Eibach meet 2013 location

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eibach meet 2013 location

Drag Cartel Industries at Eibach Honda Meet , with their 8s FWD NA car and Honda ______ Owner: @prestige_k24 Team: Location: Media Credit. 5+ years as both a photographer and journalist; and this showed in the turnout of his 5th anniversary meet last weekend at Eibach Springs in. Eibach meet spectator caravan / cool to roll with a big group never been to eibach meet so im kinda lost lol. Location: Rialto.

eibach meet 2013 location

This actually reminds me that I need to get one for myself. Also notice the Budweiser tap as the shift knob, haha! Personally, I am not a fan of these older style mesh wheels on newer, rounder cars.

Eibach Springs Honda Meet Coverage

To me, it looks out of place… but what do you think? This RSX had great fitment with its Enkei RPF1 wheels, unlike a few cars out there that went way overboard and could not pull off a good look. Something that has been really popular of late is customization and personalization of parts.

Whether it be stickered up panels or tagged wheels like these highlighter green ones, it is a way to differentiate yourself from others.

Eibach 2013 Lake Elsinore (Storm Stadium) [HD] - SUNEMATIC

Whether it looks good or not on the other hand, is in the eye of the beholder. Nowadays, re-barreling is the only option to get timeless classics like these in a good spec. It must have taken at least five or six hours to get to the Eibach meet! These massive stepped lips dwarf the tiny wheel faces! Who would have thought???

While a lot of the cars there were trendy, there were many clean and simple Hondas there too. In my opinion, this look will never go out of style.

Eibach Honda Meet | Kimihiro-kun | Flickr

One of the most talked about cars at the meet was this red EG Civic coupe. In my personal opinion, this is the epitome of all the unfashionable automotive trends of late and the definition of excess and overboard.

If the front wheels were more aggressive and cambered to match the rear, I think it would flow much, much better.

eibach meet 2013 location

Even with all that camber in the back tire stickers still intactthe quarter panel still touches the rim. But they are there. You will need to pull the two t30 torx bolts out and the four panel clips out of the plastic cover that is above the strut mounts under the hood, easy enough: You can see the bolts we need to get to hiding under there. Here you can see one of the four clips we need to pull, all we need to do is slide a flat tip screw driver under the little recess that is under the head of it and gently pry it up and they pull out.

Then we need to pull the rubber hood seal off to pull the plastic part out.

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We also need to pull the vent covers off to get to two bolts that hold the plastic piece that is under the top cover. You can see here, the plastic piece that sits under the cover, there are just two 10 mm bolts that hold it on, take them out and you can easily pull this piece completely off the car and set it aside for now. You can see the three bolts going through the strut tower brace here that hold the strut at the top. It takes a 15 mm in the nut itself and we had to put a 17 mm wrench on the back side to keep the bolt from spinning.

This bolt holds the brake line in place, takes an 8 mm to get it loose. Just push the clip release and it pulls right off. Now that we have the strut out, we need to get the stock spring off, to make room for our new Eibach lowering springs. Once the tension is released, take the 19 mm wrench and loosen the bolt, the shaft might spin, so you might need to use a 5 mm allen wrench to hold the shaft while you take it off.

Now that that is done, here are the springs side by side, off the front, you can plainly see the difference here.

Eibach Honda Meet 2013

This is a very important step, you want to make sure you place the strut top hat in the car with the notches facing the engine. You can tighten these now, as the rest of the strut mounting process will be done on the bottom side.

Repeat these steps on the opposite side of the car and the front is done, now, on to the back!