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Gon Freecss (ゴン゠フリークス, Gon Furīkusu) is a Rookie Hunter and the son of Kite's admiration of Ging awakens in Gon a lifetime goal of meeting his father. .. Gon confirms that he has come to the Heaven's Arena to train to defeat the. Mar 6, Ging's met Killua once, but he's already had it up to here with the kid! Of course, his Ging doesn't care how long the two haven't seen each other. He's just worries about his son like any good father— but he's not a good father, dammit! He's Ging Freecs! Ging Freecs does not get overprotective! Or hide. Mar 25, But Gon Freecss continued his pace, not looking back. lifelong friends- one of whom he was even willing to give up the chance to meet his father for. They had their training together and Greed Island and Heaven's Arena.

I was so lost, Gon.

  • Ging Freecss

I had been in that house all of my life, but never before had I felt so out of place. I didn't belong there- I knew that much. But I also believed that I didn't belong in the outside world, either. I was frozen in place, not knowing what I was supposed to do. But there you were. You came for me. You knew that my family was a family of killers. You knew that you'd be risking your life to come save me. You knew the dangers and yet you still helped me. I vowed that after that day, I would protect you with my life as you did for me.

I would always stay by your side until there came a time where you didn't need me anymore. And so I did. But it wasn't just out of debt that I stayed with you.

It was because the impossible was happening. I had a friend. No longer was a passionless puppet of darkness. How could I be when I was standing with someone who was so bright? I learned to use aspects of my training in ways that could help me be a better Hunter and to be a better friend to you.

I trained with you and learned things that I would have never learned otherwise. I was always trying to become better, stronger, so I could protect you. You were the first one, besides Alluka, that I ever wanted so badly to keep safe. You're my most precious person, Gon. It's strange for me, because I can honestly say that I never loved my brothers. Maybe when I was very young, but that ended quickly. I don't think I loved my parents either- though I came closer to loving my grandfather and father than my mother.

But I can honestly say that I love you, Gon. You're the brother that I always wanted. The family that I always wanted.

Gon Freecss

That's why it's so hard for me to write this. But you aren't without shadows. It took so long for me to see that. For me to understand it. You saved me from the darkness so I refused to see any darkness in you. That was all that mattered. You held no wrong other than a quick temper and some very stupid decision making skills. When Kite died was when I first saw the shadows. They came in so suddenly that I was afraid, but vowed to keep you from them. But instead of saving you from the shadows, I chose to ignore them and to try to distract you from them.

I refused to see you drowning in the darkness. I refused to help because I was afraid that I would be trapped in their clutches as well. But you went too far. When the shadows tried to take you and you gave up your fight, you told me something that I will never forget. One sentence that broke my heart.

Out of everything that's happened, why is that the thing that shattered me? Because it did have to with me. It had everything to do with me. Do I mean that little to you for you to think that? Kite's death hurt me too, Gon.

I wanted to rip Pitou into a million pieces. I wanted so desperately to shield you from the pain that I was feeling. That you didn't want me. The second blow- the final blow, really- came when you threw everything away, not just me, to kill Pitou. When I left, you were still Gon. When I came back, you were a stranger.

And in a flash, you were nothing but a mangled body on the ground. You told me once that you'd never seen me cry. Well, Gon, you made me cry like baby more than once that day. How is it that we switched places then? You became a killer while I was the one yearning for light and innocence. Struggling to pick up the broken pieces of both you and my heart. I risked everything to bring you back, Gon. I went back home for you. I broke Alluka out for you. I put a target on my head for you.

I faced Illumi for you. I made a bargain with Alluka for your life- one of the only requests that I can ever make to Alluka that will actually cause reproductions for me. I did everything I could to bring you back. To bring you back into the light. But even after you've been healed. Even after gazing at the blinding light that is your smile- once again devoid of all shadows. Even after seeing your happiness return- I am still crumbling.

I am still screaming inside and trying hopelessly to pick up those pieces of my heart that keep falling. And that's why I'm leaving. I'm running from you, Gon.

Because I need to save what few pieces of me are left. I've forgiven you for what happened. But I will never forget. I will never forget your light or the changes that you brought about in me. I will never forget our games or adventures. I will never forget the darkness overtaking you.

And I will never forget the blinding light returning. I will never forget you, Gon. A boy on a skateboard notices Gon and introduces himself as Killua; the pair spend the majority of the First Phase getting to know each other.

Gon notices Leorio faltering around the 60 km mark. He stops and silently waits until Leorio gets his second wind, the man dropping his briefcase in the process. After running for 80 km they come to a set of stairs and start climbing, while Satotz starts to pick up the pace.

