Harry potter fanfiction marauders meet henderson

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harry potter fanfiction marauders meet henderson

Sirius winced as he ran at the wall between platforms 9 and 10 at King's Cross Station, half-expecting a painful impact. However, he passed. Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own Harry Potter. Everything is P.S. The Favorite Marauder poll is still open. Man, no one Ch Meet the Blacks. Subplots/OCs/all four marauders/drama galore. (Part 2 A/N: This is a sequel to Meet Me with a Smile, starting where it left off. It was the first day of classes after Christmas break, and the halls of Hogwarts were abuzz with enthusiasm. . He noticed how Gloria Henderson and Opal Ross, two of Septima's.

The boy turned quickly, his eyes wide with shock. Sirius tried to keep from laughing at the boy's odd behavior. The boy was even more nervous than Sirius was! Sirius sniffed at his underarm. Sirius wondered why Remus was acting like this.

Perhaps he was like Sirius—maybe he didn't get along with his family either. Maybe he too didn't have any friends.

The boy with messy hair sat down next to Sirius. Remus gave a small "thank you" smile to Sirius. Sirius and Remus both nodded.

harry potter fanfiction marauders meet henderson

Not to brag or anything," he added, ruffling his hair again. James was quite obviously bragging. He didn't want to admit he believed he would be in Slytherin. James turned to Remus, who thought for a moment before answering. Someone knocked quietly on the door to the compartment.

harry potter fanfiction marauders meet henderson

James opened it, revealing a small boy who was fidgeting nervously. Remus gave a sort of little moan that Sirius was sure only he had heard. The little boy had to jump a little to get onto the seat. He bounced up and down nervously. But Peter's calm translated into a silent compartment until the four ordered food from the trolley.

Remus didn't have any money, but Sirius insisted on buying him a few chocolate frogs and licorice wands. Each one kept reading their chocolate frog cards aloud as they ate their candy. He was a wizard imprisoned by non-magical folks for his writings. He was a Minister of Magic way back in …think we'll need to know that for any of our classes? First known creator of the basilisk. It was like having friends," he said quietly, looking at his hands.

Black announced at dinner one day. He knew what that meant. He was going to meet the girl he was supposed to marry for one of the first times. His mother looked at him in angry, obviously hearing him. Regulus was watching intently. Sirius stared down his mother without blinking. He didn't care; soon he would be with his friends. After dinner, this was always a big ordeal, his father asked to meet Sirius in his den. Sirius was curious about this. His father never invited him to his den ever.

One of his first memories of his father is him forbidding him to enter it without permission. He knew it must have been important. That made him nervous. His father pointed at the futon and Sirius took that as a cue to sit down. Sirius looked at him not really sure how to respond. The honest answer was no. He wanted his time at home to be as comfortable as possible, but he didn't plan to do what his parents wanted him to. His father obviously didn't believe him.

To be truthful, he wouldn't be having believed him either. From you behavior I don't gather that," His father said stern. Sirius looked at the ground unable to meet his father's eyes. It's time you start thinking about your future. In the family and career wise" His father said. Sirius relaxed a bit. His father didn't comment on his career choice. Sirius had the distinct impression he disapprove of his plans to become an auror. It is very important that you are courteous to their daughter.

Do you understand me," He asked sternly. Sirius rolled his eyes. For now, he will play by his parents' rules on this. He would wear the stupid dress robes that they made them wear. He would deal with the snobby Greengrasses.

If it meant peace until he was able to leave the house. Your mother got your best dress robes prepared for you. Dinner should be around 6 o'clock tomorrow," His father said. Sirius nodded in understanding.

harry potter fanfiction marauders meet henderson

Sirius was not looking forward tomorrow night. Lying in bed that night. He thought about how one of his best friends James "Prongs" Potter would deal with the situation. A smile came across his face. Reluctantly, Sirius got dressed like a good boy. When his parents weren't looking he put his plan into action.

Which looks like quite the task. James' chair fell back onto all four legs with a loud clack, and he and the other three marauders leant forward simultaneously. Not because they will be on your O.

