and has given impressions of his signature laugh in interviews.

Polish alternative rock band Magnificent Muttley is named after the character. In the Kipper episode "Tiger's Joke Box", after Kipper gets surprised by a toy jumping out of a box, Tiger does Muttley's laughing gesture.

In the anime series Cat Planet Cutiesthe villain's sidekick is a robotic dog named Matrey whose appearance and laugh are an homage to Muttley.

meet mister muttley

The motion picture The Maskthe title character's pet dog Milo inadvertently dons the mask. While wearing it, Milo becomes an animated caricature of himself. He then urinates on a villain while mimicking the smile and laughter of Muttley.

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