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marjorie main meet me in st louis

Meet Me in St. Louis is a musical film directed by Vincente Minnelli, starring Lucille Bremer, Leon Ames, Marjorie Main, Joan Carroll and June Lockhart. Meet Me In St. Louis (Two-Disc Special Edition): Judy Garland, Marjorie Main, Roy Mack, Vincente Minnelli, Doris Gilver, Fred F. Finklehoffe. Esther Smith: Oh, Katie, they were just little white lies. Katie (Maid): A lie's a lie. Dressin' it in white don't help it. And just why was I lying this time? Why must we.

She pauses on the front steps to surreptitiously surveil something wonderful next door: Rose is a good big sister, so she hurries into the house to alert Esther. They stroll onto their porch for some subtle stalking: He does make her look absolutely stunning.

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And Judy Garland said that this was the first film in which she felt beautiful…She would request the makeup artist, Dotty Ponedel, who worked with her on this film, for every MGM movie she made after this. Rose and Esther go inside, too, and Esther tells Rose how she has arranged for dinner to be served earlier so that Rose can take her phone call in private.

Rose is not as grateful as Esther perhaps thought she would be: She dances a little, giving us a nice view of her two-layer skirt: And she closes the lovely song by closing the lovely curtain… Watch it hereplease. We continue to get lovely snatches of family life in the Smith household.

marjorie main meet me in st louis

There is a brother, Lon, Henry Daniels, Jr. Tootie rides the ice wagon and is disturbingly morbid. You can watch the scene here.

marjorie main meet me in st louis

As Tootie delivers ice, Rose and Esther sing in the parlor in their underthings and coordinating dressing gowns. You know, just like all sisters do in the afternoon. What is is they are singing? Meet me at the Fair! Louis, and they are pretty pumped.

He tells them to cut it out, and expresses his desire for a nice, cool bath. Smith refuses to change the dinner time. So everyone is there when Warren calls Rose: You can watch this amusing scene here.

John Truett is invited!

Marjorie Main: Katie (Maid)

And Esther is thrilled. Then Esther gets wild and tells Rose that she plans to let John kiss her tonight. Her wise older sister is alarmed! Her brother Lon, who knows all about her crush, watches, amused. They did an incredible job and make the Technicolor pop with shots of hot pink, mustard, and plenty of brights.

I rather wish there was spontaneous yet beautifully choreographed dancing and singing at every house party: Minnelli thought Bremer was about to become a huge star.

marjorie main meet me in st louis

Unfortunately, Bremer never made it big the way Minnelli thought she would, and she left the movie industry. When the dancers notice Agnes and Tootie watching from the stairs, Tootie begs to sing a song with Esther. You can watch it here. Then she convinces him to help her turn out the lights…sneaky, Esther, sneaky. I rather like this photo of Vincente Minnelli rehearsing the scene with Judy Garland: Poor Esther…they do exchange some romantic glances as she turns off the staircase light, though.

marjorie main meet me in st louis

Besides, you're entirely too young and I don't think your father will allow it. Smith, if I'm going to keep lying to your daughters, I'll have to ask for more money.

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Now, remember, not a word of this to your papa. You know how he plagues the girls about their beaus. Everybody knows but Papa? Your papa's not supposed to know. It's enough we're letting him work hard every day to support the whole flock of us.

He can't have everything. Ah, corn beef and cabbage. Katie, I could smell that cabbage when I got off the trolley. Cabbage has a cabbage smell. Smith, who are these boys? It's me, Katie, it's Agnes! Saints preserve us, it is! You had me fooled! Mama, we fooled her! Well, if you can fool our Katie, you can fool anyone.

Agnes, I thought you were a drunken ghost. Tootie's a horrible ghost, and I'm a terrible drunken ghost. She was murdered in a den of thieves, and I died of a broken heart. I've never even been buried because everyone's scared to come near me.

Here are your sacks of flour. You couldn't get me out on a night like this for a million dollars! Did anyone here a noise just now? Did it sound like this? If you wet the flour before you throw it, it makes it harder for the victim to remove it. Would it start a minor revolution in this household if dinner was served an hour early today? Smith hates to eat early on a hot day.

Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)

Eating early on a hot day gives you more time to digest your food before retiring. Besides, I'm due at my sister's at seven o'clock on a family matter. Is there something wrong with your sister? She's having trouble with her husband. Him bein' a man.

marjorie main meet me in st louis

Well, eating early is all right with me, but you'll have to explain it to Mr. Oh, he won't mind, seein' as how tonight's corn beef night.

What happened to dinner?