Horton invitational gymnastics meet 2011

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horton invitational gymnastics meet 2011

Gymnastics Etc. is proud to participate in and host the Crossroads Classic/Horton Invitational, Illinois Level 3 State Championships and the Region 5 Level 7 & 8. - Gymnastics Etc. - Awesome large meet venue. All athletes receive a t-shirt. Horton Invitational Gymnastics Meet. , Illinois Level 8, 9 & 10 State Meet, 21, Gymnastics Etc Clinic/meet. , Horton Invitational,

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Visa is the preferred method of payment. To learn more and order this package, visit www. In accordance with the World Cup regulations, the gymnasts were invited based on performances at the World Championships. The Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup, which features 36 of the country's rising young gymnasts, will be staged on March 4 at 7 p. Regular-priced tickets may be purchased through Ticketmaster by phone at ; online at www.

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Jacksonville hosted the all-around invitational in when Olympic balance beam gold-medalist Shawn Johnson and Horton won the women's and men's titles, respectively. Championships and the and U. The list of former American Cup all-around gold medalists includes many of the best-known and loved names in gymnastics: The American Cup was first held in New York City,; Ft.

Worth Texas; Indianapolis, Ind.

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T is a premier communications holding company. The company's suite of IP-based business communications services is one of the most advanced in the world. For more information, please visit www. Miller is the most decorated American gymnast, male or female, in history, having won more Olympic and World Championship medals than any other American gymnast. She has earned seven Olympic medals and nine World Championships medals since her elite international debut in Her tally of five medals two silver, three bronze at the Olympic Games was the most medals won by a U.

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You can renew within a year, you send new coaches for a certification and you can renew expired members.

horton invitational gymnastics meet 2011

Please register online as this is the only course being held in Vermont this year we are limited and there must be minimum of 10 registrants. Gym owners, please pass onto your staff.

Since there is a minimum required, do not wait to register at the site, actually, that may soon be discontinued. Any questions, call to know how much to pay etc. If not a member, it may be easier to call. All other members can register online.

horton invitational gymnastics meet 2011

You may have to set up your profile page with a new password. Do not delay, tomorrow is August 1st. Also, all judges, bring a photo copy of your USA membership card to the clinic, I must have those to assign. Gym owners who are coming to the clinic, if you have your meet dates, bring your request for judges and check books so we can begin!!!

Safety Course at Northern Lights on Sat. We need 10 to have the safety course so don't snooze and register now. An oops, all Vermont High school coaches and Jr.

My National Governing Board meetings had soooooo much information and updates to share with all of you.