Level 8 meet swampy find

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level 8 meet swampy find

In this chapter, you will meet the sewer alligator Swampy. This level pack will help Wheres My Water - Level 1 - Meet Swampy Tri-Duck Clear the Way. Jul 2, Meet Swampy, the toothy crocodillic hero of Where's My Water? Complete every level, find every duck, unearth every object, beat every bonus stage, get every achievement . W2 - Level 4, W2 - Level 8, W2 - Level A collectible is a item that can be found in levels of Swampy's Story. They can Meet Swampy Sugary Soap - Can be found in level , Let's Play Catch.

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  • Meet Swampy
  • [Update!] How to save Swampy's ducks - Where's My Water? tips, hints, and walkthrough

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level 8 meet swampy find