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meet avulstein skyrim nexus

This page is currently being rewritten as part of the Skyrim Quest Redesign Project. Optional: Recruit Avulstein Gray-Mane as a follower. . This may also happen before meeting Fralia in her house, and it may be caused . Redguard · Battlespire · Daggerfall · Arena · TES Travels · Books · General · Mods. And the proof for this is the quest you get from Avulstein Gray-Mane to save his brother. The question is will Skyrim be better off with him as High King .. Free- Winter is the only stormcloak I met that actively opposes is, and. This is a list of all the quests that are altered by The Choice is Yours and the way in which they have been changed. To avoid unwanted.

Missing in Action

Eventually, if you don't have anything against blackmail, you can steal the compromising love letters from Jon. After obtaining them, threat any of them to reveal the correspondence and the Battle-Born will bring you the document you're looking for themselves. Deliver proof to Avulstein Look through the documents taken from the House of Clan Battle-Born to learn that Thorald had been kidnapped by General Tullius and that he's being kept at the Northwatch Keep.

meet avulstein skyrim nexus

The Gray-Mane will be certainly interested with this information, so give them the evidence you found. Bring the Imperial Missive to Avulstein Gray-Mane and he will tell you that the situation is worse than he has thought. Apparently the Thalmor have caught Thorald and are keeping him in an old imperial stronghold. Your interlocutor is however determined to free his brother - he will do anything to complete this task. At this point you can agree to accompany him in his attack on the Northwatch Keep Avulstein will join your party or state that you will do it alone.

Regardless of the method, you're in for a hard time with Elves. Find a way to release Thorald from Thalmor custody Theoretically there are two ways of completing this mission: In reality the second plan has no way of succeeding - as only you rescue Thorald, the guards throughout the keep will be alerted and you will need to fight them.

In such situation the optimum solution is heading out with Avulstein and showing the Thalmor hell on earth. The Northwatch Keep can be found at a very remote part of Skyrim. In order to get there, you will need to head to Solitude and afterwards go north-west expect lots of wild animals and Bandits on your way. Sneaking into the stronghold is very hard, or even impossible.

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Solving the whole case peacefully is out of reach as well, as the Thalmor cannot be convinced to your right in any way. Therefore it's best to just attack the keep - it's guarded by only seven Elves, so if you lure them out and kill one after another, you shouldn't have too many problems especially with help from Avulstein.

Massacre them, enter the keep and start looking for Thorald. There's about a dozen of them here, including three mages. Try exploring this area step by step, without going too far too fast - otherwise you might get flooded by enemies.

Missing in action Bug

I'd suggest using skills typical for thieves, such as Sneak and Archery - the element of surprise pays a big role in the beginning.

As you enter the large, two-story area, head to the small room on the left - the guards captain quarters. Apart from the leader himself, you will also find a couple useful items and The Legendary City of Sancre Tor which can boost your Two-Handed skill.

As for the captain himself, in his inventory you can find a key which can come in handy during further exploration.

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Head onto the upper floor and to the cells. Stealing the evidence may cause Bergritte Battle-Born to send hired thugs after the Dragonborn, even if he or she were not caught in the act. Although you can make them friendly by killing them, tweak their factions to player ally, removing them from the Thalmor faction, setting the relationship to rank 4, and resurrecting them afterward.

Originally there was meant to be another way to complete this quest, but this option never made it into the final edition of the game. The Dragonborn would have had to have completed the quest " The Jagged Crown " for the Imperial Legion to open up the dialogue to do so.

meet avulstein skyrim nexus

General Tullius would give an Imperial missive stating the release of Thorald into the Dragonborn's custody. If the Dragonborn then spoke to the front guard of Northwatch Keep and told him that they have come for Thorald, the guard will refuse to confirm whether they hold a prisoner by that name, and say that a prisoner can only be freed by order of the Imperial Legion.

By showing the missive, the guard was meant to allow the Dragonborn to enter the Keep and release Thorald from custody. Bugs This section contains bugs related to Missing in Action. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following: Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening. Click to show After talking to Fralia no new objective is given. Lose him and fast travel anywhere away from him then fast travel back. If this does not work, go into Northwatch Keep and he will fight alongside instead of remaining an enemy.

If the outside has been cleared, it's worth to try waiting for one hour. Thorald should show up the quest advances. If this doesn't work run to the main door of the keep and the quest should advance as normal.

If that also fails, the only way to complete the quest is to reload an earlier save. To avoid this bug exit the dungeon through the main door. If going through the main entrance causes Thorald to despawn, try the side entrance.

meet avulstein skyrim nexus

If the side door's lock hasn't been picked and the Dragonborn can't pick it, they are still able to exit through it using the key dropped by the interrogator. If on PC, the issue with Thorald despawning can be fixed by selecting him in the console while inside and typing Moveto player once outside.