Gon discusses his reasons for wanting to become a professional Hunter with Killua until the pair reach the exit of the tunnel in first place. The First Phase continues outside, with the examinees being required to follow Satotz through the mysterious Numere Wetlands in a thick fog. Gon is warned by Killua to stay close to Satotz, as he can sense that Hisoka will use the cover of the mist to satiate his blood lust.

The boys continue ahead but Gon turns around after hearing Leorio scream. Gon then saves Leorio from Hisoka, whom had been murdering applicants in an attempt to "play proctor.

However, Hisoka takes an interest in Gon and spares the lives of him and his friends. Gon mentions that he was afraid of Hisoka and wanted to run away; but he could not; and simultaneously excited at the same time. Having the experience of mortal fear for the first time in his entire life, Gon cannot control his growing curiosity. Buhara's test is to find the world's most dangerous pig and to roast it. Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio comb through the forest reserve and find a drift of Great Stamp.

Amidst his battle with one of the boar, Gon again takes notice of how situations that threaten his life also give him a rush. However, he also realizes that he needs bigger thrills. Gon and his friends complete the task easily along with seventy other applicants. Menchi's test ends up baffling nearly all of the applicants after she tells them to make sushi for her test. Due to being a traditional dish of Jappon a slight alteration of the name Japan for those who dont know the origin of sushionly Hanzo ends up knowing what it is yet menchi still fails him.

Gon is clueless to a solution until it is revealed to all of the examinees, but to no avail. Menchi overreacts to the applicants' dismissive comments about Gourmet Hunters and fails the entire group as a result - forcing Netero, chairman over the Hunters Association, to intervene.

The test is taken to Mt. Split-in-Half, where examinees hunt for Spider Eagle eggs. Forty-two applicants pass the Second Phase. A Game at Midnight The forty two remaining examinees board the Selection Committee's airship at the end of the day, where Beans explains that the next phase of the exam will begin at 8: M in the morning. As everyone rests up for tomorrow, Gon and Killua spend their time getting to know each other.

Killua tells Gon about how he has run away from home in order to escape his overbearing family of assassins until being interrupted by Netero, whom offers to immediately issue the boys Hunter Licenses if they can grab a ball from him.

The two give it their best efforts individually with no progress made until they attack Netero together; though they come seemingly close to succeeding, Netero shatters their hopes by proving the game impossible to win after revealing that he has not used two of his limbs at all. Killua gets frustrated, quits, and then murders two applicants after the game out of frustration.

Gon, however, continues to play until he forces Netero to use his right hand through a near-suicide tactic. When he succeeds in doing so, Gon passes out in exhaustion.

Third Phase arc The next morning, the Hunters Association's airship arrives at the top of Trick Tower, a prison filled with traps in order to prevent its inmates from escaping. Beans informs the 40 remaining applicants that the objective of the Third Phase is to reach the bottom of the tower alive within 72 hours. Gon and Killua survey the area and discover there to be trapdoors embedded within the floor.

They report their findings to Kurapika and Leorio and each go through a trapdoor, coincidentally all landing in the same room. The four learn that they have inadvertently selected the Path of Majority Rules. Lippo, one of three proctors over the Third Phase, explains that the group is required to proceed through the tower based upon the decision belonging to the majority. However, the group is forced to team up with Tonpa after he slips through the ceiling.

After a couple hours of walking, the group comes to an arena over a seemingly bottomless pit. Their first challenge is to win 3 out of 5 competitive matches, using any type of method, against convicts sentenced to life imprisonment. Tonpa purposefully fails the first match and proves to be untrustworthy. Gon faces the next prisoner, a serial bomber by the name of Sedokan, in a match to see whose candle can burn the longest.

Sedokan presents Gon the choice of one of candles, one short and one long, in a desperate choice. Gon selects the long candle, but it is later revealed that Sedokan had rigged the game for the boy to fail.

Using his wits, Gon wins his match and is the first to attain victory on his team. Kurapika manages to win his trial as well, facing off against a Phantom Troupe imposter in a death match. Leorio, was pitted against a prisoner in a gambling match, but loses both the round and fifty hours of their time as well.

Although Killua is victorious in the fifth round, the team is forced to wait for fifty hours inside of a room due to Leorio's loss. With only nine hours remaining in the Trick Tower, the team works together until they reach a crossroad that happens to be their final test on the Path of Majority Rules. After some bickering, Gon comes up with a clever solution that allows all five to successfully pass the Third Phase of the Hunter Exam.

