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meet dave stayin alive song

Stayin' Alive Lyrics: Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk / I'm a woman's man: no time to Album Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Sound Track. Meet Dave () SoundTracks on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more. Stayin' Alive (This Is) A Song for the Lonely. Meet Dave Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and/or the Eddie Murphy movie. Oh, you can tell by the way I use my walk I'm a woman's man No time to talk Stayin' alive Wow. That's impressive love for the .. Oh! I love this song.

Karl spliced the tape and jury rigged it so that it was going over a mic stand and around a plastic reel. At first, we were doing it just as a temporary measure. As we started to lay tracks down to it, we found that it felt really great-very insistent but not machinelike. It had a human feel. By the time we had overdubbed all the parts to the songs and Dennis came back, there was no way we could get rid of the loop.

While today's musicians know how to get a good groove with the click, back then, if you used a click track you rarely got a good feel. The loop crossed the boundary giving us music that was in time with a good feel. If I had been working for a technology company then and knew what I was doing, I would have tried to patent the idea. Nonetheless, it changed a lot of things.

That first loop was a watershed event in our life and times. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. July Learn how and when to remove this template message The song was not initially scheduled for release, with " How Deep Is Your Love " selected as lead single, but fans called radio stations and RSO Records requesting the song immediately after seeing trailers for Saturday Night Feverfeaturing the track over the aforementioned introductory scene.

The single was eventually released in mid-December, a month after the album, and moved to the top of the Billboard Hot in the United States in February, where it would stay for four weeks. Soon after, it would slide to number two, locking in a solid one-two punch with the Bee Gees's third smash hit from the album, "Night Fever". In the United Kingdom, "Stayin' Alive" was not as popular as it was in the United States, but was still a huge hit, topping out at number four.

Barry Gibb had a hand in writing all four of these songs, becoming the only person in history to write four successive US number-one singles. Besides the version that appeared on the soundtrack album and the edited 45RPM single for Top 40 radio release, there was yet another version, from the same recording session but of a slightly different mix, that was distributed on twelve-inch vinyl to club DJs and radio stations that specialised in airing longer versions of hit songs.

This "Special Disco Version", as it was called, featured all the same parts as the album version but had a horn rhythm section part interjected twice. Although twelve-inch "Disco Versions" were usually sped up, this version was slowed down slightly. This version was finally released on CD when Reprise re-issued Bee Gees Greatest in in an expanded and remastered edition.

As for the message of the song, Robin Gibb was quoted as saying, "'Stayin' Alive' is about survival in the big city—any big city—but especially New York. The album edit is a still generous 4: Robert Stigwood thought he would prefer the songs from different genders and directed the group to cut the ballad, while Elliman cut "If I Can't Have You" with her usual producer Freddie Perren.

Satisfied with this switch, Elliman's interpretation made the soundtrack, while the Bee Gees's version was relegated to the B-side of the "Stayin' Alive" single. The brothers' version has since appeared on CD in hits compilations. George Martin commented about this song saying: It's no coincidence, by the way, that the disco beat of beats per minute coincides the heartbeat of your heart when you're excited.

I would not have been able to graduate without your help. And, yet, here you've become our generation's most renowned captain. What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey, that's a pretty good idea. I'll give you the moon, Mary.

I must say, sir, these Earth creatures keep surprising me. A most confusing place. It makes my head spin. I guess I'd better hold on, then.

I want to send this out to every precinct, every security company and every hospital in the city until we ID this guy right here. Amazing that two idiots like you could've passed the police exam. I tried to tell him, sarge. It is a fact, a fact, that something or someone has landed here. Now, we could be making the biggest scientific discovery of all time.

I don't wanna hear another word about E. What are you doing? No, it's just a guy who shoved his face in the dirt. It is an alien, an alien who shoved his face in the dirt, and I am gonna find him. That only gives us about 12 hours. Then every minute counts. Remember our mission, crew. We must find the boy with the orb. This is not acceptable! And here we go, ladies and gentlemen. Chuck starts off fast out of the gate, eating down those dogs, but Earl and Homer are right behind him.

Look at them go! You never should have signed him up for this. Put it in your mouth! A little heads-up might be nice! Can a brother get some hot sauce with that? Look at him go! Eighty-five delicious all-beef hot dogs! Dave, that was amazing! You are a wiener-eating champ! And here's the grand prize. It's the creature from Thanos 7! You have menaced us for the last time, you beast!

It seems that this is an Give it to her, Captain. Give it to her. You are such a goofball. We need to dispose of the large quantity of processed meat tubes! My colon is impacted. Excuse me, uh, we met yesterday. I am accompanying Josh and Gina. All evening we have been screaming with fear and delight. If you're serious about Gina, then that's great, because she deserves a decent guy in her life, but if I find out that you're just You understand what I'm saying?

Yes, I understand completely, Mark Rhodes. Does anyone here understand what this man is talking about? He's trying to discern if you intend on becoming Gina's mate. What an absurd notion! I intend on becoming Gina's mate? She's the size of our science pavilion. These primitive creatures and their silly speculations! Because it's really important to me and my friend, Dave. It's the jerk we seek! Rich, you've gotta give me my rock back!

