Home alone 2 airport scene meet

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home alone 2 airport scene meet

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and Home Alone 3 hit theaters in the next few years, Add to that the cost of all that food, the car ride from the airport to the hotel, and During the rehearsals for a scene where Harry hangs Kevin on a coat hook and . The two had a second meeting, which went no better. The Frustrating Geographical Inaccuracy of 'Home Alone 2: Lost In New from Queens — is accurate, the airport is nowhere near this close to. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is a American Christmas family comedy which Kevin tape records with his Talkboy, before goosing the lady Marv met the day . The scene where the McCallisters are at Miami International Airport was.

At the airport, the exterior shot of the plane flown to New York is shown as a Boeingwhich, unlike the serieslacks a middle door. When Kevin enters the plane, it is clearly a Boeingevidenced by its single aisle and the door between first class and coach through which he entered, which even then magically becomes an Airbus A cabin with the different overhead bin designs that did not exist on Boeing aircraft at the time.

American has also never flown s or As between Chicago and LaGuardia. When Kate gets up to yell at Kevin at the stalled Christmas pageant, she and Peter get up together, but in the next shot only Kate rises to yell Kevin's name. In a long shot of the house the morning the family leaves, there is no bronze statue near the front doorsteps.

But when the vans arrive, the second one hits the bronze statue near the doorsteps, which was not there in the previous shot. In the long shot of Kevin riding in the taxi on the Queensboro Bridge he is wearing gloves, but in the close-up, he is not. When Kevin wants to go home, he quickly grabs a few cookies from the cabinet to take with him.

Then he throws them onto the bed close together; in the next shot, they are spaced out. When Kevin throws four bricks at Marv, they are shown landing on the sidewalk. Later when Marv gets up, three of them are in the street. The bag of stolen money changes moves between shots when Marv is getting hit by the bricks. When Marv pulls the front door knob and the knob comes loose with several feet of string attached to it.

He pulls it tightly with his back against the door and we hear the first staple shot. It's impossible for Marv to do a degree turn and not hear the second shot.

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Just before sliding into the shelves of paint, Marv leaves several footprints in the green goo. As he slides on the floor, the goo is undisturbed except for Marv's hand prints. At the top of the stairs, the tool chest wheels two fixed and two rotating are all facing sideways. Before it falls, all the wheels including the fixed wheels are facing forward.

After Cedric collides with Hector and Stone while chasing Kevin, a side-on shot shows him starting to get up, but a moment later he is lying on the floor unconscious. Kevin climbs the ladder, it shows a backward "L" cut section, when Harry climbs the ladder, it shows a upright "L" cut section.

The limousine driver's accent appears to change from English to New York in-between scenes. When Kevin lights the rope on fire, he turns to run away and a crew member is visible through the window. When Harry and Marv run out of the toy store's broken window,near the end of the movie, there are several shots of them where you can see into the store behind them.

In one of these shots, you can see a person's left shoulder move behind a display on the left side of the screen the person is wearing a heavy green jacket. Orange wire visible for 2 or 3 frames, when Harry falls onto the car. Lighting equipment can be seen on one of the car's windows.

The Frustrating Geographical Inaccuracy of ‘Home Alone 2: Lost In New York’

You cannot see that view of the city from that airport. When Kevin arrives at LaGuardia airport he arrives at gate G6. When Kevin gets in the limo at the Plaza Hotel, he asks the driver if he knows of any good toy stores, and he's driven to Duncan's Toy Chest. However, the Plaza Hotel is directly across the street from FAO Schwarz on which Duncan's Toy Chest was basedso Kevin need only look outside and wouldn't have had to be driven anywhere.

When Kevin goes swimming at the Plaza, it is a different hotel. The Plaza Hotel doesn't have a swimming pool. Kevin claims there is no Christmas trees in Florida, which is not true.

home alone 2 airport scene meet

Buzz is in the 11th grade, Kevin the 7th. There is no way that Buzz would be in the same school at the same time as Kevin.

Buzz would be in high school while Kevin would be in Junior high. Thus, there's no way Buzz would be in the same Christmas play as Kevin. When Kevin takes a picture of the criminals robbing the toy store, his pictures were clear at the end of the film. That type of camera has an instant flash, and would have made a blinding reflection off the toy shop window, revealing nothing in the finished picture other than a flash of light with a black background - not a clear picture of the crooks.

