First powerlifting meet

first powerlifting meet

You've trained day in and day out for the big meet, but did you miss something in preparation? Read this blog with advice for your first powerlifting meet. Its finally meet day! You're probably a nervous wreck. Your eye is on the prize and thats all you can think about. Well unfortunately, to win, you need to be able. Here are a few important things you need to know if you plan on competing in your first powerlifting meet.

With our CPF Northern Powerlifting Classic coming up in 2 weeks, we are going to have a lot of first time competitors at the meet including a whole schwack from our gym! So here we go The point of powerlifting is to lift as much as you can, and cutting weight on an inexperienced body is an unnecessary risk for the beginner lifter. You will also have to provide your openers for each lift, so be ready to produce them for the judges. Make sure your openers are something conservative so you get yourself in the meet!!

How to Pick Your Attempts for Your First Powerlifting Meet

So bring your stuff for the judges to look at, weigh in at whatever you weigh that day, and get your rack heights. Your rack heights are for what height the bar will be set up for you for the squat and bench press during the competition. This is also a good time to chat with other competitors and make some friends for meet day.

The first flight will start on the platform at 9am, so flight A will want to be at the venue at around 8 to allow sufficient warm up time.

Make sure you attend this and ask questions if you have them. Flight A will start Squatting on the platform at 9am, so will want to warmup from am. Once Flight A has hit the platform Flight B will start warming up at 9am for their flight, which will start somewhere around Flight A takes a break.

A Guide to Your First Powerlifting Meet

Flight B will rest. Once the meet is underway, there will be an active scoreboard for each flight which will keep track of lifting order for each attempt. Know Your Maxes When choosing your attempts you should have a strong understanding of your current 1RMs. Just make sure these 1RMs were performed at competition standards: Your squat must be below parallel according to the definitions provided by the federation in which you will compete.

first powerlifting meet

The deadlift must be locked in a straight position with the shoulders back, then lowered under control. Never Bomb Out In a powerlifting meet, you have three attempts at each lift - the squat, bench, and deadlift. The goal of any first-time competitor should be to go nine-for-nine on the lifts. Bombing out happens most often during the squat.

first powerlifting meet

For a new lifter, it can be intimidating to see other lifters in your weight class open with large numbers - it can make you question your attempt selection and go heavier. But many lifters gas themselves on openers that are too heavy, which then also puts them at risk of more missed lifts later. Using common sense and the selection criteria explained below will ensure you are taking the right attempts at the right times.

But by using sound data and knowledge of your own lifting, you and your coach, if applicable can choose numbers for you to open with that will not only keep you in the meet, but also build your confidence and knock out some of those butterflies. Success in your first powerlifting meet is all about confidence and planning. Having a good first meet is about making your lifts - simple as that. Selecting your attempts properly will allow you to progress appropriately from one lift to the next, continuing to prime your nervous system and build your total.

You will also get far more enjoyment by going nine-for-nine, even if the weights are lower than your ego desires, then by overestimating your attempts, missing a bunch, and finishing five-for-nine. Choosing Your Opener The job of the opening squat, bench, or deadlift is to get you into the meet for each lift.

My First Powerlifting Meet- 1257lb Total

This lift sets the tone for the rest of your lifts and is vitally important in gaining confidence as you move forward. This is the lift from which you build your next attempts.

How to Pick Your Attempts for Your First Powerlifting Meet | Breaking Muscle

If you open too heavy, you are putting yourself in bad position for the next two lifts and further draining your gas tank. Treat this opener essentially as your last warm up, so it is a smooth transition from the warm up area to the platform.

Better to get over that nervousness on a warm-up style lift than to still have it while attempting something that requires every bit of your mental focus. This opener should be something you can triple even on that day. Other coaches may advocate lighter or heavier, but I find this range is usually spot on with most of my lifters.

There should be zero conversation about missing this opener. Your Second Attempt Now, we want to continue building on the success of the first attempt.

first powerlifting meet

This is not the time to be going after a PR. This is the time to take a bigger jump between lifts and execute the lift successfully so you can continue adding to your total. Did the opener feel way too light? Were you not feeling the first lift and want to get some more confidence and better execution?