Meet addy an american girl pdf

meet addy an american girl pdf

American girl during the Civil War. Meet Addy Walker, An American Girl. In the f iction stories by Connie Porter, Addy is a nine-year-old girl born into slavery who . The Addy titles, from the American Girl Series, have direct correlations to the entire unit. Below is a list of each Book 1: Meet Addy. Summary: Addy is about . Meet Addy: An American Girl is the first book in the Addy series. It was included with the doll when purchased until the release of BeForever and could be.

Meet Addy: An American Girl by Connie Rose Porter

The plot of Meet Addy moves quickly. In the first chapter, readers are introduced to the plucky girl and her family and learn that her father is secretly planning to lead them north.

By the next chapter, her brother and father have been sold and taken away. Soon Addy learns that her mother has planned their flight to freedom. They escape one night, outwit some soldiers, and make their way to a nearby station of the Underground Railroad. There Miss Caroline outfits Addy in a pretty pink dress and a straw bonnet surely a relief to the costume designer for the upscale American Girls dollshides the runaways under some sacks in the back of her wagon, and starts driving them to the coast, where, she promises, a boat will take them to Philadelphia and freedom.

Addy's trip on the Underground Railroad seems awfully short and sweet; but life in Philadelphia, described in Lesson, has a greater sense of everyday reality. In this volume, Addy starts school and finds that some of her classmates look down on her. Meanwhile, she helps her hardworking mother learn to read and makes one good friend.

meet addy an american girl pdf

As American Girls readers will expect, the last few pages in each book provide background information about American history and social conditions at the time of the stories and are illustrated with photographs and engravings.

Distilling the history of slavery and the Civil War into a few easily digested paragraphs is no mean feat. Though the occasional broad generalization seems simplistic or misleading, the overall picture rings true. Illustrated with appealing color paintings ranging from dramatic full-page pictures to small vignettes, these books promise to be popular with the series' many fans. In the first, the nine-year-old girl, a slave on a North Carolina plantation during the Civil War, overhears her parents whispering about the possibility of running away.

But after Addy's father and older brother are sold to another master, mother and daughter make the break alone. The second novel, lacking the dramatic tension of its predecessor but equally poignant, recounts Addy's adjustment to living free in an unfamiliar urban environment. Porter's easily flowing narrative follows Addy as she attends school for the first time and learns about the true meaning of friendship.

Rosales's emotion-charged illustrations effectively convey Addy's affability and pluck. Addy sadly tells her momma what the overseer had done to her, crying. Momma begs her not to hate anyone, and gets some water to wash the tears and dirt from Addy's face. Addy asks Momma if she hates white people, and Momma says that she does not. She tells Addy that if her heart is filled with hate, there will be no room to love, and Poppa and Sam need their love.

Addy protests white people must hate them, because they treat them poorly. Momma says that not all white people hate colored people; it's just that they've done wrong for so long that they don't realize it's wrong and they are hurting people; she never wants Addy to be that kind of person.

Esther begins crying and Addy gives her Janie to keep her quiet. Momma says she needs to speak to Addy.

Meet Addy: An American Girl

Momma says she must speak to Addy seriously for a moment, about what she and Poppa were planning before he and Sam were sold. Addy blurts out that she knows that she and Poppa were planning for the family to run away, revealing she was listening to them that night.

Momma says that they are still going. Addy asks if they should wait for Poppa and Sam and Momma says that they won't ever come back to the plantation, and that since the plan was to leave tomorrow night that she will stick to that plan. She never though that Master Stevens would break up the family, but after what he's done she does not feel that she can keep Addy from being sold, and she won't sit and wait any longer.

Addy reveals that she's frightened, but she wants to go to freedom. Momma directs Addy to reach under her pallet; there are two kerchiefs with clothes for a man and a boy. Momma's plan is to fill the kerchiefs with food and water gourdsand she and Addy will wear the clothes as they run away. Not only will the clothes disguise them, it will hide their scent from the dogs tracking them. Addy says that Uncle Solomon and Aunt Lula should come to freedom—Uncle Solomon knows where the safe house is, and Momma says they are too old to come and can't run.

Addy says that Esther can't run but she'll be coming too. Momma goes quiet and Addy asks her what's wrong; Momma says that Esther won't be coming with them. Addy insists they can't leave Esther, and Momma says she'll be staying behind. It was different, when Sam and Poppa could carry her, but Momma can't carry her by herself, and Esther might cry and give them away. Addy offers to carry her and let her hold Janie, but Momma says she can't do it.

It's very hard to leave Esther, but Momma is sure that she'll be safe with Auntie Lula and Uncle Solomon; she's a baby, so there is little worry of her being sold. There is silence, and then Momma says that it will only be for a while because once the war ends they'll got get Esther and whole family will come back together. Momma tells Addy to lay down and rest, and Addy asks if they can all sleep together on the same pallet.

Momma agrees, and the three of them crowd together on Addy's pallet. Addy tries to fight tears as she scoots close to Esther, but she cries anyways. Addy and Momma have dressed.

Uncle Solomon has two hats—he gives the straw one to Addy's mother and a felt one to Addy. He tries to cheer Addy up by saying the hat is magic, Addy doesn't smile, and Uncle Solomon pulls a half dime from behind Addy's ear and gives it to her, saying that freedom's got a cost.

