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The official Track and Field schedule for the Saint John's University University of St. Thomas Logo Hamline University Logo vs Meet of Saints. More Topics. Event Calendar · Crossword Puzzle · Dispatch Sudoku · Her Voice Magazine · Special Issues and Magazines Brainerd hosted two meets in - both at Forestview Middle School in Baxter. April 24, at Hamline Elite meet p.m. June , Class 2A state meet at Hamline University. Photos · Calendar · Shop. More Maple Grove will be hosting the NWSC Track and Field Meet on Video courtesy of CCX Sports Congrats to Crimson Heather Ryan who finished was second at Hamline's Elite Meet in the girls hurdles. Casey is a Maple Grove graduate and a St. John's University.

Although environmental evidence indicates that drought episodes might have begun in the ninth century,they gradually increased in frequency through the eleventh century and generated devastating effects on the late Terminal Classic period civilization.

First, it corroborates the existence of extreme dry environmental conditions during the Terminal Classic period dated between the ninth and eleventh centuries. November- Thomas Garrison Lecture: Friday, November 9,7: Giddens Learning Center E Lecture: Friday, A Contested Landscape: Lidar and the Pervasiveness of Maya Warfare" Recent large-scale lidar acquisitions in the Maya lowlands have revealed unprecedented views of the great cultural impact left upon this ancient landscape.

Perhaps most surprising was the pervasiveness of grandiose features relating to warfare and defense. Common narratives of Maya conflict isolate war as a contributing factor to cultural decline, supported by hasty defense systems detected archaeologically, and also patterns in texts that show increasing enmity prior to societal collapse in the southern lowlands.

Lidar shows that while these interpretations may be accurate, war was omnipresent throughout the time of the Preclassic and Classic Maya and may have at times actually been a catalyst for growth and stability.

The lecture will give a background on remote sensing in Maya archaeology, including my earlier work around San Bartolo and Xultun.


Saturday workshop - November 10,9: Giddens Learning Center 6S Workshop: A Lidar Workshop" Recent sensational news stories about the stunning revelations of the ancient Maya provided by lidar technology have resonated with a global audience interested in past civilizations. In the Maya area, the fervor surrounding lidar has not been seen since the excitement centered on the decipherment of the Maya script that reached its peak in the s.

This workshop will show how lidar technology is a natural progression of a long history of remote sensing applications in the Maya lowlands and will provide participants with an opportunity to engage directly with the lidar data. Friday, October 19,7: The anniversary activities will honor the incredible intellectual legacy of our lecturers, our loyal and engaged membership and students, our collaborative partners and the cultural communities of Minnesota, as well as the work of the past and current leadership.

We are sincerely honored to have David Stuart give the 40th Anniversary lecture. We hope that you will be able to join us. For nearly a century the Great Hieroglyphic Stairway of Copan seemed a tantalizing but hopeless puzzle, but collaborative efforts in the s started the process of its preservation and careful reconstruction. David Stuart has led the effort to decipher its long inscription, and will present the latest results on the reading of its complex stories of ancient Maya dynastic politics, ancestor worship, and warfare in the eight century.

Saturday Lecture - October 20, In this talk I examine the latest historical evidence regarding this transformative event, including new readings that confirm the interpretation of the arrival as a military conquest alongside the establishment a new political order and alliance network with strong Teotihuacan connections. California State University Lecture: Friday, January 26,7: Giddens Learning Center e Controversial History of Chocolate in Mexico The purpose of this talk is to provide an overview of the history of chocolate in Mexico from the pre-columbian times to the present.

I will speak about a few cases of the role played by the cacao or chocolate in the colonial society of Mexico. The cases will show us the continuities of some of the attributions and meanings of the appreciated commodity that Latin America, and particularly Mexico, gave to the world as part of a complex process of transculturation.

The first case deals with the image of a monkey hanging from a cacao tree in a paradisiacal garden. It was painted in about in one of the walls of the cloister of the Augustinian Monastery of Malinalco, by indigenous tlacuilos directed by the monks. The second case of study is the analysis of a manuscript entitled Acerca del Chocolate, which is a treatise that discusses whether the chocolate breaks the ecclesiastical fast.

It is attributed to an anonymous Spanish Carmelite theologian friar writing in Rome, Italy about the issue, in response to the inquiry of either a Monsignor or a Bishop living in Mexico, approximately in Saturday workshop - January 27,9: A Survival of the Mesoamerican Game Ulama, the distinctively Mesoamerican ballgame, has a history dating back years. The game was such an integral part of the society, that nearly ballcourts have been reported in the territory extending from the American Southwest to El Salvador.

The institution was complex and carried diverse meanings and functions, such as: The central importance of the ballgame is attested to by the fact that is clearly portrayed in the art of the Olmec, Zapotec, Maya, Toltec and Aztec and was an important element in a pan-Mesoamerican cosmovision. The Spanish immediately recognized that the ballgame was a great deal more significant than merely recreation and so vigorously suppressed its playing.

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Interestingly, a modern form of the ancient game, known as Ulama, has survived in a small number of remote communities outside of the city of Mazatlan in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico. Between andI led a multi-disciplinary investigation about Ulama that involved 8 Cal State L.


The study focused on the history, folklore, and the social significance and cultural context of the game. This lecture presents some of the results of our research project. Making Ulama Rubber Balls Immediately after the lecture, we will have a hands on activity to do experimental rubber balls similar to the ones of Ulama active participation in the workshop is limited to persons. Friday, February 16,7: In addition, she finished sixth in the section in shot put.

hamline university elite meet 2013 calendar

Throwing coach Mike Langer and myself are pretty excited about her. She's been in the weight room working out. She did very well last year. I'm sure she will do well this year as well. Seniors Jenna Degen and Katy Johnson will provide skill in jumping events.

hamline university elite meet 2013 calendar

Degen, who finished fifth in the A triple jump last year, was a state participant infinishing 16th in the triple. Johnson tied for fifth in the section high jump last year. In the run, sophomore Faith Watson returns from an eighth-place finish in the section. Pole vaulters Kennedy Rusk sophomore and Cami Harmer freshman return.

Hamline University Track and Field

They tied for ninth in the section. Sprinter Chels Gould is back after finishing seventh in the section Clabo expects sophomores Jazmin Sunderland and Jaelyn Kappes to add speed to the team. Two-thirds of our team is ninth- and 10th-graders," Clabo said.