How did blair underwood meet his wife

TCC: Blair Underwood reconnects with his African ancestors.

how did blair underwood meet his wife

Blair Underwood & Desiree DaCosta married: 17 Sep pictured with sons Paris Judge Mathis with wife and children Star Family, Family First, We Are Family. The hardest-working man in TV dishes about his three cool roles, marriage and being hot Blair Underwood: I see him as a chocolate Richard Branson because of his incredible . How did you and your wife, Desiree, meet?. How Dirty Sexy Money star Blair Underwood learned to really listen to his wife. What did it mean to be her significant other? That night, I understood that it.

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Another great-great-great grandfather he found out was born a free African American in the early 's and actually owned two slaves that the historian helping him thought were the parents of the free black man. The Final Fridaybut dropped out at the last minute due to personal reasons. LeMay ultimately played the role. Personal Quotes 1 It's so easy to sell your soul or sell out or cop out, and what it really comes down to is choices.

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If you have some kind of game plan, or at least a faith in your ability, it doesn't matter if this town validates you or not because you're already validated by your gifts.

I just try to stay focused on what I have to offer.

how did blair underwood meet his wife

Which of your old jobs are you surprised that people keep bringing up? By far Krush Groove. It was a big deal for me. And everyone who was around me was huge. Plus you got to make out with Sheila E.

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It's a hard job, but somebody's got to do it! You're an eligible bachelor on all your shows, but in real life you've been married for 13 years. How did you and your wife, Desiree, meet? We met at an after-party at a club out here called It was the premiere of The Five Heartbeats. Remember that movie with Robert Townsend? And we closed down the club. I got her number and we hooked up a week later. Our first date was April 7, And we've been together ever since.

Since you two got married, you've ended up on all kinds of hottest and sexiest lists. How do the accolades affect your relationship? It's not even an issue, really. In fact, she finds humor in it all around. Neither one of us takes it too seriously.

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Because she's seen you with sleep in your eye? They really can't see a lot of what I do. Wednesday nights, Dirty Sexy Money comes on and I don't even know if they know it's on. But in terms of that other thing, they don't quite get it and they find it odd. I took her to the Hannah Montana concert and it was insane.

So they have people that they like. And the youngest goes to Disneyland to see Mickey Mouse. I try to put it in a certain context for them. And they're like, "Well, whatever.

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Blair Underwood's trip to Africa video: Blair's father is a retired army colonel who was in the service for 27 years. His grandfather was also a trailblazer by becoming the second African-American police officer in Steubenville, Ohio.

how did blair underwood meet his wife

Blair starts his journey at his parent's house in Petersburg, Virginia, where his brother Frank Jr. African Americans tend to hit that brick wall about years ago because records for slaves were never kept.

how did blair underwood meet his wife

Blair takes an Ancestry. Having just learned his great-great-grandfather Sonny Early was in a mental intuition at the age of 78, Blair looks at previous census records to find out how he might have ended up there. The census from shows that Sonny Early was a farmer and had not yet been sent to the institution.

Stepping back 10 more years toBlair finds that Sonny worked as a blacksmith. Joseph Shumway attempts to analyze the census to find more information, but before the Emancipation of Slavery inslaves were not listed by name in any census, only by number as property of their owner. Thus creating "the wall" Blair's brother warned him about. To learn more about why Sonny went from a skilled blacksmith to a mental institution at the end of his life, Blair meets with Dr.

Fountain searches an old newspaper database from to see if he was listed in any local papers. They find an article that calls Sonny a "pestiferous darky who claims to be the second Jesus.

Fountain finds another article that describes Sonny as a religious zealot and someone who survived a gunshot to his jaw.