Meet bratayley family 2015

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meet bratayley family 2015

Julianna Grace "Annie" LeBlanc (born December 5, ) is an American singer, YouTuber, actress, and former gymnast. LeBlanc has been featured in online videos since she was four years old and has an extensive online following. She stars as Rhyme in the family drama Chicken Girls on the Brat digital She has starred on the Bratayley family vlog since and the YouTube. Caleb Bratayley, who has died aged 13, of a sudden medical . October 6, Bratayley is not the real family name; LeBlanc is. .. Actor Kate del Castillo sues for $60m in damages from Mexico over El Chapo meeting. Bratayley is a popular family vlogging YouTube channel. started out in her YouTube channel called acroanna which she posts gymnastics meets and tutorials.

The family was itself reeling from Caleb's death and more than likely did not have all the facts themselves yet, but this lack of immediate clarity on the matter was treated as highly suspicious.

Teen star of YouTube's Bratayley family dies at age 13 | Reuters

So not only had these parents lost their son, but they now found themselves under a particularly harsh and unforgiving media spotlight. The local police even released a statement confirming there was nothing criminal or suspicious about Caleb's passing. But that didn't stop the deluge of questioning articles populated with increasingly cruel comments from drive-by onlookers and passers-by making snap judgments.

meet bratayley family 2015

While the Bratayley parents shared their kids' lives with their viewers, they set boundaries regarding what they chose to share, never revealing their last name, or even in which state they lived, let alone which suburb. Someone had even tracked down where they lived, and sent a photographer to get a shot of their house, which he or she did, in fading dusk-light.

In an effort to reach out to their heartbroken fans, the Bratayleys announced they would be livestreaming a portion of Caleb's memorial service.

This too was met with cynicism from the press — and from the general public, all of whom had already been dutifully misled with regards to the family's character and were seeing this as the final straw.

The memorial itself — or at least the part they allowed fans to see — featured nothing in the way of exploitation. The family is never seen, their messages were not broadcast.

Caleb Bratayley's death is not a mystery – online sleuths should stand down

Instead a single camera focuses on tiny podium as a friend of the family pays a tearful tribute, Caleb's baseball coaches do their best to say the right things, his cousin delivers an impromptu but heartfelt speech. This wasn't some celebrity event, with the Bratayleys looking to cynically cash in, but a small, sad and somber affair, filled with shell-shocked family and friends doing their best to work through a terrible tragedy.

The sheer irony of the media and the public claiming moral outrage, even as they exhibited stunning cruelty and thoughtlessness over the pain the family was going through, was kind of frightening to behold. And why was the mother the target of virtually all the online vitriol, despite the father of the family being a regular fixture in the videos?

Watching the videos, whether from five years ago or today, seems to paint a picture of a mother selflessly devoted to her childrens' lives. That should hardly come as a surprise — after all, this is a role millions of moms happily perform every day — but this mother found herself a relentless target of anger, mistrust and condemnation all the same.

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There is no greater loss than the loss of a child, but any sympathy and understanding for this grieving parent seemed to fall by the wayside. It raises the question: Are we right to shame mothers simply for sharing photos, or stories, or videos of their children online?

One of the last things they were able to do with their son Caleb was travel to Australia for a global livestreaming event surrounding the release of the latest batch of Star Wars toyswith Disney no doubt footing the bill.

During this trip, they held a meet-up for their fans in a Sydney shopping mall, and thousands of fans turned up to greet them.

meet bratayley family 2015

The Bratayleys had become celebrities halfway across the world, and they'd managed to do it from the comfort of their own home. While it is undeniably a strange circumstance to the uninitiated, the reality is that the media landscape is changing, every day, at a non-stop pace, creating new social paradigms.

Caleb wants to be a gamer and baseball player when he grows up. His favorite colors are black and purple. Julianna Grace Annie was born December 5th [2] [3].

meet bratayley family 2015

She is a level 6 gymnast currently training for level 7. She originally started out in her YouTube channel called acroanna which she posts gymnastics meets and tutorials.

A little later she got a Wednesday spot on a channel called SevenAwesomeKids, a collaboration channel.

Teen star of YouTube's Bratayley family dies at age 13

Annie left SAK because of gymnastics. She wants to be an artist when she grows older.

meet bratayley family 2015

Hayley Noelle was born September 2nd [2] [3]. Originally this was her channel but they decided to make a family vlog channel. The channel name "Bratayley" actually come up from combining words of Brat and Hayley. Hayley is in gymnastics mini pre-team. Her favorite colors are white and purple.

Family Gymnastics Challenge - Bratayley

She wants to be an artist just like her older sister as well as a chef. Hayley is currently taking swimming lessons and is a level 2.