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meet a car

Street Meet organisers Glenn Navarro, left, and Zingiber Umali with some of the cars that will be on display at the event. Pawan Singh / The. Classics Car Meet, The Classic Car Meet is held on the first Sunday of every. The Ferrari-beater you've probably never heard of. Ford's GT40 is about as iconic as performance cars come. From winning Le Mans four times on the trot in the.

Most car guys love a good burnout. There is no better way to draw negative attention to a car meet than a burnout. Come shut us down! Nobody cares how loud your car is. Literally anyone can take a hacksaw to their exhaust and sound just as loud. The same goes for 2step rev limiters.

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Years ago, this was actually impressive because it meant the car had some serious work done. Nowadays, 2step rev limiters can be added to many stock computers with some simple software. Now for the bikes. Crotch rockets seem to be the worst offenders when it comes to revving and hitting the limiter. Most car guys are into motorcycles too myself included so we have no problem with you being here.

As a matter of fact, I think your bikes are awesome and I love checking them out. But any sport bike with an aftermarket exhaust can make that noise.

meet a car

You never know when someone is going to jump out in front of you. So just slow down. If your car deserves attention, it will gather it on its own, while being parked normally. You can usually tell whether someone feels the same way as you with one quick look at their car.

Choose one or the other. If you leave your garbage behind, you ARE garbage. Car meets are generally located in large parking lots of shopping malls. You know what they have a lot of there? Use them, you slob. For most car owners, the latter is a fight onsite.

meet a car

Block photographers Everyone loves to wake up the next morning to see an awesome shot of their car on social media. This event is crowded with people, and you knew that when you decided to take photos here.

meet a car

Bring a bicycle or skateboard This is just asking for trouble. Bikes and boards can do some serious damage to a car. They also make walking in crowds much more difficult. If you absolutely have to bring one, at least have the common courtesy to stay away from the vehicles. Blast your stereo Unless you were hired to DJ the event, nobody wants to hear your stereo.

meet a car

To the guy that feels the need to pump the rap music filled with profanity, slurs and more: Car guys are already guilty until proven innocent. Here in Ontario, the police can suspend your license, impound your car, and give you thousands of dollars in tickets for street racing or doing a burnout. All without a chance to defend yourself. Judge, jury, and executioner, right on the side of the road.

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. We have double standards based on what the media and general public wants to hear. You know who else gathers in large groups? Lots of that going on lately and things often turn violent. So when the police see a large crowd of hundreds of people in a parking lot, what do you expect them to think?

Now, to begin with, you should always listen to the event organizers, as they will typically be directing traffic to designated locations. Furthermore, if no event organizers are assuming this responsibility, it is crucial that you quickly survey the parking lot and observe the trend in cars already parked. What I mean is, at most car meets, cars will usually back in, but that is a general rule, not a universal law. Therefore, it would be prudent to quickly determine what is the prevailing method of parking at this particular meet.

When it actually comes to parking, just remember to be calm, and ask for help if necessary. Parking between six-figure exotics is not the time to let your pride get a hold of you.

So, do not be shy to ask any spectator around to help guide you in. Also, unless otherwise given explicit permission to do so, do not be the person that takes up multiple spaces. It just looks bad on your part. Dress Comfortably Via Windy Farm Okay, this is definitely a too-often overlooked one, and objectively subjective. What I mean is, depending on where you live, comfortable can mean something very different.

T-shirts and shorts would be a comfortable option for spoiled Californians, but sure death for poor Minnesotans. So the first step when preparing for a car meet, is to check the weather and dress accordingly. This is already something you probably planned to do anyway, especially if you are a convertible owner. Those five minutes can be a life saver if you live in a region with a volatile weather pattern.

As you may or may not know, car meets inevitably mean extended minutes of idle standing, brisk walking, and occasionally running under the right circumstances think Ferrari about to exit parking lot. Before you know it, all this activity has tested the limits of your shoes' arch support, and the strength of your deodorant.

