Meet master wobble

8 Master Strategies For Public Speaking

meet master wobble

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Perhaps Mark Twain put it best: Have A Hook Like all the great songs we can never forget, your talk should have a great hook. Take the three most-watched TED Talks of all time.

Within the first two minutes of each one, the speaker delivers his or her Big Idea. Shut Up Napoleon Bonaparte was masterful at rallying his troops. He used the power of silence. Although none of us is likely to torture our colleagues with 60 seconds of silence, the artful pause can be equally effective in a sales pitch, power meeting, or negotiation. Every second you wait will strengthen the impact of your words. Stand, stare, and command your audience, and they will bend their ears to listen.

I learned then the fundamental rule of public speaking.

Maria Callas: The truth is she was far from perfect | Music | The Guardian

Whether on the radio, on television, or to a live crowd, talk to your audience, not over their heads or through them. Just use normal everyday words. I have never lost that vision of the fellows in the barbershop sitting around and listening to the radio.

Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

meet master wobble

Keep Them Wishing On A Star Just like a story has a narrative arc, a presentation has a structure that can move an audience to embrace an idea. In her brilliant TED Talk, Nancy Duarte uses that structure masterfully—a series of starkly contrasted shifts from what is to what could be.

What happens if we solve it? And just like a sailboat tacking in the wind, that tension draws the audience forward ever faster, toward what could be in the future with your idea adopted. Stephenson saw Clinton up close, and marveled at his ability to connect with people through an extensive repertoire of physical gestures.

At almost every performance, Callas paid the price for not being a 'perfect' singer.

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And yet for the rest of the audience the good people, I want to call them these human failings were of small importance next to the total accomplishment of Maria Callas herself and a Callas Violetta or Norma in particular. For them, for us, for me, Callas made opera live. She made the notes and words of the great 19th-century Italian Romantic composers and poets sound spontaneous, inevitable, even natural.

meet master wobble

It was as if she were speaking and not singing, and what she was saying was being said for the very first time.

A great actor makes us feel we have never heard 'To be or not to be' before and we become as one with a troubled young prince we know as Hamlet. With a good actor, we mouth the speech silently along with him and congratulate ourselves on how much of it we still remember, but we are always aware that we are watching a Great Moment from a Great Play.

meet master wobble

Listening to Callas is never such a passive experience. With Callas, you are there as Violetta pleads with Germont or Norma contemplates killing her children. Other sopranos only sing 'Vessi d'arte' in Tosca.

Only Callas talks to God. She does this in a voice some found 'beautiful', others not.

meet master wobble

But apart from the wobble, Callas is very close to perfection. She has true legato and phrases like a master cellist. Trills and coloratura hold no terror for her. She has a voice that is unmistakable after one tone.

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Today's cookie-cutter voices are not identifiable after an entire act on the radio. She was beautiful on stage. Her acting was minimal in that she did very little has there ever been a more restrained Tosca, a stiller Norma? Callas made opera mean something again. Her limitations pale beside her interpretive genius and her intuitive gifts. The entire world should have idolised Callas in her lifetime. The fact that it does so now is ironic.

meet master wobble

The critics and CD buyers, who were the first to deny her, are now the first to ride the Callas bandwagon. La Divina, the sobriquet, has become a universal truth. But the Callas beloved by one and all and still bigger than the Three Tenors is not the Callas I will take to the grave.

I will remember her from her performances and her public masterclasses: I'm glad I was in the trenches with her.