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meet madcap flare download

I had a recent comment on a post I wrote nearly ten years ago. The post actually earned me a bit of notoriety in the MadCap community. Packed with features, MadCap Flare lets you work smarter, faster and improve the quality of your documentation. These include Help files for desktop software, online Help for the Web, content for mobile devices, eBooks, and printed manuals. The professional pre-written manuals included with MadCap Doc-To-Help are rich Download the Free White Paper . Overview Meet Doc-To-Help How It's Used Policies, Procedures, and.

Global project linking — If you need to work in separate Flare projects, but you have a core group of files you want to use in all your projects style sheets, master pages, glossaries, corporate logos, etc.

Any updates to the master project will get pulled into the other projects before the other projects are built, so they always have the latest-and-greatest versions of those globally-used files. What else do I love about Flare?

meet madcap flare download

Lets talk about the user interface experience. Flare is designed with the technical author in mind, and has many, many features that make creating and updating content easy and efficient. CSS-based styling — This is huge.

MadCap Flare | Software for Technical, Medical and Policy Documentation

Flare uses CSS for styling both online and print output. Look at the literally millions of websites and hundreds of books on CSS to find your answer. Flare fully supports this. You can view your WYSIWYG window in print format complete with pages based on existing page layouts in your systemor in web format where you can even specify a specific media type.

meet madcap flare download

There are a lot of options, so you can work in the way that makes the most sense to you, based on the content you are currently working with. Dynamic preview — This is a new feature in Flareand I love it already. Context-sensitive right-click — Depending on where you are, when you right-click in a topic you get a list of options. In a table, you get table-specific options. In regular text, you get different options.

There are easy ways to insert links and cross references without necessarily looking at the entire list of your topics a list showing, for example, all open topics, which can be quite useful in large projects. Drag-and-drop — When you need to insert content from the Content Explorer into your topic, in most cases, you can just drag the item from the Content Explorer and drop it in your topic. This makes it super easy to add content to a topic.

I have keyboard shortcuts to apply specific styles, and others to run specific Flare macros.

meet madcap flare download

Quick search — The main project I work on is big. Finding a specific topic can be difficult. I can use quick search to find any file in the project quickly and easily.

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I can even select sub-options like a numbered list and put them on the quick access toolbar making it very easy to find and use them. And this is just a very short overview of what Flare can do. In my organization, we have our Flare project connected to GIT, which is connected to buildbot, so every time we check into GIT, buildbot generates a command-line compiled version of our targets, and copies the resulting files to an internal web server. Our developers and help authors always can view the most-recent content on the internal website, making it easy to review and approve topics.

meet madcap flare download

That is a great group of people with a wide variety of experience and expertise who are willing to help users with questions that they have. But these are all things I expect MadCap to continue to improve over time. What is a target?

meet madcap flare download

You will do the initial drafting and editing of your Flare topics online, using Google docs. You must include screen captures in your topics. Your team should develop a system for saving and organizing images so that they will be easy to add to Flare when you build your individual Flare websites.

You do not need to include callouts. Otherwise, keep this very simple. Do not agonize over font—just pick something readable. Put your time into developing the written content and screen captures. MadCap has lots of support documentation web, video, forums, PDF guidesmuch of it quite good and helpful. You are encouraged to use these resources! Aim to learn the software well enough that you can explain it to your team members and your users. You should have a working understanding of any concept or task in your TOC.

Approaching the project this way will also make the individual part of the assignment easier to complete later on.

Importing FrameMaker® Content into MadCap Flare

Keep a log of the contributions of each team member—these should be concrete, objective descriptions. You will populate this site with the content authored by your team. You have full editorial control of the content and design of this website.

You will submit your Flare website for an individual grade.