Karan johar baahubali success meet

Karan Johar Explains The Impact Films Like , Baahubali Will Have On Bollywood

karan johar baahubali success meet

Prabhas to give Karan Johar's Baahubali 2 success party a MISS and the reason will shock Now, he is not ready to meet people and party. 4 days ago Karan Johar Explains The Impact Films Like , Baahubali Will Have "We had the gumption, glory and guts to make it because we have seen the success. movement of meeting narrative and technology for like, decades. Yesterday night Alia Bhatt and her rumoured boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra came together to meet Karan Johar, who marketed and distributed.

karan johar baahubali success meet

Prabhas in Baahubali Midway through Baahubali: The Beginning, a person seated next to me in the theatre tells his friend: Director SS Rajamouli has done it again. Hyderabad saw two kilometer long snake lines at ticket counters; tickets that were sold for more than Rs 2, The server of a popular online movie booking website crashed within half an hour of starting is online booking.

I must thank my entire cast and crew, who stood by me and worked tirelessly.

Prabhas Praises Karan Johar At Bahubali 2 Pre- Release Event - TV9

Without them, I couldn't have built the world of Baahubali," he says. I always choose the latter. The character stayed with me. Later, when I was making Magadheera, my father told me the traits of another character called Kattapa played by Sathyarj.

karan johar baahubali success meet

That's when I decided I wanted to tell this story," Rajamouli explains. Baahubali has been written and filmed in two parts, at an ambitious budget of Rs crore. The first part has been in the making for more than three years; the actors have shot for more than days. Doing the concept sketches, building the sets and other preparation took two-and-a-half years. At one point, we were shooting with 2, extras, with technicians assisting them with costumes, makeup and other things," Rajamouli says, giving us a picture of what he's been up against.

Around 50 people ensured they did not get blown away. Visual Effects supervisor Srinivas Mohan and art director Sabu Cyril have dedicated the last three years of their life to this film. We collaborated with over 15 VFX studios and artists, who spent many sleepless nights to complete the film," he explains.

Rana Daggubati, who plays the antagonist in the film, also calls it a tough shoot. Action choreographer Peter Hein brought five men from Vietnam, who trained us in different forms of martial arts for six months in Hyderabad. We also trained in horse and chariot riding and the use of Indian weapons. In the beginning, one is in awe of the big sets and the grand visuals. At one point, I wanted to quit. Shooting the war scenes was torture.

Karan Johar launches trailer of 'Bahubali-The Beginning'

A shot in one of the songs required me to jump from a hill into a waterfall! The shot alone required 25 days of shooting since we had to train for rock climbing.

karan johar baahubali success meet

For a few days I was contemplating on quitting but somehow I gathered my courage," he says with a smile. The fear of failure also crossed his mind. No one can guarantee a success.

karan johar baahubali success meet

But I feel if I have to fail, I would do it by trying rather than not trying at all. His grandfather was a rich landlord. His father was also a landlord before he joined films.

It owes this grand success to many elements. The first and foremost reason is the aggressive promotion that preceded the film's release. The film took almost two years to hit the screens, but the production house made sure that people were updated with the development of the film. This escalated the expectations, and the purpose was served once the film was released.

Karan Johar in a celebratory mood post Baahubali 2 success

One another important factor that contributed to the success of Baahubali is the reputation of its director, SS Rajamouli. His films have always been a visual treat for the audience.

karan johar baahubali success meet

With his unearthly imagination, he turns a simple storyline grandiose. Without a doubt, his name has made a huge difference to the box office collections. In the realm of war films and serials like The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, Baahubali finally gave the Indian audience an opportunity to enjoy a similar genre in their own languages. The filmmakers have made an honest attempt to reach up to the level of these Hollywood products.

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For example, Madan Karki developed a new language for the Kalakaye tribe in the film. These extra miles treaded by the crew have indeed been fruitful. A whopping Rs crore at the box office in a week for Baahubali The film shed its 'Telugu film' tag by getting a direct release in four different languages - Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malyalam.

In north India, for example, Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar was roped in as a producer for Baahubali. This was a clever move from the filmmakers' side, since Baahubali could have failed to explore its potential had it been only a Telugu film. Even Endhiran, directed by Shankar, which involved Hollywood technicians, couldn't pull off the quality of graphics that Baahubali did. The last 45 minutes of the film are a visual treat to the audience.