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Jordan returns to Brainiac's spaceship and takes his place in the shrink ray, allowing Brainiac, having now acquired all the Lanterns, to finally activate it. The group infiltrate the ship and confront Brainiac, who hypnotizes Wonder Woman and the rest of the group. As he toys with the hypnotized Wonder Woman, Robin, who was unaffected due to a helmet he found, is able to wake her from her trance and rescues the others from theirs as well.

Superman, who is still in the path of the beam, manages to punch his way to Brainiac's ship striking the machine, and then falls to Earth. This overloads the shrink ray and causes it to explode, releasing all the Lanterns from hypnosis and instantly teleporting them all back to their respective batteries' home planets. Brainiac escapes to a now-partly shrunken Earth in a smaller ship at the last minute as the UFO spirals out of control. Some of the group are hit by energy beams from the wayward Lanterns' rings, giving them the emotions associated with the Corps.

Robin agrees to stay and watch them as their behavior becomes erratic while Batman and Wonder Woman descend to Earth to tend to an injured Superman.

They follow him to ParisFrance. Back in Paris, Brainiac arrives and proceeds to shrink the city down to the size of a bottle; Superman, having recovered, rescues Paris before the villain can capture it.

Brainiac moves onto LondonEngland and then PisaItalyonly to have both attempts foiled in the same way. Finally, he travels to Gotham City and tries to shrink it as well but is thwarted by Robin, Cyborg, and the emotional misfits who have crashed in Gotham in the UFO. The Flash traps Brainiac and his ship in a makeshift cage, and everyone returns to the now-fixed Watchtower.

There, Robin tells the group that he managed to retain a fragment of the crystal holding the Lanterns' power from the shrink ray after the explosion. Superman subsequently formulates a plan: However, in order for it to work, the powers of all the Lanterns are once again required, which is complicated by the fact that the explosion returned them all to their respective planets.

Ultimately, the group splits up, and each team travels to a different Lantern planet to meet with the Corps and retrieve a sample of energy from their power rings.

With all the Lanterns' powers assembled, the group meet at the Fortress of Solitude, and Superman gets to work on the duplicate shrink ray. After a brief skirmish with the Rogue Lanterns, the machine is complete, and Earth is returned to its normal size, along with all its cities, though the progress also results in a side-effect which causes Superman to inflate in gigantic proportions.

However, upon sending the Flash back to Gotham to check on Brainiac, he returns to report that both he and his ship have escaped. Brainiac arrives at the Fortress of Solitude and reveals he has shrunk Gotham and Metropolis before brainwashing Superman and sending him on a destructive rampage.

Without any Kryptoniteall of the group's attacks are powerless against Superman until Batman, recalling his incident in the Batmobile, has the idea of electrocuting him. The group assemble a generator and shock Superman, to no effect. Robin then realizes that it was his speech to Batman that broke the trance all along, not the electrocution, and Batman proceeds to deliver a heartfelt monologue to Superman.

Ease of Play The controls are easy to pick up and intuitive to use, though camera angles can sometimes make things more difficult than they need to be, mostly due to the split-screen effect during multiplayer sessions. It's great that characters don't need to stick together the entire time, but thanks to the vast size of the game world, characters can sometimes end up so far from one another that it's problematic. Violence There's plenty of comic-book combat to go around, including some major brawls with loads of bad guys to beat up.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

The action is all incredibly cartoony, though, as all the punches, kicks, heat-ray blasts, boomerang throws, etc. Characters break up into their component LEGO parts when defeated. Gunfire and explosions also come into play during vehicle-based levels. DC Super Heroes offers its fair share of cartoony violence and fighting, it also promotes cooperation and incorporates plenty of puzzles into the action, working out kids' brains along with their thumbs.

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Scarecrow makes no appearance at all outside of the Nolanverse DLC character, though that version has explosives. No Celebrities Were Harmed: While the third was not released around the time of any film, it was released in honor of Batman's 75th anniversary ; it also had DLC promoting The Dark Knight, Man of Steel, Arrow, and the then-upcoming Suicide Squad.

Characters already altered by chemicals, such as Joker or Two-Face, can't be harmed by radioactive waste. Solomon Grundy and Swamp Thing will toss various items like boulders and bicycles out of swamp pits before finding the item needed in the level. Killer Moth's obsession with lightbulbs pops up in all three games.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Game Review

Characters automatically drown if they swim too far away from shore, which acts as an Invisible Wall. Fine, except that it also applies to characters like Aquaman and Killer Croc who couldn't drown if they tried. Superman Stays Out of Gotham: DC Superheroes averts this by having other members of the Justice League come into play. In fact, a major part of the story is Batman's unwillingness to call for help when he needs to until the end.

Teamwork Puzzle Game Wall Crawl: Every game gives Robin a suit that can walk up magnetic surfaces. DC Superheroes and Beyond Gotham expand the suit's abilities to full Magnetism Manipulation and give the functionality to other characters as well. When facing a character, they are shown as skeletons. Used to creepy effect in the Scarecrow fight in Batman 2, where he uses fear gas to make himself look giant.

The Sensor Suit is used in that section, and fighting the mooks as Batman renders them as skeletons while a giant Scarecrow laughs in the background. The Videogame Adaptational Badass: Almost everyone gets this to one extent or another, for the sake of game balance. Some of the more notable examples: In the comics, Two-Face's only "power" is owning a couple of guns. Here, he can swim in toxic waste to his heart's content.

Killer Croc also gets the toxin immunity treatment, plus the ability to breathe water like freakin' Aquaman. The Riddler can spin his cane fast enough to deflect bullets.

Rather than needing to run back to his Lazarus Pits between battles, Ra's al-Ghul now has a full-blown Healing Factor. Another Side, Another Story: After playing through an episode as Batman and Robin, you unlock another episode where you can play as the villains. Taken Up to Eleven by Mr.

Freeze's ice cream factory of death. The Joker has a more traditional one as his "personal" vehicle, but it's not particularly remarkable and has no role in the actual story. Killer Moth on the villains' side.

Lego Batman 2 Superman Open World Gameplay

Toxic waste is poisonous. Being made of LEGO bricks is a sign that it can be destroyed or interacted with. For no other reason than Rule of Coolthe dinosaur skeletons in the museum from "Stealing the Show" can be ridden, and even attack enemies. Prior to 3 and DC Supervillains the former of which forced an Enemy Mine and the latter being based upon playing the villainsthis was the only game in the series that had levels entirely centered around playing as the main villains.

There's very few references to the greater DC universe, with the Data mostly talking about Gotham's civilians and supervillains up until the last bits of data which references Superman. The characters mime their dialogue, much like then-previous LEGO games. The character designs in the game are based significantly on Batman: The Animated Serieswith Gotham also taking after the four live action films from to While the sequels still used the soundtracks from said films, more has been done to give the LEGO games their own feel and continuity, such as changing the character designs.

The character creator has the parts for four characters that exist in the comics, but aren't mentioned anywhere in the game. HuntressAzraelBlack Mask, and Spoiler. The Joker's secondary weapon, which is apparently strong enough to power the electrical engine of a mini Ferris wheel. Probably justified by the fact that it kills people. They're the only mooks who can fire in automatic bursts. Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: In one level you can use a museum's dinosaur skeletons as your personal Humongous Mecha.

The villain levels show the villains setting up their bases. Because you played through the normal story as the heroes, you know that their bases aren't gonna last.