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These Labor Day festivals and events will be worth the time spent as the fan events and celebrity meet-and-greets with Hyatt Regency Atlanta as the center. revel in the entertainment at one of the largest Black Gay Pride events in the world. consumed with a side of cheese fries since you have until tomorrow to digest. In Touch Stay Up to Date Vendors Apply · Site Map · Ticketing Terms & Conditions · Health & Safety. © Imagine Festival LLC. Designed by Fame House. Imagine is now the longest-running EDM festival in Atlanta Which is 30, more than TomorrowWorld or CounterPoint will see, since both have dissolved. In a post on their Facebook page formally announcing the cancellation, . To meet the growing festival demand, Imagine Festival is growing to seven stages and.

The DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold was also announced on the poster, but canceled at the last moment, as he was on tour with Madonna at the time. Emjay, the producer of 'Stimulate', the anthem ofperformed on the main stage with The Atari Babies. For the first time, more than DJs participated.

The number of visitors exceeded 50, for the first time. La Rocca performed live at the event for the first time. The special act on the main stage was Moby. Tomorrowland took place on 25 and 26 July and attracted 90, people. The festival saw the use of a theme for the first time - Masker Mask. The song reached number 5 in the Belgian commercial charts and is the biggest selling anthem for Tomorrowlands to date.

In less than one day, all of the tickets sold out and at some moments there were 2, people on the online waiting list.

The worldwide sale started April 7. Within 43 minutes, the othertickets sold out. In addition to regular tickets, Tomorrowland partnered with Brussels Airlines to provide exclusive travel packages from over 15 cities around the world. When we were doing a trick, it was throwing a piece of linoleum on the ground. Everyone created a circle, and was just getting down. It was all about the music. Now it seems a little bit different. The music, I think, dictates the event more than anything.

Another huge difference is how mainstream it is now. Things are done right. Being accepted by the mainstream community and the press is a great feeling. Every single commercial on TV has electronic music or some kind of electronic influence on it for sure. How will you maintain the strong family vibe while growing to be such a big production? People understand and appreciate it and are there every week. Part of it too is that they feel like they can contribute to and be a part of something.

Yeah, we have such a good team and everybody contributes to the look and the feel. Not just the people that are in the production, but the people that come every week wearing, or bringing new kandi, or wearing a new outfit.

Those are the type of experiences that we work so hard for. When we interview people, we can share those stories. You know when you talk to people like that, they get what it used to be like. So when you bring all those people together and create an event some of it sort of trickles down. That makes a tremendous difference, too. And even on the production side, or the security, or the camping, or whoever it is, we want to make sure when we talk to them that we get a good feeling from them that they have the same vision that we do or at least will work to attain the goals that we want to, which is really just the ultimate experience for all our guests.

When did the idea to build a music festival even come about? We were just a promoter there on Saturday nights. We rebranded it The IRIS so that if we ever wanted to move, that event could move anywhere it needed to. For Madeline and I, the next step is either open up a club of our own that we have complete control of and we can create the environment and the vibe that we want to or the other option is to create a bigger event that is basically a blank canvas that we can create our vision with.

So, we decided to do a music festival. What are your biggest inspirations for Imagine Music Festival? Madeleine, of course, is saying that we will always bring back the Aquatic Fairytale and mermaids. Those are the type of festivals that we really like to look at. This is still only our fourth year. Just massive art displays and burning areas, themed camps, and all kinds of really interesting and fun stuff. This is just the beginning. Especially as we kind of make our turn into our fourth and fifth years.

What are some of the biggest highlights of the journey so far? I guess the biggest highlight is growing as quickly as we have. I had to pinch myself because I never could have imagined that we would be moving into such a huge venue. The size of it is breath-taking. Also, for us, it was a huge project. I guess people have the confidence in us to do this and pull it off. There have been a lot of festivals that have come through, a lot of great festivals that have come through Atlanta.

We had all this debt. It just makes all the hard work and the suffering to make it all work, the journey I guess, make it all worth it. We cherish those moments.

When you get those kind of compliments, it changes your perspective on life almost. What have been your biggest challenges? The biggest challenges for us, well one was the moving. Moving in general is a tough task. Being independent is certainly hard. We want to get there. We certainly have those dreams to be the best that we can and have our own lane of course.

The challenges have been financial, trying to create the best experience we can possible, and getting the best staff in place. For a long time, just Glenn and I, were trying to do everything, wear so many different hats.

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We brought on, we think, some of the best. Inyou ended Imagine with the announcement of your first pregnancy. Now about to have your second, being the power couple that you two are, how do you balance business and your personal life? We love what we do so much.

Our business is so much a part of our passion and personal life that the two are the same. The two are one. The fact that Glenn and I get to work together being a married couple is absolutely magical. Glenn and I have literally spent every second together. What precautions have you taken to prevent Imagine from problems that could be avoided? We knew we were going to have to move because we outgrew the old space.

We looked all over the southeast, mostly in Atlanta, but we looked all over the southeast to try to find a place that made sense. And some of those issues were of course, somewhere that would be able to sustain inclement weather. We saw what happened with TomorrowWorld.

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We looked at that venue. How does it feel to be the number one EDM festival in Atlanta? Of course, it feels great. We have big dreams. Like Glenn said earlier, this is only the beginning. We definitely have a long way to go. Who are you most excited to see this year? I like Pretty Lights. She used to run on the treadmill to Tiesto.

I think it happened again this year. Even the weekly at IRIS has always been supporting our locals.

Tomorrowland (festival)

Support your locals, the very best locals in the land has always sort of been one of my mantras. What does it take to get to where you are today? Obviously, the hard work, a little bit of luck. You have to believe and never give up. Just believe and if you can envision your dreams they will manifest themselves in this type of work. You have to have the passion for it. You have to be completely passionate about it and we are. Thank you so much, Glenn and Madeleine for chatting with us.

You two have such a good vibe! Good luck on all of your future endeavors.