Boy, it's like you're asking me to punch you! So, Smellmy, we meet again. You're giving me a wedgie! Please, put me down, already! Smellmy, are you crying because you are sad or because your undergarments are lodged so cuttingly deep in your rectum? I'm telling my mom. Dave, that was unbelievable! They don't high-five where you're from? What kind of trouble you getting into? Come on, come on! Sir, the orb is ours. It's time to throw it in the ocean and head home. You're absolutely right, Two, but I really think I can do this.

He looks very serious. Looking good, looking good. Come on, you can do it! He's gonna do it! Why was my wrist so limp? I was, uh, in the bathroom. All sensors are down and the sun shields deployed upon impact.

Sir, we're blacked out. The sun is exploding in my face! I still haven't got a pulse. Give me the paddles, stat. Give me more juice.

meet dave stayin alive song

Power has been restored. Oh, God, is he gonna be okay? We'll do an MRI just to be safe. I have to warm it up first, but just to double-check, they took your keys, watch, coins? Cause people always forget the "M" in MRI stands for "magnetic". This'll just take a second. I guess I still have a few pennies. I'm so sorry to have ruined your birthday. Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag.

Well, perhaps you will reconsider and let us take you out for dinner. Sir, with all due respect, have you lost your mind?! The least we can do is try to help them. You have become a fool! Treating these lumbering giants as if they're our equals. You've made a mockery of our entire mission! You get out of my face. I'm so curious sometimes, what's going on in that head of yours.

meet dave stayin alive song

I was just pondering which would be the best place to take you to commemorate your birthday. Josh, do you have any suggestions?

meet dave stayin alive song

Perhaps a nice Cuban place? I know a great salsa restaurant. We're going to go and party! Okay, three mojitos, one virgin. These go straight to your head. This is the best! Cougar46 just added me as a friend. He walked out about an hour ago with a nice-looking lady and a kid. You sure it's him? Said they were going to a Cuban salsa place. You gotta try this. It's like space travel, only in your head.

It seems you are, too? Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm recalibrating our weapon systems. Exactly what weapon are you recalibrating? I'm feeling a little busted. You know, pretty soon you're gonna be too old to dance with your mom. Excuse me while I run to the restroom.

I will be going home soon. What is the matter with you? When you're gone, everything's just gonna go back to the way it was. I'm not like other kids. I can't even fight for myself.

My dad was a hero. Josh, listen to me. We would never have been able to find the orb without you. Not everyone would have helped us, but you did. Because you are different. I am very lucky to have a friend like you. You have helped us greatly. We are all in great debt to you.

We are saved, Josh. She thinks she's so hot. Have you seen her butt? It's like the size of our moon. I took the liberty. I love this song. Yes, I may need some music references for Dave, will you do me the honor? Yes, yes, I would, I'd love to dance with you. Ah, you're gonna love it! Here, it's really easy. Just let the music take you. All hands, stay alert, and obey my commands to the letter.

There are emotional dangers on this planet we did not foresee. We are on the brink of anarchy. I'm tryin' to let the music take me! All right, crew, everyone, let's get it together, now! Here, just follow my lead. We should be fulfilling our mission, trying to save our planet, not leaping around like some sort of idiot, attempting to woo a gigantic strumpet!

This captain has become a joke. This is over the line, sir. The Captain still deserves our respect. Shake my hips like this! All right, I'm in. The dancing stops now. I need more wiggle in the posterior region! Captain, if I may? You think that you can do better? Nothing personal, sir, but that won't be hard. Okay, boys and girls, everybody listen up! You're gonna give me a basic, stepping forward with the left and back with the right.

Don't bounce, and do not overthink it. We're gonna put your accoutrements right up against her. This is salsa, people. Let's make it spicy! I knew you were holding out on me. Come on, come on, girl. I'm about to show you how to do the forbidden dance. And dip her, like a cookie in milk.

Should we power up blasters? Too many innocent civilians. Hey, welcome to Earth. We don't wanna hurt you. All we wanna know is why you've come down to our planet.

Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel- Stayin Alive Cheeseball Scene

Oh, for God's sake. They can't prove anything. What is your purpose here? What is your purpose I'm trying to do a thing, and you're not helping me out, so please stop. We're playing by my rules now, ex-Captain! You do what you took an oath to do and protect me, your captain, Four. I don't wanna see anyone get hurt. You'll never get away with this, Two.

The rest of the crew will not support you! Oh, yes, they will. Because they have a mission to complete. Three, you're supporting this? Yes, I see no other way. That's because there is no other way.

Whoa, who left the speaker on? Officer Dooley, can I speak to you outside? Just for a minute. You will regret this. Something has been awakened in all of us. Something you will never be able to stop. Looks like I just did. Confine him to his quarters! As of this moment, un-Nilian behavior will no longer be permitted. In fact, it will be punished. A new era has begun, with me as your leader. You know, we just It's been a long night.

He didn't do anything wrong! Stand and engage blasters! I gave you an order. Wow, we got a nutjob living in New York City. What are the odds? So, what are you saying? We should just let him go? Yes, I think we should let him go! That's exactly what I'm saying! That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my entire life! Somebody about to get killed! You, woman and child, you have wasted enough time with your pathetic emotional distractions.

