Jobs help you meet people

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jobs help you meet people

10 Jobs That Will Help you Meet New People. Category: Finding a date. by kalyani Having a high-pressure job is hardly good news for your social life – you. Office is where there is a very high chance that you may meet people of the same The time you both spend together will help you explore each other. If things. What jobs can gorgeous girls take on to maximize their chances to meet and marry rich . I'd start a pool blog as well, this will help you appear to be an expert. For the most part, people don't get rich by being foolish with their money*, or stay.

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Psychology There are numerous types of psychology careers, many of which involve helping people. Some are in healthcare: Other careers include educational psychology helping children who are struggling to learn and forensic psychology working with prisons to reduce offending.

Alternative careers in healthcare There are lots of other careers in healthcare besides being a nurse, doctor or psychologist. For example, you could work in audiology treating hearing and balance problemsradiotherapy and oncology treating canceroptometry treating the visual system or podiatry treating feet and lower limbs. Or how about a career as a paramedic, physiotherapist, midwife or pharmacist?

jobs help you meet people

Read up on the degrees that lead to these careers. Social work Social workers work with individuals and families who need some support.

10 Jobs That Will Help you Meet New People

They can help elderly people, adults with mental health issues or adults with learning difficulties to live as independently as possible. They can work with children in care or families in which there are child protection concerns, or manage fostering and adoption processes.

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Or they can work with offenders. Social workers need a degree and are involved in activities such as conducting assessments, organising packages of support or referrals to other services, and liaising with other professionals such as doctors and teachers. Non-graduate jobs can involve providing hands-on support with tasks such as cooking, washing and dressing.

Find out more about social work and related jobs.

jobs help you meet people

Emergency services Tempted to join the police, ambulance service or fire and rescue service? In many roles you can serve your community while getting out and about and being physically active.

You could also consider a career in emergency planning, which involves devising plans for how to protect the public against threats such as terrorist attacks and severe weather.

jobs help you meet people

Read up on emergency services careers and how to get into them. Public service There are many jobs in central government, local government and government agencies.

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All of these involve working for the good of the country and its citizens. Your work could affect thousands or millions of people — though you might not meet them personally.

Find out more about public service jobs and employers. Those working in the news media must be prepared to ask probing and sometimes unwelcome questions of celebrities. People in the media also must maintain a professional demeanor and maintain an unbiased view of the celebrities they interview.

Advertising Executives Some companies turn to celebrities to sell products. Advertising executives hire celebrities and then produce TV, radio, Internet and print ads for the products.

I want a career helping people – what are my options?

These executives frequently work closely with the celebrities and sometimes receive perks. Ad executives for radio stations often receive free tickets to concerts and sporting events promoted on their stations. Ad execs also sometimes receive free products from the companies sponsoring the celebrity advertising. Ad executives also have the opportunity to choose the celebrities they feel are best for certain promotions.

Hospitality Workers Trendy hotels, restaurants and resorts often cater to celebrity clientele. Landing a job in one of these establishments can afford you an opportunity to rub shoulders with the stars.