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Black Hole Explosion damage reduced by 35%. Hotfixes Fixed a bug that caused undesired tank swaps under certain conditions. Druids harness the vast powers of nature to preserve balance and protect life. With experience, druids can unleash nature's raw energy against their enemies. Regardless of spec, the Death Knight has 3 main features that they bring to a you to track 6 different cooldowns as well as a Rage-like bar of energy, but in debuff, or conditions are important to meet for the rest of your performance. .. However, if you use it on a Feral Druid who is doing 7k dps, it will.

Better version of the bracers enchant, gives stamina instead of 40 for the standard version. You need Leatherworking to learn the enchant. Two additional sockets on your bracers and your gloves, for a total of stamina. Inscription of the Earth Prince, better shoulder enchant, gives a bonus of stamina at Three better gems Solid Chimera's Eye - Spell - World of Warcraft that each gives stamina, for a total bonus of stamina at You also get a nice trinket, Figurine - Earthen Guardian, that gives stamina and dodge for 20 sec on use, 2mn cooldown.

Master of Anatomy gives you 80 critical strike rating, or 0.

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You get an updated version of the Lifeblood - Spell - World of Warcraft spell. Swordguard Embroidery, chance to proc an Attack Power buff at First you get a nice epic helm, Agile Bio-Optic Killshades, which has 2 cogwheel sockets but no rating stats.

You then get to choose between Rocket boosts or Grounded Plasma Shield as belt enchants. The latter is a shield on use that absorbs around 20k damage on a 5mn cooldown. Lastly you also get a new gloves enchant, Quickflip Deflection Plates, this one gives armor on use for 12sec, 1mn cooldown.

The optimal professions are Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting and Alchemy. All other professions except Engineering, Tailoring, Skinning and Herbalism are pretty equal and give a solid stamina bonus.

Engineering is hard to compare to the others and gives useful tinkers but with the changes made to them in Cataclysm, it has become rather unattractive.

Finally Tailoring, Skinning and Herbalism are all useless or next-to useless professions when it comes to raiding with a bear. You will be at expertise rating or expertise rating below the soft-cap.

The four-parts however, has its uses, on some bosses I can see it being almost mandatory. The belt is a random-stats item, the best stats you can get are mastery and critical strike. Best in Slot gear list — Tier 11 Heroic Helm: Use the Flask of Steelskin which will give you stamina. And if you need even more survivability, use an Earthen Potion when needed, extra armor for 25 sec.

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Potion of the Tol'vir works just as well if you need more avoidance. You can also use Crocolisk Au Gratin as food buff if you need more threat. Warcraft Encyclopedia Edit A depiction of a druid. Druids come and go as they please, and their goals typically have little to do with the "civilized" world. Unaffiliated with any specific government, the primary druidic organization on Azeroth, the Cenarion Circle, answers to no one save itself. The highest rank that a druid can have is that of archdruid, and there are only a few archdruids on Azeroth.

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At the moment the Cenarion Circle's leader is Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage, also widely considered to be the first mortal druid on Azeroth. Strengths, Abilities, and Underlying Motivations Through their deep connection to life and nature, druids are able to take on an unusually large variety of roles.

Probably a druid's best-known role is that of a healer. Druids are justly famed for their ability to restore life, cure poisonous wounds, and remove curses. Indeed, restoring and protecting the planet is one of the top priorities for all druids.

Still, to regard a druid as merely a healer is a dangerously simplistic assumption that has led to the defeat of many an unwary foe. Druids' empathy with the creatures of the wild also allows them to shapeshift into the forms of other animals.

For example, a wounded druid whose magical energies are running low might abruptly take on the form of a bear in order to better withstand further injury. Alternatively, the druid might shift into the form of some large cat, sneak up behind an enemy, then pounce and deliver a fierce flurry of melee attacks. Even the deepest oceans can be explored by druids, who can simply shift into an aquatic creature, allowing them to stay underwater as long as needed.

Until the end of the Third Wardruids periodically visited the Emerald Dream to monitor the ebb and flow of life on Azeroth. Today such a visit has become more difficult due to Nordrassil's poor health.

Druids possess a deep understanding of the way in which all living things depend upon one another. Whenever this delicate equilibrium is disrupted, the druids work to restore the balance.

To that end, druids can use their connection with the Emerald Dream to exert a calming influence over animals, even forcing some into a temporary state of hibernation. Just as the druids can wield peace and somnolence, however, they can tap into the fury of nature itself.

Terrible storms respond to their call, thorns sprout from their skin to wound their attackers. Even previously harmless roots grow from the soil at greatly accelerated speeds in order to entangle foes.