When Kevin followed a man thinking it was his dad, a flight attendant lets him into the plane asking if that man was his dad. In reality, the flight attendant wouldn't let a minor on the plane with someone they don't know very well as they would have to suggest to wait for his parents to get him. Therefore, he wouldn't have been able to travel to New York. When running through the airport, a Marine in uniform walks by in the background.

The Marine is in service alphas with enlisted rank on his sleeve, his cover has a quatrefoil on it, a uniform piece worn only by officers. Instead, Kate should have to check all children in, with their passports, and then give everyone their boarding passes.

When Kevin goes to the front desk to check in, the desk clerk takes Peter's credit card. By regular standards, the clerk should have asked for some form of I.

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Kevin is seen buying fireworks in Chinatown when he first arrives in New York City. It is illegal to buy or sell fireworks in the state of New York, but when this movie was made, that law was not enforced in Chinatown and it was easy to find vendors there selling fireworks illegally while the police looked the other way. In the original Home Alone, Kevin's cousin counts heads and there are 15 people between the two families. In "Home Alone 2" there are only 14 boarding passes between the two families.

However, in the first movie the McCallisters travel to Paris to drop off Heather, with her parents. Therefore in the second film it is implied that Heather is in Paris during the events that take place in this film.

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When the thieves are crossing the street and bump into a lady, Marv says: However Marv is an idiot and it's completely in character for him to make that mistake. When Kevin is in the park with the pigeon woman, he asks her if she interested in joining him in a cup of hot chocolate, which he offers to buy and treat her to. How can he do this? The Concierge back at the Plaza Hotel took not only his Dad's credit card, but also the envelope of cash.

After tracking the whereabouts of the credit card, they fly to New York. Meanwhile, Kevin goes to his uncle Rob's townhouse, only to find the house vacant and undergoing renovations while Rob and his family are still in Paris.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

At Central Park, he encounters and befriends the pigeon lady. They go to Carnegie Hallwhere the pigeon lady explains how her life collapsed when her lover left her.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Kevin encourages her to trust people again, and promises to be her friend; he also confides in her that he believes that he does not deserve Christmas due to his misbehavior. As he leaves, she suggests that he perform a good deed to make up for the bad ones. After seeing a child while passing by the children's hospital, Kevin decides to stop Harry and Marv from robbing the toy store. Kevin returns to the townhouse, rigging it with numerous booby traps.

He arrives at the toy store during Harry and Marv's robbery, takes their picture, and breaks the store's window, setting off the alarm. Kevin then lures the duo to the townhouse, where they spring the traps and suffer various injuries.

While the duo pursues Kevin outside of the townhouse, he calls the policebut Harry and Marv capture him and discuss how they will kill him in Central Park. Before they can shoot him, the pigeon lady incapacitates them. Kevin sets off fireworks to signal the police, who arrest Harry and Marv, finding enough evidence that would ensure their lengthy incarceration.

home alone 2 airport scene meet

The site is currently being rebuilt with six new skyscrapers and a memorial to the casualties of the attacks. The original World Trade Center was designed by Minoru Yamasaki in the early s using a tube-frame structural design for the twin story towers. Groundbreaking for the World Trade Center took place on August 5, Construction of the World Trade Center involved excavating a large amount of material which was used in making Battery Park City on the west side of Lower Manhattan.

The complex was located in the heart of New York City's downtown financial district and contained The Windows on the World restaurant was located on the th and th floors of the North Tower, while the Top of the World observation deck was located on the th floor of the South Tower.

Inthe Port Authority decided to privatize the World Trade Center, leasing the buildings to a private company to manage, and awarded the lease to Silverstein Properties in July On the morning of September 11,Al-Qaeda-affiliated hijackers flew two jets into the complex, one into each tower, in a coordinated suicide attack. After burning for 56 minutes, the South Tower 2 collapsed, followed a half-hour later by the North Tower 1with the attacks on the World Trade Center resulting in 2, deaths.

home alone 2 airport scene meet

The process of cleanup and recovery at the World Trade Center site took eight months.