Fourth Phase arc The fourth phase is a manhunt on Zevil Island, wherein the 25 remaining competitors being required to target and acquire their prey's number badge. Gon draws Hisoka and is thrilled by the hunt. Upon arrival, Gon struggles to come up with a way to acquire Hisoka's badge until he observes a hunt for the first time as Pokkle does so in front of him. Thus, Gon spends an entire day and his next morning learning how to hunt through attempting to reel in live prey using his fishing rod.

Gon realizes that hunting requires waiting to strike as your prey attacks his own target; he chooses this method to attempt to steal Hisoka's badge. With his training completed, Gon thereafter utilizes Hemotropic Butterflies a type of butterfly attracted to the scent of blood to stalk Hisoka.

Gon finds the man, naturally silences his presence by slowing his heart rate and stopping his breathing, and lies in wait. Gon waits until Gozu, another applicant, accosts Hisoka for a fight in front of him. He sees it as his chance to put his new skills into practice, but Hisoka refuses to fight the suicidal warrior.

Gittarackur suddenly intervenes and kills Gozu, his target. Gon watches as Hisoka and Gittarackur have a conversation as if they were friends, the new party giving the magician a badge he took from another applicant.

Night falls and Hisoka resumes stalking for prey, eventually spotting Kurapika and Leorio from a distance;[29] he chooses to pursue them. Gon follows behind Hisoka and realizes that his two new friends are being targeted. Conflicted, Gon initially decides to stick with his plan until he realizes that it would also mean sacrificing his friends, thereafter resolving to help them if the situation took a turn for the worst. The duo manages to negotiate their way out of any danger from Hisoka and Gon continues to watch him.

Hisoka's blood lust flares overnight and shoots a terrible fear through Gon. It is the first time he ever feels such an ominous aura.

The next day, Gon manages to get Hisoka's numbered plate and is temporarily paralyzed when shot by Geretta with a blow dart coated in a muscle relaxant. Hisoka then kills Geretta, but gives Gon back his plate and then his own. Gon manages to stand to his feet and refuses Hisoka's charity, insisting the magician takes back his plate.

The former refuses, punching the latter and declaring that he will not take his badge back until he can retaliate. Gon spends the night quietly seething over the violation to his pride. During the Fourth Phase's final day, Gon finds Leorio and Kurapika and chooses to help Leorio to acquire his target's badge from Ponzu. He is confronted by Kurapika after the phase ends. Gon confesses what happened to him and expresses the humiliation and frustration he feels from losing, shedding tears.

Kurapika lifts his spirits as the two head towards the Hunter Exam's Final Phase. Final Phase arc The final phase was a tournament with each of the participants. After being selected by the judges as being the most exceptional applicants, Hanzo and Gon face off first. Gon is outmatched when it comes to combat, but his unwillingness to submit causes Hanzo to forfeit the battle — making Gon the first applicant to pass the th Hunter Exam.

At first Gon refuses to accept the win, insisting that the two of them he and Hanzo can figure out a way to have a proper match. Hanzo, annoyed, knocks Gon out and the boy does not awake until the Exam has ended.

Satotz fills in the details and explains to Gon that only two people did not pass the exam —Bodoro and Killua. It is revealed that Gittarackur is actually an alias for Killua's older brother, Illumi.

Killua was manipulated into murdering another contestant and subsequently failed the exam. Gon, enraged, confronts Illumi, breaking the assassin's wrist in the process, and gets Killua's address. After reaching the Zoldyck estate, the trio is blocked by the a gate requiring 4 tons of force to open. Gon attempts to reason with a Zoldyck butler named Gotoh but reaches an impasse, the latter adamantly opposed to his entry.

Gon then tries to break into the estate on an impulse until he is calmed down by Zebro, the gatekeeper. Zebro introduces the trio to Mike—the trained Zoldyck attack dog—putting a great fear into Gon.

Zebro takes the trio back to his quarters near Kukuroo Mountain and allows them to weight train under him for two weeks, in order to gain the strength to open the Testing Gate themselves.

They then proceed toward the mountain and are again blocked—this time, by a butler's apprentice named Canary. Ordered never to let anyone pass, she expels intruders through force. Gon spends the day walking toward her and, consequently, getting walloped by her. His tenacity touches Canary, who wavers and leads the trio to the butlers' quarters in order to meet with Killua.