Auntie Lula hands Momma a kerchief packed with food for the trip. Momma picks up Esther and kisses her all over; Addy looks to see if Momma's crying but there are no outside tears. Addy kisses Esther as well, then gives her Janie to keep until she sees her again. Momma hands Esther to Auntie Lula, who promises they'll take good care of Esther and be right there once they come back. Uncle Solomon tells Momma and Addy to walk through any water they come across, even puddles, to avoid leaving much of a scent; he also says to watch out for Confederate soldiers as they will bring them back to slavery.

The two leave the cabin and Esther begins to cry; Addy tries to look back for a final look but her eyes are full of tears. Addy and Momma walk through the dark forest for hours, stumbling over things.

The deeper into the woods they get the more scared Addy gets, until she screams at a dark form moving near them. Momma clamps her hand over Addy's mouth and tells her she can't scream like that; it was probably just a possum or skunk. Addy feels bad as she screamed louder than Esther would Addy watches in horror as Momma sinks in the water. Addy and momma make their way through the forest, and Addy does not cry out any more, not even when she stubs her toes.

The sky starts lightening and Addy says they should stop soon. They go a little further to a cave and hide inside to sleep. When they awake, it's hot and muggy; they share some dry cornbread and water. Momma reaches into the kerchief again and takes out a cowrie shell. The shell belonged to Poppa's grandmother, Aduke who was stolen from Africa when she was Addy's age and sold into slavery; her name was given to Addy and means "much loved". Addy asks to hold the shell, and Momma gives her one of Sam's shoelaces to string the shell on and wear as a necklace.

Addy says that her great-grandma was brave to come across the water alone and she wants to be brave like her; Momma says that Addy is brave and that while Aduke's journey ended in slavery, Addy's will take her to freedom. Addy asks if Esther will remember them all; Momma says she's not sure but she believes that Auntie Lula won't let her forget.

Addy falls asleep thinking about Esther back on the plantation and think that maybe she's thinking about Addy. Once night comes, Addy and Momma leave the cave and start walking again. They make their way to the river, which they must cross.

Momma sounds scared but knows they must cross it. Addy is worried; while she can swim, the water is moving swiftly and Momma can't swim at all. They start into the water and make their way slowly across. Near the center the current starts to pull at them, dragging them sideways and away from shore.

Momma fights to stay above water; suddenly a swell of water drags Momma away from Addy and she goes under. Addy fights a scream and dives under, trying to find Momma. Her first dive is unsuccessful as she tries to stay where Momma is; her second dive she lets the current take her along and gets caught by a fallen tree where Momma has been caught. She grabs Momma and shoves her to the surface, and the two struggle to shore.

When she can finally speak, Addy asks Momma if she is okay; Momma says that Addy saved her and she's a brave girl. They stumble into the woods.

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Momma has lost her kerchief and her hat is damaged; Addy still has her hat. She reaches around her neck to make sure she still has her shell; she does, but there is also a leech she quickly peels off. After more hours of traveling, they come to the train tracks. They have to be careful as near the tracks there are few places to hide.

They follow the tracks until the morning, then make a shelter from dead pine trees to sleep. Addy curls up next to her mother. Momma says that she's very proud of Addy and Addy is soothed by her heartbeat. Freedom Taken Addy and Momma are awoken by a low rumbling; they creep out of the shelter to see a train coming down the tracks. They watch it head to a curve in the tracks and then curve to the right.

Addy is puzzled at first, the realizes that there is a set of tracks that she can't see and so they must be near where the tracks cross. Addy is excited that they must be near the safe house and the two run towards where the tracks cross.

Addy scampers forward, chattering about them going to Philadelphia and being all together again. Momma warns Addy to not get high hopes; Addy doesn't hear her and dashes forward. She sees a light and believing it to be the safe house, she runs towards it with Momma far behind her.

Once she gets close she realizes she's wrong; the light is from a campfire, with men around it. Addy is about to leave when one of the men calls out and sees her. She realizes that she has wandered into a Confederate campsite.

meet addy an american girl pdf

The man calls her "boy" and tells Addy to get him some water. It takes a moment for Addy to realize that the soldier means her. She sees the bucket is on the other side of camp.

She is scared she may get caught and captured, but she walks strongly and makes her way through the camp, getting the water bucket and taking it to the soldier.

The soldier assumes the train scared her, then tells her to go back to sleep. Addy wants to leave, but lays down on the edge of the clearing and pretends to sleep; she waits until she hears the man snoring, then quietly creeps away from the camp, feeling she must warn Momma. She is grabbed just as she's far enough to run; it is Momma, who pulls her close. She has seen the whole interaction with the soldiers and is proud Addy kept her feelings inside the whole time.

The two continue along the tracks until they reach where the tracks cross; up a hill is the white house with the red shutters. Momma and Addy walk towards the house; there's no lights inside, and Momma is nervous that this house isn't safe. Addy says they have to trust this place. They walk up to the house and Momma knocks on the door twice. A light starts glowing in the house and the door is opened by an old white woman.

Addy asks Miss Caroline to help them; the woman scowls and tells Addy to go away as she won't help the soldiers, mistaking her for a boy. Addy tells Miss Caroline she is not a boy. Addy sticks her foot in the door and says she's not a boy, taking her hat off to show her braids. Miss Caroline softens and rushes them into the house. She compliments them on their disguises; she had assumed the two were with the Confederate soldiers, whom she refuses to help. Miss Caroline starts working, starting a fire and setting plates.

meet addy an american girl pdf

Momma offers to help but is told to rest. Miss Caroline asks who sent them and Momma says Uncle Solomon. Miss Caroline has known Solomon for fifty years, since they were children on farms next to each other.