Is it possible to meet a celebrity

What NOT to do when you meet your favorite celebrity | Revelist

is it possible to meet a celebrity

Glamour, good looks and a glitzy lifestyle – dating a celebrity is about all this and If you are looking to date a celebrity, it is not enough to be able to meet them. How to Meet a Celebrity. Many people dream of meeting their favorite celebrity. Some people have whole websites and social media accounts dedicated to their . Now, why would you want to meet celebrities you may ask; the truth is that to your target as possible and never miss a chance to start a conversation or go.

What NOT to do when you meet your favorite celebrity

One of the easiest ways to meet celebrities is to network yourself. Eventually, you will meet someone who knows a celebrity. In my case, I was able to become family friends with someone who works closely with Kristin Chenoweth.

New York City is one of the best places to meet celebrities.

is it possible to meet a celebrity

Often celebrities will come to promote their latest business venture. Think for a second about how many celebrities come out with new television shows, books, fragrances, clothing lines, and more. If you live in New York City and say that you never see celebrities, then you are either lying or too pretentious to care about them.

Celebrities are always looking to promote themselves. It is often hard to get a picture with a celebrity at a book signing, especially if the celebrity has a large fanbase. Some book signings may require you to camp out. It all depends on who the celebrity is. For the Jane Lynch book signing, I waited three hours.

How To Meet The “Celebrity Crush” Of Your Dreams

The best site to use for this is Celebrity Book Signings and Events. A free way to meet celebrities is to go to a television or movie filming. Some days, you will randomly come across a filming in the city. There are so many filmings in the city that it is so easy to meet a celebrity if you have the patience to wait outside their trailer.

For movie and television filmings, the best site to use is On Location Vacations. If you are asking for signatures, ask the celebrities to personalize it. By personalizing it, celebrities automatically recognize that you will not be selling it on the Internet.

Personalization may also increase your chances of getting something signed. There are also events that allow you to meet multiple celebrities, such as movie premieres and award shows. Society expects a lot from famous people and they know that they have to live up to some certain standards.

This is why most of them spare no costs in order to look good and use the most glamorous things. Helps with self Improvement-: Relating with wealthy people can also boost your morale and make propel you to work harder. You can also learn one or two success secrets from them. Now, how do you connect with them? There must be something interesting about you-: Celebrities meet a lot of people every day; they get stalked and are even followed around by the Paparazzi which makes some of them want to avoid meeting people personally.

Hence, if you want them to take any notice of you, you must bring forward your A-game. You must have something to show off, to proof why you are someone worth meeting. If you currently have a boring wardrobe and a poor sense of dressing; then you should probably focus on changing that first before you start working on meeting famous people. You must always dress to impress and have good taste in clothes and fashion accessories if you are really serious about meeting famous people.

If you can afford designer wears, beautiful!

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You must be ready to spend some money too. That way when you do get up close and the nerves kick in, you'll have a blueprint to follow. Like, sure, you loved Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy, but if you tell him how much his performance in 'Belle' impressed you, I guarantee you'll see his face light up and get some new stories about him. For that, Maggs suggests doing a bit of online research ahead of time, and then deciding how to pose with your favorite according to how game they've been to pose with other fans in the past.

Carrie Fisher, for example, is very game. Touch them without asking. There are people everywhere at conventions, moving as slowly as possible and accidentally bumping into each other, and it's enough to make anybody anxious about germs or even stampedes. Add to that being in a situation where you're required to have one-on-one time with a thousand people who all enjoy your work, and having a whole lot of hands and torsos coming at you for hugs and handshakes can be an incredibly stressful experience.

A lot of celebrities have no-touching policies for that exact reason, but even when they don't, it's generally polite to wait until the other person initiates physical contact.

is it possible to meet a celebrity

If they don't and you're really craving some human touch, you can ask them if it would be alright. Don't get annoyed if they say no, though.

Expect them to be the same kind of nerd as you are. Some celebs are super huge fans of the thing they're in — if you happen to ask Ben Affleck what his favorite Batman comic is, for example, he might actually have an answer for you. But not everybody's like that, and certainly not everybody's required to be.

Imagine if people insisted you should know everything about the history of "Star Wars" because you own a Darth Vader t-shirt, except all the time and even when you aren't wearing that shirt.

It's kind of like that. Plus, you might actually end up spoiling the person on the very thing they're starring in.

What Not To Do If You Meet A Celebrity

And I said, 'Oh do I? Better to not even go there. Get pissed off when they want you to pay for things. SebastianStan is a funny guy. They walked him into the wrong booth lol WizardWorld pic. Others prefer to charge an autograph fee; still others participate in photo sessions at conventions, which also usually cost money.

And some go back and forth between all of these different options, because people are complex and don't do the same thing every time you see them. What a world, huh? In theory it sucks that you can't just walk up to all your faves and start up a conversation without paying for something first, but it's also important to remember that a lot of talent — especially geekier talent who go to a lot of cons and don't make as much money as superhero movie A-listers — are charging to offset the costs of being at conventions in the fist place.