Magcon preferences how you meet mother

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magcon preferences how you meet mother

We just want to and tell your mom that we're taking you to dinner,” . magcon- queen-blog I see Cam leave Olivia and he walks over to me. I hadn't seen my parents in a while and since Anthony basically saw my mom as his mom, he wanted to see her a lot. “Buddy, Omaha is so far. Preference: You Had His Child, But Never Told Him (Jack, Jack, Nate, Sammy) Y/ I/N: Your Instagram Name Y/M/N: Your Mom's Name CAMERON: (Felix's Outfit).

You woke up in a panic at 3AM and noticed you hadn't checked on George all night and instantly went to check on him, feeling so guilty that you felt slightly ill. You were pleasantly surprised to find Louis asleep on the rocking chair in George's nursery with George in his arms, fast asleep as well.

You'd told Zayn on your very first date about your daughter, Mia, and he'd been a bit wary of the idea of dating a single mum at first but then loosened up when he saw the two year old for the first time. She looked just like you and Zayn fell in love with the bouncing bundle of joy almost instantly - he'd first met her whilst coming over to surprise you with flowers on a lazy sunday.

Mia was playing with a Barbie and a Barbie horse in the lounge and had 'pranced' over to the door when you went to open it. Before Zayn could speak, Mia instantly said 'Hello! He bent down to reach her level before smiling at her. You'd met Liam at a friend's wedding party and instantly had to tell him about your daughter, Lily - it became pretty obvious when she'd run up to you and claimed that she wasn't happy with the lack of colouring pages available at the kid's table.

You'd quickly sorted her out with a few pieces of blank paper so that she could make her own colouring pages and then got right back to speaking to Liam. The next time the pair saw each other was after you and Liam had been dating for six months.

#magcon. My life goals are to see them and meet them.

She was six and so you didn't want to introduce her to Liam just incase things didn't last. You open the door. You grit your teeth, as you let go out the door, and walk back over to the couch. Nothing Matt was going to say was going to make this any better, you hated him. I re-thought about everything and kinda planned my life.

Imagine with Cameron (but all are in it) - Friend one (join magcon)

Then, when I went back to your empty house, my heart shattered. I went away for MagCon and no matter where I went, I looked for you. She told me where you were. Outfits "Aubree Marie Whitesides, calm down! Aubree was one month old exactly, and you were excited to go celebrate with your best friend, Mahogany, since she was in California.

You two called it a celebration, but really you were going to stay in, eat food, and watch movies all day. You and her dad, Jacob, hooked up, as just a one night thing, while at MagCon… But for you, it turned out to be an eighteen year thing, since you got pregnant.

magcon preferences how you meet mother

It was about ten minutes, when Mahogany finally knocked on your door. She brings in her five grocery bags, to add to yours. Half way through the movie, there was a knock at the door, Mahogany turns to you.

magcon preferences how you meet mother

Why would you do that! Do it for her! You know you have to do it for Aubree, she needs a dad. You stop from going back into your room and walk to the door. You open it, not wanting to look at him. He looks at you, then walks in.

Do You Got A Bae? — Cameron Dallas - Hard surprise

You three sit on the couch. You pick Aubree up and walk back into the living room. You hold Aubree in front of Jacob. Jacob looks mesmerized at her, looking up to you, you study his face, he carefully takes her out of my arms.

You woke up at about seven, did your hair, makeup, then changed. When you were done, you laid back on your bed and opened Instagram.

You saw that Taylor was in California, but you also saw that Caroline had died. Brayden Connor Caniff, was your two week old baby boy. Even though you were really young, you kept him. He was actually a quiet baby for the most part, but still a baby. You sigh, sitting in the parking garage, debating going in or not. The door swings open. You did it half for comfort, but more for you than him. He wraps his arms around you. Your fingers run through his hair and kiss his temple, something you remember always comforted him.

A cry interrupts you two, and you let go to bend down to Brayden. Jack G- You met Jack by luck. You and your best friend were going to have some coffee at your local Starbucks.

You were wearing http: You ordered the usual, a grande carmel frappachino with extra carmel. You and your friend find a seat by the window and wait for your coffees. You walk up to the bar and go to grab your drink just as someone else hand reaches out for your drink.

magcon preferences how you meet mother

Your hands touch for a moment before you both let go and the drink spilled all over. You laugh but grab a napkin and scribble down your number. Jack J- You met Jack at magcon. You were a huge fan of the boys and freaked when you found out they were coming to your home town. As hard as you tried, you were only able to get general admission tickets, no VIP. You were upset but still super excited to see the boys.

The day of magcon you put on: You curled your hair and were ready to go. You and your friend got there super early and when you finally got to go in you were pretty close to the front. The event was about to start when Bart came up to you.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

We were wondering if you would want to be the girl Jack and Jack would sing to tonight? You adored Jack and Jack. You bought Jack J was just too adorable.

magcon preferences how you meet mother

You go on stage and they sing to you. You hug them after and feel Jack J slip something in your pocket.

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That was one call you know you would be making. Taylor- You met Taylor at a skate park.

magcon preferences how you meet mother

You took you little brother to the skate park one afternoon and saw a group of rather attractive teenage boys. They were all hanging out and skating. You watched your brother as he tried to nail a new trick. You looked over at the group of boys and saw one fall of his skate board, hard. His friends rush over to him. What do we do?! You look down at the boy. His arm was badly broken.