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By Admin on 10/04/ on Feature Cars, Meets, Parties Those who purchased a deluxe ticket scored a film poster and shirt, limited edition decals and. Jun 5, The post Grateful Dead Details 'Meet-Up At The Movies' appeared Lockn' Festival; Pre-Order; The Beautiful Game; Vulfpeck; ; Shaky Knees Music Festival; Brisbane; Brisbane Entertainment .. The Lawrence Arms; The Mighty Mighty Bosstones; Drug References; Japanese Cowboy. Catch up with new friends with the Brisbane Movie Club!This is a friendly group who meet regularly to enjoy the movies. We have a number of regular hosts - so.

These guys have had no sleep since arriving in Australia. Now the next problem, no ECU maps for this new computer. Need to re-tune, but how with no dyno? They eventually did make it out on track, but the car was in limp mode with a 6k rev limiter. All they could do was try and gather any data possible. A very unfortunate situation for a bunch of great guys who traveled all the way from America… All because they LOVE time attack!

Film Meetups in Brisbane

We hope to see them next year. It ticks all the boxes for a cool car! There was also Formula Drift to run after the time attack event for the first time. It was nice to see the Liberty Walk creations in person. Many high-end customers buy supercars for status, but giving such luxury an edge is where Kato finds his purpose for Liberty Walk. It has that cool speed racer feel. EG with a longitudinally mounted SR20?! Lets go back in time… Over the 2 days, competitors were divided into 5 classes.

Warming up the engine… that quad rotor sound! Changing spark plugs after warming up the engine. Rotary race engines require different heat range plugs to warm up vs race! These are the warm up plugs.

Mazda entered 4 cars into the Le Mans. This actual car finished 9th in the race! Especially with that beautiful 4 rotor engine behind you? Many people choose to help out and become a volunteer official. Best seats in the house. Thumbs up to these guys next time you see them!

Downshift JDM Meet - October

I saw many Japanese teams living off these cup-ramen noodles. The last part of the day which is the most exciting part of the time attack challenge is the Superlap Shootouts! The Superlap shootouts are ten minutes sessions where the top five cars in each class get one final opportunity to lay down their fastest lap of the competition.

Starts off with Clubsprint cars then Finishes off in the Pro Class. I saw a few girls get behind the wheels, and one was drifting down the straight! Bring on more female drivers. I grew up around Hondas and have always had a soft spot for them.

The guys netted a personal best and a competitive 1: Not knowing what it was capable of, it has surpassed all expectations to the team at JDM Yard! Unfortunately they suffered a mechanical failure during their second session on the final day, but they will be back in bigger, lighter, faster and all guns blazing.

Benny finished 5th in class with a lap time of 1: This makes it the Fastest FWD car in the whole competition! Not bad for a Honda! He has even re-positioned the drivers seat to get an even weight distribution. Varun of Motorsport in the centre.

Having dramas on Friday with the undertray of the car, but the guys were able to fix it overnight to have Rob competing again on Saturday. Rob missed the podium by 0. Keep an eye on the Mighty Mouse in !

The win also gave them free Yokohama tyres support for the whole weekend! Wayne Sutton AUS The Sutton brothers are known as much for their impeccable vehicle preparation as they are for their insanely fast lap times and for this reason they have a huge following within the Silvia community.

This has to be up there for best looking time attack cars! They achieved 2nd place with a lap time of 1: It has undergone lots of development since last year.

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Who would have thought the passionate RWB family and community would grow so unexpectedly large? Australia now has two new glorious gifts; Chigiri The Promisewhich was featured in our article on the reveal last year and Kodachi Small Sword. The appraisable journey and story behind Southern Cross plays its role as the highlight of the film. It strongly portrays his determination to care for his cars and keep their sentimental value alive.

The movie opens with SoCro leisurely cruising through the mountains of Falls Creek in the midst of a foggy morning, accompanied with the perfect, ambient custom soundtrack and the roars of the as Chern pushes it through the hills. The second part of the film focuses on the process and works of building such car and how the relationships between Nakai and his clients are formed.

RWB Film Premiere | Downshift

All attention was paid to detail, and the cinematic quality had drawn me closer to feel as if I was part of the family and privileged to have viewed such film, which is a commendable effort for an especially small team. The movie taught us that a car is more than just a form of transportation when commitment is put in to create a piece of art at your own hands.

It taught us the loyalty and bonding that becomes involved in these projects. It was definitely a head turner, adopting the theme of Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat — a pretty cool addition to the event!