French learners meet up bristol

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french learners meet up bristol

Learn English in Bristol and take the chance to study the language in a UK city You meet loads of people there, you have a lot of fun and on top of that you. I speak fluent French, although not natively, and I haven't lived in a La Casita is a playgroup for Spanish speaking people in Bristol, England. It started as a group of mums meeting in their sitting room and 30 . I speak intermediate level French and would like my month old to start learning French as. Are you interested in Skills & Language Swap? On Gumtree you'll find over ✓5 ads of people in Bristol who have what you need.

However, they have had time in 30 years to build a regular base so there is always enough money to cover the rent of the hall. Renting your own hall with space to store toys and books is the ideal any playgroup should aspire to. There is no point in stressing about not having enough money to cover the rent, which the organiser would have to cover.

La Casita is a playgroup for Spanish speaking people in Bristol, England. It started as a group of mums meeting in their sitting room and 30 years on the group is still alive and renting a hall every week, term-time. Although there are possibly many parents out there with your predicament, reaching them may be difficult initially.

Now for each meeting we have at least five families and over 80 people on our mailing list. It has taken over three years to reach this point but if I had given up after the first few months when it was just me and maybe one or two other mums, then we would not have a thriving playgroup now with parents volunteering to write for our blog, our Twitter account, and organise events like the Easter Egg Hunt. So, start small but keep to regular sessions.

For instance, start with once a month, keep contact details of all attendees, especially email, and maintain a mailing list. Just print some black and white home-made flyers in your printer at home and leave them at other playgroups, libraries and areas where there may be people with your language. Use online ads in the UK Gumtree is very popular and works well. Email local free magazines that cater for families, etc.

Also, they will tell other parents about the sessions. Once you have a regular base you can increase your sessions to two a month, and so on.

BA French "The best decision I made in my life so far!"

From one Saturday a month we increased to two a month, and just this month we have started weekly sessions on Friday mornings. Be open about accepting help and support from other parents. Of course, you want help, and you want other parents to participate, this is the only way for the group to become an organic entity that grows with its needs.

You will probably find that it takes quite a few sessions to find those special people who really want to take part in the group and help. Be patient, just build the playgroup and they will come!

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Have at least one special event a year. In our case, given our background and the country we are living in, England, our main event is the Xmas party. Even on the first year when you may not have many people on your mailing list, it is important to celebrate that special event.

She comes from Taiwan; Mandarin is her mother tongue, and she also speaks Taiwanese and Hakka. Because of her background she can teach traditional and simplified characters.

She loves reading, especially about Chinese and Taiwanese history, she enjoys travelling, sports and cooking Chinese food.

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These skills have proven a vital aid as an English tutor and have influenced her style of teaching, which focuses time to specific elements of pronunciation that can be problematic for learners of English from each individual linguistic background. Kate first taught English in Spain where she volunteered in a local primary school whilst taking part in her Erasmus year abroad placement at the University of Zaragoza.

She then went on to teach adults and young children at a language school in Zaragoza, and during her time in Spain researched minority languages of the Pyrenees. Kate has also studied French, Portuguese and Latin. Born and bred in Bristol, since finishing university Kate has returned to her favourite city to teach English to its new residents and visitors through one-to-one and group sessions.

As part of an Erasmus programme Alberto completed the final year of his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Athens, so in addition to speaking Spanish and English, he is also fluent in Modern Greek. Alberto completed the first year of his PhD with a minor thesis on Art and Education. To learn a language is also to learn about a new culture and a different way of thinking.

With this in mind, Alberto encourages his students to construct their understanding of the Spanish language through music, literature and arts.

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In his free time he paints and works as a graphic designer. Two and a half decades on, and after a 9-year detour through Devon where he honed his skills as a French tutor while reading music at Exeter University, he now lives in Bristol and divides his time between translating, teaching French and writing music.

Sincewhen invited by a group of francophiles to set up a French class in the small Exmoor town where he lived at the time, he has taught groups and individuals of all standards, always striving to ensure that his students consistently improve and gain in confidence and fluency through programmes which are responsive to their needs and where the culture behind the language features prominently.

She explored bilingualism in a deeper context and conducted research with families in Bristol. She taught her children Polish and encouraged them through setting up theatre workshops, where they were engaged in learning the Polish language while putting on fun performances.

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She is a supply teacher and freelance translator, and has started hosting her own workshops in Bristol gongs and painting. She is learning about alternative medicine at Contemporary College in Clifton. She plays gongs and is on a journey to complete a Reiki course.

Her passions are travelling, music and photography. She loves skiing, and Slovenia is her favourite holiday destination. She is a mum of two children and has lived in Bristol for 13 years now. She was born in Sicily but lived for 20 years between Turin, Milan and Rome.

French Language Meetups in Bristol - Meetup

She knows Italy very well from the North to the South. Furthermore, she has been a tour guide in the city of Rome and is experienced in organizing cultural trips.

Marika likes to encourage students to be creative in her lessons so she includes games and some easy preparation of Italian food. Her passion for languages, culture and food led her to backpack around Europe, working on several animal conservation projects.

She has been teaching Portuguese and Englishtranslating she has a few translation certificates plus IOL in General and Science papers and interpreting for over 6 years now. She absolutely adores working with languages!

Her other interests are animals, travelling, photography, sports, films, music and cooking! She believes that to be able to teach others you have to be passionate and motivated yourself. If you have that, the students will have a great time learning a new language and discovering a different culture! She has two degrees from Saint Petersburg State University: Anna started her career teaching at the University of Gdansk in Poland.

french learners meet up bristol

She taught students of all levels from beginners to advanced, in groups and individually. While studying at Saint Petersburg State University Anna gained experience working with international students who were studying Russian there. This involved teaching general and technical Russian to foreign naval specialists.

french learners meet up bristol

Whilst working at this language school she also taught individuals and groups privately. She employs a variety of different techniques in lessons, since she believes that learning through all mediums speaking, writing, listening and reading makes mastering a language easier.

Noelia is a passionate Spanish Teacher who works in some local and private schools. She has experience in one to one lessons and teaching groups of different ages and levels. She defends a learning method based in motivation by using enjoyable techniques that help the students to achieve their goals.

Classes are mainly delivered in Spanish, as she thinks the best way of acquiring a new language is by getting immersed in the linguistic and cultural atmosphere of that country. In addition to her love for teaching, Noelia really enjoys learning new skills.