How to meet people at a networking event

How to Network: 17 Easy Networking Tips You Haven't Heard Before

how to meet people at a networking event

Many people forget to think about networking as work-related, scheduled When meeting new people at an event, what can you talk about?. Instead of jumping into the conference hall at Midem right off the bat, start out visiting a local event and meeting people there. The more you get. The kinds of people you need to meet don't attend networking events. Their opportunity cost is too high. They are Very Busy People. They're executives.

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When people walk into an event you have to give them time to breathe! Instinctively, when we are in a new place around new people we want two things: Nourishment typically a drink or food and to survey the room. Anyone you pounce on right as they enter only will be thinking about getting something from the bar, loading up a plate or trying to check out the room surreptitiously over your head.

The best place to stand is right where people leave when exiting the bar. This way, they have a drink in their hand and they are ready to mingle. Treasure Lines Never pass up the opportunity to meet someone while standing in line. It is the easiest, non-awkward way to meet the person in front of and possibly even behind you. If you need help thinking of something to say, check out our killer conversation starters.

And I do it using body language. My favorite move is the head tilt. This makes you more charismatic.

how to meet people at a networking event

Be a Business Card Master Two problems always happen with business cards at networking events. First, awkwardly searching for your business card when someone asks for it. Avoid having to dig through your purse or wallet to find a business card or losing the ones you get by using my system—right pocket: Is your business card boring? Read our guide on making your business cards rock.

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The Name Association Trick Remembering names can be a nightmare, especially when you have met someone multiple times! I am going to show you how to never forget a name again. In the first session, each participant took a face recall test to establish their baseline ability. In the following sessions, each participant was taught a memory strategy. After only a month, the participants significantly improved their recall ability, some up to 69 percent!

Attach a visual cue to a unique facial or body feature. Here is an example: This is my friend Lacy. If I met her at a party, I would think her hair looks just like an Ace with the pointed A top. It also will help improve your creativity! Diversify Humans are social creatures.

We thrive by helping each other grow. Nearly everything you accomplish is a result of the people you spend time with. From sharing information about new opportunities to playing an influential role in your personal development, your network — every person you know — is there supporting you along the way. This is why building relationships is such an important skill. Every person you meet is a vault containing a wealth of insight, knowledge and experience.

As you get to know people, you get to share that wealth and use it to make your own life richer and more successful. This is why having a large, diverse network is critical to success. But, how do you build one? Pick a tangential niche. Think about the circles you frequent — are there any tangential circles? For example, when I first moved to Portland, Oregon, I joined every entrepreneur group in town. Very quickly, I met the community and stopped growing my relationships because the same amazing people kept showing up.

I thought about what circles could be close to entrepreneurs, but not the same. I tried travel groups next. Entrepreneurs often travel since they can work virtually, and I got to meet new entrepreneurs as well as fascinating individuals who travel the world.

5 Tips to Introduce Yourself and Meet People At Events

Not only is this a great strategy to meet people outside of your social circle, it also saves you time. Rather than trying to connect with an entire group of individuals, you can focus on one or two key people and get to know the rest later. This is not as good, because if you start speaking to someone with a full plate of food, it is hard to shake hands and all they want to do is eat!

Instead of standing where people exit the food station, you can stand at cocktail tables or seat yourself at tables where people eat. This is much easier because people can put their plate down and chat as they eat casually. Plus, studies show that breaking bread with someone builds rapport faster than just talking.

Once you help someone, you instantly become more likable because you relieved some of their stress and added value to their life. You also can help others by harnessing your curiosity.

This is one of my favorite tips for being more social. What motivates this person? What is important to them? What do they love to talk about? What shuts them down or closes them off? What do they value?

how to meet people at a networking event

Make it your goal to answer these questions about every person you are speaking with to give yourself a social mission. Before you know it, the person will find you fascinating, even though you have been trying to learn about them!

How to Network: 17 Easy Networking Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

Learn the Science of Sparkling Conversation It can be hard to drum up conversation with a stranger. The First Five Minutes: This is your first impression and when you decide if someone is worth getting to know. It can happen professionally, romantically or socially. The First Five Hours: Once you have made it past the first level, you get to have a first meeting, first phone call or first date.

This is when you move past first impressions into rapport building. The First Five Days: This is the final level. You want people in this level who you would be happy to accompany on a weekend road trip. Networking is critical to most professional careers. If you're in a sales or business development role, networking is central to your ability to develop relationships and leads. But even if your primary responsibility is not lead generation, networking will have a significant impact on your success.

Networks give you access to information, resources, knowledge, and most importantly, talent. One of the best ways to find candidates for open positions is your professional network. And when you need freelancers or service providers, your network can provide you with names and recommendations.

There are many ways to network, but the most common and often most productive is the tried and true networking event. This could be a one off event some evening after work or a cocktail hour at a longer conference or industry gathering. Either way, these types of situations provide a good opportunity to meet many people in a short amount of time, if you approach it correctly.

how to meet people at a networking event

Here are the strategies I've developed over the years and the ones I coach my clients on when they want to make the most of an event. Set a specific goal to achieve.

how to meet people at a networking event

As an introvert, I don't naturally work a room. I'd rather find someone interesting and sit in the corner and talk. To motivate me, I set a reasonable goal to kick start me into meeting people.

It could be as simple collecting 20 business cards or meeting three of the speakers. The goal gives me purpose and helps me make decisions and take actions.

how to meet people at a networking event

Prepare yourself mentally and physically. I suggest that introverted people prepare both mentally and physically for the event.

If I've been at work or conference proceeding all day and then head straight to a happy hour, I run out of steam quickly. Instead, I'll sneak in a workout, go for a long walk, or just find a quiet corner and grab some down time. By "pre-charging" for big social events, I give myself the energy I need to be successful at them. Have a few opening lines ready. Starting a conversation can be difficult in many social situations. Fortunately, events come with some context that make openings a little easier to develop.