Fraser thompson rivers meet

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fraser thompson rivers meet

In geography, a confluence is the meeting of two or more bodies of water. The Thompson River is the largest tributary of the Fraser River. Thompson River Valley The South and North Thompson Rivers meet at Kamloops in BC and pour into the Fraser at Lytton (Corel Professional. Thompson River meets Fraser River, West of Kamloops, BC, Canada, September The Thompson River (blue) has settled out most of its green-tinting rock.

There is a striking stretch of dark black cliffside just downstream from Ashcroft and visible from the Logan Lake-Ashcroft highway is officially named the Black Canyon.

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Just below the town of Spences Bridge was the site of a major rail disaster in the early 20th Century. Communities along this section are BighornShaw Springs, and Goldpan. Geology[ edit ] The Thompson River valley has existed in some form for at least 50 million years; however, for much of its history, it did not drain to the southwest into the Pacific Ocean as it does today. This flow direction was influenced by large ice buildups in the Thompson valley, which created extensive glacial lakes.

fraser thompson rivers meet

The lake stretched from Spences Bridge in the west to the eastern reaches of Shuswap Lake, as well as far up the northern reaches of the North Thompson river valley. This event released as much as 20 cubic kilometres 4. From this point, the Thompson waters stopped flowing eastward into the Columbia River system, and the river became a tributary of the Fraser. Several of them have obstructed the river, and caused large, temporary lakes.

An slide caused the formation of a short-lived lake over 14 kilometers long with a maximum depth of 18 meters. These slides have caused major damage to the rail lines and farming operations in the river valley. Heavy irrigation has been blamed for some of the events.

fraser thompson rivers meet

The ice moved out of the Thompson River region approximately 11, BCE, and migration by the ancestors of the Nlaka'pamux and Secwepemc people is thought to have occurred soon after. The human remains date to BCE, and bone analysis suggests the person was a hunter with small amounts of his protein coming from salmon. Thompson never visited the river that bears his name.

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Others started farming on the fertile benches of the river, and a North West Company trading fort at the confluence of the North and South rivers became the city of Kamloopsnow the largest human population center in the watershed.

It also hosts carpwhich are not native to the watershed. The river is home to large populations of Pacific salmonincluding cohosockeyepink and chinook. Through its tributary, the Adams Riverthe Thompson has one of the largest sockeye salmon runs in the world.

Coastal rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss irideusincluding an anadromous variety called steelhead, are found in the river along with a local strain the Kamloops rainbow trout which occurs in Kamloops Lake at the Thompson River headwaters and other nearby lakes.

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Other fish species include round whitefishlargescale suckerbridgelip suckernorthern pikeminnowlongnose daceand slimy sculpin. Golden eagles are found near the confluence with the Fraser, [17] and Bald eagles congregate on the river during the salmon run. The park is located due west of Lytton across the Fraser River. The ferry which uses the strong current to help propel itself across the Fraser River is located just 1.

Here you will find a very large native petroglyph on a rock. Panoramic Landscape If you enjoy rock hounding or taking landscape pictures Lytton will offer you some good opportunities.

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Throughout the backcountry you will find many areas with steep rock canyons, mesas and hoodoos so full of brilliant colour from all the content of the minerals. Then, with this landscape contrasted against the deep blue sky, the panoramic views are breathtaking. Botanie Valley For wildlife viewing a good place to go is up the Botanie Valley.

In fact a herd of California Big Horn Sheep are known to graze near the entrance. Snowmobilers and cross-country skiers will also love the Botanie Valley for some of the backcountry areas that are available.

Where Two Rivers Meet (redux)

Lytton Visitor Centre If you come to Lytton and need some help finding accommodation or directions please visit the Lytton Visitor Centre. The centre is located at Fraser Street right in town. Also, if you need help planning your trip to Lytton, call the Visitor Centre at for more information.

fraser thompson rivers meet

Backcountry A few things to remember if you do go in the backcountry: Take plenty of water and dress accordingly for possible ticks or snakes.