He didn't even come close. James didn't even have time to throw a smug glance at Avery before Swindal had reached out one of his stubby arms and grabbed him by the shoulder, spinning him around so he was facing the entire class in the very front of the room. She was sitting in the front of course, Severus Snape on one side and Carlee Baker on the other.

harry potter fanfiction marauders meet henderson

You will simply have a fighting chance at surviving when I'm through with you. Do we get a different curriculum for the year? You and your friends may not be in any danger of being physically attacked, the Death Eaters might not want to take your wand and your right to live in the world you grew up in, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that you have no reason to fear the Death Eaters.

Every liberty that is denied to your fellow magical kind, is a liberty that you are in danger of losing. Every wrong that is done to them is echoed throughout the entity that you have called home.

You should be afraid, because of the power that these men have so easily taken without consent. You should be afraid of what else they are capable of, because yes, Mister Wilkes, they are not targeting you today, but what's going to stop them from targeting you tomorrow?

Swindal's mouth twitched and his fingers slowly clenched into a fist. And why do they have that superiority? Wilkes why this is a bad thing? She bit her lip and scrunched up her nose. Where it was the norm to be a Muggle Born, and being from a family of all wizards was strange and different. What if these Death Eaters only wanted to celebrate people who were unique and the first in their bloodline to have magic?

What if they thought that being the first made you more powerful or better at learning magic. What if they were attacking people who came from magical families? If that's what they were doing, everyone would understand how wrong it was.

harry potter fanfiction marauders meet henderson

It wouldn't even be a question of belief, it would just be a simple moral issue. Because you can't punish someone for the way they were born, you can't hold their parentage against them. Who in their right mind, would think that people like you are-" "Kyle," Swindal interrupted him. Though I believe that you are beginning to understand the Muggle borns perspective a bit better.

And then he proceeded to hex him. Lily walked into Transfiguration and took a seat next to James, because they had this class with Ravenclaw, and that meant that Severus wasn't there to make her feel bad about it. It's not as though she had planned to sit next to him either, they were still talking when they went to sit down and sitting next to each other seemed to be the obvious thing to do. She didn't notice Sirius huff a bit as he fell into the chair on the other side of James or the glare that Carlee sent Sirius as she took the chair on the other side of Lily.

The binding had been cracked, but she hadn't looked at it nearly as much as she would have liked to. Maybe if she hadn't seen her Grandmother so much this summer, or if Carlee hadn't been over so much, or if her sister hadn't hidden her things every other week It was pretty impressive. He didn't see the look that Lily threw him. Once again, she missed his huff of frustration.

James however, sitting right in the middle of them, had caught it all. He looked nervously between his best mate and the girl he fancied. Fortunately for everyone, Professor McGonagall was not about to give them time to think about such things.

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Lily noticed that her normally immaculate looking bun had a few strand of hair hanging down, and her cheeks were a bit flushed. When she spoke, she seemed to deflate slightly. She no longer looked intimidating or harsh, but tired and sad. If any of you should ever feel threatened or frightened because of the actions of anyone in this school, I don't want you to hesitate to come and talk to me.

As students of Hogwarts, all of you have a right to feel safe within these walls. And while I may not be able to ensure your safety outside of this castle, I'll be damned if I'll let anything happen to you while you're here. It wasn't until dinner that night that they found out the reason for one of their professors' anger.

James pulled his copy of the Daily Prophet out of his bag and pulled the string that held it all together, tossing it at Peter. James read the headline aloud and then continued on to the article, ignoring the protests of his friends at times and speaking over them at others.

The three men, Tybalt Malfoy, Clarence Flint and Mario Travers have been released and cleared of all charges, including Travers murder charges. The court decided, after months of imprisonment for the three men, that there was not sufficient evidence to keep them detained and, in the words of our Minister there's, "No proof that they did any of the crimes that they are being accused of.

The Aurors have had their fun, running after false leads and keeping them here on technicalities, but it's time for these men to return home to their families. One has to wonder though, was it a mistake?