Jdm car meet wallpaper designs

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jdm car meet wallpaper designs

Acura Nsx, Jdm Cars, Car Wallpapers, Honda Civic, Automotive Design, Script Typeface, City Car, Sport Cars, Concept Cars . Meet your Posher, Denny. The car is a C33 chassis Nissan Laurel owned by Roch Mirandette, and it .. But I'll be damned if I have a Laurel as my desktop wallpaper!. 20 JDM Concept Cars That Were Way Better Than What We Got Swept back headlights are becoming a distinct trend in car designs as of late and rightfully so, they are fashionable via car hd wallpapers The best of Japan meets flamboyant Italian styling is definitely a gimmick worth taking a look at.

Modern styling and a more aggressive look would surely help any model to be more appealing to any potential buyer. If the Japanese car maker was feeling more extravagant, they could have even dropped in their brand new FA20 turbocharged engine for that extra oomph.


Unluckily, all we got was a more family-oriented station wagon and a crossover inclined to be a daily driver instead of a full-fledged all-wheel-drive monster for the loose gravel. It would have been complete with an all-wheel-drive system and horses that would compete with the Porsche or the Nissan GT-R.

jdm car meet wallpaper designs

Sadly, the hybrid never got a foothold since the brand was struggling to make ends meet in the car market especially after the economic crisis right around that time. A new iteration of the Evolution might not be what the company needs right now but it is what the people want therefore it is what the people should get, preferably in the near future. Mitsubishi better straighten up their act.

20 JDM Concept Cars That Were Way Better Than What We Got

Although the FT-HS never got to the assembly line, some of its styling cues are quite pronounced in the GT and lives on as a distant dream of ours.

Even though hybrids were a fairly new technology that car makers began to tap into, the one that was shown back in had a lot of potential and onlookers were hooked. The Prius concept car revealed at featured a rather chic interior fit for a nondescript vegan who would lash out at someone eating meat in public. Its electric motor was efficient and had more environmentally friendly emissions compared to any gasoline-powered engine as expected. Luckily, while I was dorking around on the other side of the parking lot, Pedey managed to capture it on video.

And then, I saw it: As another car pulled into the parking area off the expressway and shone its headlights, the mystery machine was lit up for me to photograph in all its Kaido Racer-style glory.

jdm car meet wallpaper designs

The original body lines of the car were almost unidentifiable, but I could roughly recognise a GX71 Chaser somewhere underneath the alien panels.

And I was obsessed with it.

jdm car meet wallpaper designs

Trust me, events like this are worth it! All track days in Japan seem to have such a happy and relaxed vibe about them, and the idlers Games day is no different. This year there was a certain air of excitement floating about, as for the first time they were running a drift class amongst the grip sessions.

Watching 10 cars manji down this middle section then drift in tandem around the corner all together put a huge smile on my face!

One of the cars laying down the most rubber was this little NB MX-5, which put an even bigger smile on my face. As I watched the cars drifting past in my sleep-deprived state, I started to daze off into a daydream where I stayed in Japan forever, bought a JZX and became a badass girl drifter.

For some people though, this is actually is their life. He actually spends hours underneath a railway bridge in his designated public parking space, working on his car into the wee hours of the morning. I seriously have so much admiration for his dedication to his passion.

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We hung out with Toby quite a bit during our trip, and that following weekend he drove us to Honjo Circuit so that we could check out The Drift Muscle event taking place there. This was my first time visiting Honjo Circuit.

Honjo is a small, tight track, and it has some serious lumps and bumps which made for some fantastic spectating. See what I mean? After the main battles ended, each team went out and took turns doing tandem runs. The way they drifted so closely in unison was almost mesmerising. Before we knew it, at least an hour of conversation had past as we shared photos and started comparing engine bays.

jdm car meet wallpaper designs

We all exchanged stickers and the owner and his girlfriend invited Toby out their next touge trip. Remember what I was saying about not having friends in Japan? But there was one particular area of the Japanese scene that my adventure still seemed lacking in: Budget be damned, we decided to book a rental car and get up at 4: I have to force myself not to think about how much we ended up paying in road tolls that day, but put it this way — it was more than twice the cost of the rental car itself!

We drove past endless rice paddy fields, picturesque rolling hills and gorgeous mountains before we reached a tiny township deep within the Shiga Prefecture.

Eventually we started seeing other cars like this Hakosuka sedan, and we knew that we were in the right place. Car after car rolled in; Skylines, Laurels, Fairladys and Celicas, as well as every vintage wheel you could ever dream of. It was too much for me! I seriously thought I might pass out, but luckily there were plenty of vending machines yes, in the middle of the countryside to keep me hydrated. Talking to some of these people and seeing these incredible machines in real life gave me a whole new sense of respect for this nostalgic tuning culture, and it strangely made me appreciate my Datsun even more.