While the trio waits for Killua to arrive, Gotoh, infuriated by the audacity of Gon to try and remove Killua from his family, threatens the lives of the trio and Canary under the guise of a game. Thanks to some quick thinking and sharp eyesight, Gon is victorious and earns Gotoh's approval. Killua arrives and the reunited four depart from Padokea.

As the four head to the nearest airport, the four discuss their plans now that the Hunter Exam has ended. Gon, still angry about his humiliation in the Fourth Phase, wishes to find Hisoka, punch him in the face, and return the badge he was given. Leorio informs the group of his immediate plans to study for his medical school exams.

The four vow to reunite in Yorknew City in September and the elder two depart. With Killua as his sole companion, Gon is at a loss as to how to accomplish his immediate goal. Killua suggests training their combat skills and earning money at Heavens Arena.

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Although Gon has never really fought before, he discovers that his strength has increased considerably after training at Kukuroo Mountain. As the pair quietly battles their way up toward the th floor of Heavens Arena, Gon silently relishes in his power. Gon and Killua meet a boy named Zushi, the young student of Shingen-Ryu kung fu and the disciple of Wing. Killua feels ominous vibrations from the child, intuitively recognizing that Zushi has learned the same skill as Illumi.

As such, the pair seeks out Wing to learn the same skill. Wing teaches them of "Nen," initially lying to the pair about the technique. The duo reaches the th floor of Heavens Arena and encounter Hisoka, who forms an invisible wall and refuses to let the pair advance until they have learned Nen. Wing finally decides to train the pair in Shingen-Ryu and teaches them of the true Nen—a skill utilizing the technician's life energy for combat.

Gon and Killua immediately are recognized to have immense talent in learning it and are able to pass through Hisoka's wall. The magician is impressed and agrees to duel Gon if he can win a match on the th floor. Gon fights against Gido the day after learning Nen. He utilizes it without ever intending to actually win the match, nearly losing his life as a result; the boy is solely consumed with a lust for battle.

After understanding this, Wing cannot help but fear that he has made a terrible mistake. After winning multiple matches on the th floor of Heavens Arena, Gon eventually fights Hisoka and returns his badge. Gon loses in the end by TKO and Hisoka says that the next time the two fight, their match will be to the death.

There, they discovered from Mito that Gon's father Ging left a recorded message. Along with the message, Ging has also left a ring and memory card, and the pair discovers that Ging had created a game called Greed Island.

Gon and Killua meet with Leorio in Yorknew City. They try different methods to make enough money to buy Greed Island, a video game that could help Gon find his father. While searching for the game, Gon and Killua encounter the Phantom Troupe, who are responsible for killing Kurapika's clan.

Both of them found out that Phantom Troupe members are worth millions of money when caught, so they set out to capture them. They are brought back to their hideout, where they find Hisoka. Nobunaga challenges Gon in an arm-wrestling match, after he learned that Shizuku lost to Gon. He defeated Nobunaga after a losing streak, and Nobunaga finally decides to make them part of the Troupe.

Gon and Killua are locked in a room, with Nobunaga guarding the only entrance. They finally made it out using the things they learned from Zepile. After aiding Kurapika with the Troupe members, Gon and Killua finally gained access to Greed Island, the seemingly-magical video game that absorbs players within. The goal of the game is to collect a number of set cards, although almost everything in the game, from food to money, can be turned into cards.

After training for four days, Gon and Killua manage to pass with ease; Killua displays his use of electricity while Gon shows Tsezguerra his new-found ability using Ko. Gon is the first one to enter the game and meets Goreinu. Not long after, he and Killua begin to wander around in the prairie until they are approached by Latarza who frequently preys on newcomers.

Despite Killua lying to Latarza, he uses the spell card "Trace" on Killua. When Killua intimidates Latarza with implied death threats, he returns to Masadora. After learning of a serial bomber murdering players within Greed Island, Gon and Killua are approached by a players' alliance attempting to clear the game using a systematic approach.

Gon deems it unfair and declines immediately, choosing to play the game his way. At a clear disadvantage, the duo becomes a prime target for players with much more experience than them. Grinding the progress of their game to a screeching halt, Biscuit Krueger teaches the boys advance techniques in Nen for their own use, finally allowing them to play as competitors instead of as victims.

After learning the origins of the game "rock-paper-scissors," Gon bases his Hatsu around it. As the boys' training concludes, they begin their quest to complete the game. The duo now becomes a trio; their group advances through Greed Island with incredible efficiency. On the hunt to obtain a rare card within the game, Gon faces an incredible challenge in overcoming Razor-—a master of the game and Ging's friend—through a game of dodgeball with deadly consequences.

