Karin meet toshiro

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karin meet toshiro

Yes she meets him in like episode or something like that. It's a filler episode the title mentions Karin and a soccer ball. Toshiro's eyes flicked to meet Karin's dark grey ones, where she leaned against the wall, bored. Her attention was currently on Rangiku, who. Jason Anime. they first meet in episode toshiro saves her a few times and karin thinks they are the same age karin likes toshiro ^_^.

She noticed the sexual tension between Momo and Kira and pushed them together without batting an eyelash. So when her captain excuses himself saying he is meeting up with an old friend, Rangiku has no choice but to follow him. Rangiku shifts uncomfortably as the wind blows through her hair.

She is currently perching on top of Karakura High School's roof, gazing down at the clearing in confusion. The high school had just been released moments ago, and now students are flowing out the front doors.

What really surprises Rangiku is that Toshiro is leaning against a wall just inside the campus entrance, glancing through the crowd as if he is searching for someone.

Rangiku narrows her eyes, who could he be possibly be waiting for?

karin meet toshiro

She had never known her captain to make friends with the high schoolers, there was only a small group of people he ever visited and she had met all of them at least once.

The students have almost completely cleared out in the courtyard, but Toshiro hasn't moved an inch, his gaze focused on the school's front doors.

karin meet toshiro

Suddenly, his eyes light up and he pushes off against the wall. Rangiku cranes her neck, trying to get a glance at the person who has caused such a sudden change in her usually ice cold captain. A girl with dark hair slides through the doors and waves lightly at Toshiro. He smiles back, and Rangiku can't help but smile as she recognizes the high schooler.

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The girl crosses over to Toshiro and he reaches out one hand towards her, his smile growing wider by the second. She accepts gratefully and the two entwine their fingers, walking off campus together. I should have seen the signs, she thinks to herself humorously. How could I have missed it?

Let me think, I remember when I first saw them together… Flashback: I am merely gathering some intel. She is kicking a soccer ball with her friends and yelling enthusiastically when she wants the ball to come into her possession. Toshiro stands up from where he was perched, brushing off his pants.

karin meet toshiro

He looks back down at Karin and her friends. Down below, Karin has just scored a goal on her friend and the others have started celebrating as loudly as possible. The nearest one let out a loud whoop and leaps over to Karin, scooping her up in a huge hug. She laughs and hugs him back, causing an unknown expression to flash across Toshiro's face.

Rangiku glances at her captain, and Toshiro's eyes snap to hers, his face returned to one of indifference. Rangiku blinks, she must be seeing things Flashback over "That should have been my first hint. Rangiku thinks back to only a few months ago, the next time she had seen Karin Kurosaki, it should have been her next big hint, too bad she was distracted with her own straying thoughts.

Ichigo nods, his face sober as he keeps one eye on Toshiro and one on his home. I immediately questioned him, but he just smiled and said he was feeling lonely. Ichigo shakes his head again, and Toshiro tries to hide his obvious relief by scribbling down more notes.

He glances up towards the house and notices the two Kurosaki twins are watching from a window. Karin meets his steady gaze before waving shyly. Toshiro nods at her once before returning to Ichigo. Flashback over Rangiku jumps off the school roof, fully intending to follow the two teens. They can't just get together and not tell her! Toshiro shows up then. Karin, who was happy to see Toshiro, goes to tells him that he is late.

Toshiro tried to tell Karin that he is not here to play soccer but he changed his mind after seeing her injured. With Toshiro's skills, the team got tied with the middle schoolers and when the game was about to be over, Toshiro let Karin score the winning goal which led the team to victory! Karin then thanked Toshiro as he told her that it was her who scored the winning goal. Toshiro saves Karin When Toshiro tried to talk with Karin about something, a hollow appeared.

Karin was surprised that Toshiro can see the Hollow also, and is unwilling to run away when Toshiro told her to.

karin meet toshiro

The reason why was because she wanted to save her unconscious friends. When the Hollow tried to smash Karin with it's mighty fist, Toshiro, who was in his shinigami form, saved her. Using Hyourinmaru to defeat the Hollow, he slices it in half before it can use it's Cero. Karin watched the entire thing in amazement of how strong Toshiro is. Toshiro help Karin Once the battle had ended, Toshiro reached out his hand to help Karin stand up.

Since she just saw Toshiro is a Shinigami too, she asked him if he knows where Ichigo is. Shocked to find out that Karin is Ichigo's younger sister, he tells her that he doesn't know Ichigo's whereabouts.

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This upseted Karin at first, but Toshiro cheered her up by saying that Ichigo is trying to becoming stronger, just like she is, and he also told her not to worry, because Ichigo is her big brother after all.

Karin then smiles as she wipes away her tears and says that Toshiro is right. When Rangiku shown up, Karin, who had just met Rangiku, is impressed that Toshiro has a captain even though he is just a elementary student. This angerd Toshiro and he yelled angrily that he is not an elementary student.

After the match, Karin thanks Toshiro and asks how long he will be around for. Toshiro refuses to answer her question and when he asks her how long she is planning to follow him, they were approached by Haru, an old lady.

At Haru's home, Toshiro tells Karin that he first met Haru when he was stationed in the Human World and explain that Haru can sees spirits, just like her, which prompting her to note that there are a lot of spirits around the house.

When Karin asks what is keeping Yosuke from resting in peace, Haru says that he wants to see snow and reveals that he died while on his way to go skiing with his family and never got to see snow for the first time. Yuzu thought Toshiro is Karin's boyfriend As they leave Haru's home, while walking, Karin ask Toshiro if it is alright to leave Yosuke the way he is as he will turn into a Hollow.

Toshiro then tells Karin about the time when his first posting to the Human World and about Haru and Yosuke. After the conversation, Karin invites Toshiro to stay at her house since he is going to be in the Human World for a while. When they reach home, Yuzu was excited, thinking Karin brought home a boyfriend and she begins to tease both of them. Seeing Yuzu keep on teasing, Karin ask her brother, Ichigo, to say something. Ichigo asks Toshiro what does he think he is playing at, which annoyed Toshiro as he yelled at Ichigo that he has no idea what he is talking about.

Later, at Ichigo's room, Ichigo warns Toshiro not to place Karin in any danger. The next day, Toshiro and Karin goes to Haru's home again. When they reach there, Haru greets them and says to Toshiro that he have brought his girlfriend with him again.

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When Toshiro went into the house, he gives Yosuke a small ice figure he made using his zanpakuto. Wondering where he get the ice figure, Karin ask Toshiro as he explain about his zanpakuto is an ice-snow type and he can manipulate ice and snow whenever he wants. Later, Toshiro notes that it is unusual that Yosuke has not become a Hollow yet.

Karin then finds Haru collapsed on the floor. Toshiro notices that her Reiatsu is weakening and realizes that she had been using her power to stop Yosuke from becoming a Hollow. Toshiro save Karin Yosuke finally transforms into a Hollow, as Haru is too weak to prevent it.