Add humidity to the situation, and things only continue to get worse.

meet a car

Therefore, it is crucial to bring the right gear that allows you flexibility and comfort. Seriously, you are doing yourself a huge favor. So, be wise and keep those leather-studded chaps at home for this one.

Via The Connection Newspapers This is the single most important thing you must keep in mind when planning your time at a car meet. At the end of the day, this is the whole premise of your attending a car event in the first place. As is often in life, unfortunately, you could easily get bogged down in the mire of logistics and social nuances, completely forget the reason that brought you to the car meet world in the first place.

Car Meet Etiquette - 9 Things You Should Never Do

An open environment, where people congregate to enjoy themselves and their common passions. Remind yourself that cars are meant to be enjoyed, and more specifically as it relates to car meets, meant to be shared and experienced. Their cars being the points of pride for many gear heads, it is easy to take something as seemingly relaxed like a car meet too seriously. Few things ruin an otherwise fun experience faster than taking yourself too seriously.

With all this being said, you are now equipped with a list of things to do when attending a car meet, now all that is left to do is to give you the run down on 10 things you absolutely should not do at a car meet. Start A Rev-Off Via YouTube Full disclosure, at one point or another, you will, as a car enthusiast, feel the urge to do something pointedly stupid. One of those dumb things that are often the quickest to get a meet shut down, or at the very least, attract unwanted attention from the fuzz, is 2-stepping in the parking lot.

This is an especially egregious party foul if you happen to have a straight piped car, which basically means you're treating the audience to the sounds of thunder. This is about as bad as 2-stepping, although I personally slightly feel that rev-offs are particularly worse, given the nature of how they arise in the first place.

Only one of these is actually quantifiable, neither, however, actually matter. Although, I have to admit, shooting flames is pretty cool.

This bad idea, however, is often brought about by the instigation of members of public. The throngs of camera wielding spectators are almost insatiable in their lust from increasingly sketchy behavior.

Shouting and cheering for loud revving cars, and burnouts does not do anyone any favors, including those doing the shouting.

COPS ALWAYS RUIN THE FUN! Supercars Send It Out Of Car Meet

The most salient example of crowds encouraging bad behavior has to be the crowding of car meet exits. You know exactly what I am talking about, if not, let me paint you a picture: You are mildly responsible so at first you are hesitant, but a few more cheers and the promise of Instagram fame seal the deal for you. What happens next is something that has happened all too often, because I almost forgot to mention, you are driving a Mustang.

We have all seen the infamous videos of wild behavior going terribly wrong, and I am not suggesting the crowds are at fault here. But what I am saying, is that it is best to try to discourage such behavior, and the most effective way to do that is to ignore it, not reward it. Seriously Via Legendary Speed Like the loud revving and the 2-stepping, doing donuts, whether in the parking lot or an adjacent street, is a remarkably bad idea.

In fact, it is a substantially worse idea than just revving loudly. The only real danger from 2-stepping is from damaged ear drums, with donuts, however, we could be talking serious injuries to bystanders.

Not only that, cops will absolutely not tolerate this, and will all but immediately shut down the car meet and may obstruct any future possibilities of holding car meets at that particular location. If that is not enough of a deterrent for possible tire-slaying rogues, know that those same police officers can go as far as impounding your vehicle if they feel you pose a great enough harm to the bystanders around you.

This is serious stuff, as it should be. Car meets are events designed to be enjoyable for people of all ages. One of the prerequisites of having a successful car meet, is to ensure the safety of all participants. So, doing donuts is a strict no-no for those looking to go a local car meet.

You have been warned, be safe and exercise sound judgement when showing off your pride and joy. No one likes the person that goes around putting their dirty paws all over your shiny, clean paint.

This is especially prevalent among the non-car enthusiasts that attend their occasional car meet. This is a function of both ignorance and ambivalence. I like to think that these are well intentioned people who simply let the exuberance of beautiful cars temporarily override sounder judgement.