Your undisciplined human frailty causes nothing but chaos! And one other thing. Your so-called artwork is both pretentious and sophomoric. I could do this all day.

Meet Dave (2008)

Three, find me the fastest route to the landing site. Have you been working out? Ah, you can tell? I did this to stop that lunatic! Whatever I have done to hurt you, I apologize, but right now we have to get to the engine room and shut down the ship! What in Nil is your problem? Are you all right, Josh? Mom, I'm fine, but something's wrong.

That can't be Dave! You have to trust me. We need to go after him. No, Josh, we're not doing that. But Dave is my friend, and I need to protect him right now.

I was just making conversation to ease the apparent tension between us. You're making it worse. This is not the answer, Two! You weren't Nilian enough to do your duty, so, you left me no choice.

We thought that Earth was not worth preserving. There's much we've learned from this place. We must not hurt these people! And since you two seem to love these Gargantuan beasts so much, have fun living among them. I have a little tickle in my nose. Three, I'm so sorry that you're out here with me. Not half as sorry as I am! Please, we'll have the entire journey back home to argue.

You have no concern for me. All you care about is Gina, your big, fat girlfriend!

Songs from Meet Dave

You think that she's fat? If she wears a size infinity, then she's fat! Well, it takes me almost getting run over for you to even notice me! I'm practically invisible to you! When I look at you, what I see is I love New York.

Just as I planned! Look, if we let go at precisely the right moment, we'll be propelled to the ship. I asked for you to be assigned to this mission because you are kind, intelligent and beautiful, more so than anyone I've ever known in my life. And without you, I would be nothing. Why have you never spoken to me of this before? Because I was too Nilian to express it. I should have lassoed the moon for you long ago.

But now let's turn the ship around. We'll never get there at this rate. Give me full power to the legs! Our power is nearly depleted. Crew, prepare to hail a cab! An alien cannot get a cab in this town? This is my cab! Yes, every available cop in the city, and the Feds. I knew it, I knew it! I knew we were not alone in this universe. So, who you calling? We don't even know why he's visiting yet. Well, it's obviously not a peace mission! Get those big slobbery lips away from me!

And while you suckers are sitting here talking, he about to go suck your planet dry! I need somebody from Homeland Security, please. I don't have the extension. I come free with a venti latte. Of course I'm with Dave, stupid!

Hey, you got a comment? I need the extension from you guys because I don't have it. I need a ride, though. Don't be shaking me. Don't be blowing on me! I don't know you that well! Wait, I said slow down now! Wait, it's dark in here. Dooley, where you going? Hey, sarge, you got a little schmutz right here. Thank goodness you're back. Not to worry, kind friend. I'm back, and I'm taking over. Only the Captain has the code to over You are in my chair!

Guards, I said seize him! You've seen what a fool he's been! We all know I am the only one qualified to get us home. Is this what you want? We choose our Captain.

Get out of my chair. Captain, the orb is in the water. The siphoning process is getting stronger by the minute. Right Arm, summon the orb. I-I can re-route booster energy, but there won't be enough for take-off.

Well, Captain, it seems you have a choice. Save this planet or save yourself. I choose this planet. And what of your beloved crew? Are you willing to condemn them to the same fate? Stranded here in a world of behemoths? I believe it is the right thing to do, but I cannot make this decision for all of you. I say we save Earth.

meet dave stayin alive song

My life began on this planet. I no longer feel like No. I am Dave Ming Chang. I am Johnny Dazzles, and I am fabulous! Not everybody has to be Dave Ming Chang.

meet dave stayin alive song

You've all gone completely mad! Take him and put him in my butt. Engineer, divert all remaining power to Right Arm. How can we help you? Thank you, but it is too late. We are out of power. We'll never get back now. Hands behind your head! Step away from that thing! Let us handle this, folks, okay? You don't need your guns, all right? We're not gonna hurt anybody. We're just gonna talk. You've seen what that thing can do.

Captain, with no shield and no power, the projectile from his weapon will breach the hull. He doesn't have any power left! We have been saved. All hail Josh the hero! Stay right where you are! Yeah, if you're trying to freak me out, it's not gonna work. All right, that's gonna freak me out a little.

Do you see that? What'd I just say? There's a little guy in there? I apologize to all of you. It was my second-in-command who took control of my ship by force, and Will you put that thing down? I mean, the guy's an inch tall. You look like a wuss. You helped save two worlds today. And you taught me the true meaning of friendship and courage. Your father would have been proud of his young captain. Promise me you'll always take pride in being different.

Perhaps that's not such a great idea. You're, you're really tiny. And I should have known you were an alien, because no straight man is that good a dancer. I think I'm finally able to understand how your painting makes me feel.

Hey, don't forget about me! I'm not trying to stay in here! You squeezing my brain! You're gonna make it pop! I don't want you messing up my sexy. Almost, almost, almost, almost. Yeah, that, that look good. Time for us to go home. Remember, I'll never be that far away, good friend.