The boy is fascinated by the strength Razor displays and driven to prove his own strength against the man. For the first time, Gon's inner monologue consciously acknowledges a desire for more power. Through the adversity of their match, Gon discovers how to utilize his strength and displays the immense power of his Nen ability.

Genthru, only two cards away from completing Greed Island, discovers Gon to be in possession of one of the remaining cards. The bomber threatens the boy's life and yet Gon, not intimidated, challenges the Bomb Devils after the dodgeball match against Razor. Gon's conditions of his match are the same as the conditions in his match against Hanzo during the Hunter Exam—the first person to give up will lose.

Though Gon agrees to utilize Killua and Biscuit's plan during his fight against Genthru, Gon's pride as a warrior prohibits him from carrying it out until he is seen as an equal match against his foe. Gon forsakes the plan and is beaten, yet refuses to submit against Genthru—proving the boy's worth in the Bomber's eyes and forcing the latter to utilize his ability. Gon reveals the extent to which he wishes to crush his own enemy, allowing Genthru to destroy his hands in order to successfully damage the man through an aura-enhanced kick to the jaw.

Due to shock, Genthru trips and manages to dodge Gon's "Jajanken: Genthru immediately crushes Gon's throat and damage his windpipe; though Gon can barely speak, it only makes him enraged. Gon soaks Genthru with gasoline to neutralize Genthru's use of his "Little Flower" ability. Genthru finally decides to use his "Countdown" ability to end Gon's life. When the requirements have been met, Gon finally carries out Killua and Biscuit's plan. He hits the ground with his "Jajanken: Rock" and reveals that underneath them was a pitfall.

Through ingenuity and cunning, Gon traps Genthru inside the pit and uses his Jajanken: Rock to land a final blow on Genthru.

Gon ended up being the first person to clear the game and, as part of his reward, is allowed to take the three cards to be used in the real world. Using the card 'Accompany', Gon and Killua travel to a player under the user name 'Nigg', who they believe to be Ging.

They invite Biscuit to join them, but she refuses as she starts to feel like a mother to them. They parted ways and Gon and Killua made their way to Ging. During the flight, Kurapika is shown to be in the Nostrade's mansion, Leorio can be seen studying hard for his exams, and Aunt Mito is hanging some clothes back in Whale Island. Finally, the card takes them to Kakin and they meet Kite once again.

Then Kite tells the boys his story and how he met Ging anime only. Alongside Kite, Gon and Killua briefly work as biological researchers in the country of Kakin. As they investigate a giant insect limb found on the country's shores, the group discover it came from a man- sized Chimera Ant Queen — an insect that devours other insects and animals, and then gives birth to progeny that inherit the characteristics of the different species it has eaten.

Kite bets that the queen Chimera Ant was washed onto an anarcho-primitivist, autonomous nation called Neo-Green Life. The first Chimera Ant they encounter is Rammot. Gon and Killua tag-teamed to beat him up. After Gon lands a near-fatal blow, Rammot is saved by his squadron leader, Colt.

The trio discovers the hidden side of NGL: While they are inside they encounter Yunju's team. He defeats Centipede by using his transmutation Nen ability for the first time Jajanken Scissors.

However, Kite is the one to finish the ant and cut his head off. Kite warns Gon to destroy the heads of Chimera Ants, as they can regenerate damage to their body within a day if the head is not destroyed. While Gon is taught the survivalist lessons of hunting by Kite, the trio advances towards the Chimera Ant nest--encountering and fighting along each step of the way.

Nearly 2 kilometers away from the nest, they are quickly thwarted by Neferpitou: Gon immediately rages and prepares for battle but Killua knocks his friend unconscious to retreat out of the country whilst leaving Kite to deal with the threat himself.

Since the boys have decided to leave the country, Netero posits a challenge to the boys for re-entry into NGL. While Killua has been visibly shaken by the encounter with Neferpitou, Gon vows to become stronger and to rescue Kite.

Each pair has two tokens and to pass the challenge, the pair must acquire the opponent's two tokens. She trains them to maintain a state of Ren for three hours, which will increase their stamina within battle. Hours later, Gon collapses a few seconds before Killua, and they instantly fall asleep. Biscuit uses her ability to reduce their fatigue.

The next day Gon and Killua meet Knuckle. He orders them to punch him in order to show how strong he really is. They are allowed to punch Knuckle many times and if he doesn't move from his post, Gon and Killua will have to leave their tokens behind.

Gon steps forward to accept the match and starts off immediately with his Jajanken Rock.