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The Player (The Player, #1) by K. Bromberg

Jun 6, But over the past few seasons, the league has begun looking the other way to the game) got Jerry Jones' attention—and hence the downshift in enforcement of the rule. “The seams are stiff and amost come to a point where they meet, to pre-shape, oil and break in a brand new leather baseball glove. Mar 28, American, which lost to Navy, which lost to Slippery Rock, there figured to be a few BASEBALL The league's ascendance was even sweeter because it came at the expense of its . Newton met him as he came off the floor. downshifted from a full-to half-court attack and turned the team over to point. Shelves: love-me-im-a-rock-star-or-actor, romance-with-a-side-of-smut, arc-or- provided-by-author .. And when he lowers his chin and meets my eyes, everything I was fighting against the past few months .. He is a Major League Baseball player for the Austin Aces, and is practically baseball royalty. All he's . Down Shift.

Your administration's management of the Brady List-the list of officers that have been dishonest in an official capacity-seems hypocritical. Under your watch, it is my understanding that the Brady List has been expanded to include officers that have read public police reports online, while no one at headquarters has been placed on the Brady List for straight-up lying to the public about a fictitious decrease in car break-ins.

Good luck with LAPD. In the future, it would probably be a better strategy to connect with and gain a grassroots understanding from the innovative and knowledgeable frontline troops, rather than insulating yourself and draining the pension by creating an additional layer of command staff.

Remember the accounting principle: Form should not mask substance. A chief's title is merely form, while the substance of your legacy is enduring.

Lou Barberini's family lives in the West Portal area. He currently provides fiduciary retirement, investment, and tax planning services through Nich Capital Partners Nichcapitalpartners. Curiously, one public union hasn't been moved by my concerns over how city employees' assets have been stewarded.

Thousands of POA Journal readers might have missed out on earning a superior return during one of the greatest bull markets because of this amateur and erroneous advertising. POA union members should immediately question why a POA employee is taking it upon himself to gift Prudential with free marketing in the member-supported monthly journal. The union welfare officer is employed solely to monitor welfare benefits of POA members. But rather than investigating the validity of my assertions, he astonishingly published that 13 of the 17 Prudential's annuity options lost money over the past ten years.

The potential civil liability to investors that have made investment decisions based on erroneous performance results is astronomical. A few years ago, I brought to the attention of the POA's executive board the possible civil exposure to our union that might be triggered by a mere inadvertent typo in free "advertisements" for Prudential in the POA Journal. Unfortunately, the fears I expressed to the POA may come to fruition.

With regards to the Prudential investment loses, the POA welfare officer not only missed the conceptual improbability of such enormous loses, but he also missed an important footnote on Prudential's website. By doing so, he converted positive results to losses and understated Prudential's performance by a whopping ten to fifteen percentage points!

For one investment option, by 35 percentage points. The gravity of this error is severe, particularly because it was repeatedly made in numerous POA Journal editions! He means well, but he has never worked on the street in any investment position. If, for instance, a MUNI driver wants to file for a tax-free disability pension, the driver could contact the POA welfare officer who will switch on his attorney's cap.

It represents a clear conflict of interest and is a sketchy scenario similar to an internal affairs officer getting paid overtime to investigate his own overtime abuse. My former coworkers still on the street and I are unanimous in our opinion something is seriously wrong with SFERS' selection of Prudential's unaudited, synthetic, and overly-complex annuity.

This is self-dealing, not advocacy. Union members' and readers' interests have been compromised. The POA welfare officer should get in front of the forthcoming CFP standards and immediately unveil any and all conflicts so city employees can properly weigh the authenticity of information he is touting for SFERS and Prudential.

It's imperative city employees receive a truthful discussion — not influenced by the side job compensation of POA employees — on why an unaudited, synthetic, and overly-complex insurance annuity is right for them. This is particularly important because the financial professional appointed to SFERS' board, who owns her own investment company, has directed none of her clients into the same expensive investment vehicle to which she votes to have City employees steered.

Nationwide is one of the last remaining annuity companies that hasn't had an opportunity to take a piece out of city employees' tax-deferred savings. City employees should never be assigned a back seat to politics, campaign contributors, and preserving disability pensions for the well-connected. He has an MBA in taxation. He can be reached at Lou. In other words, the city is reasonably dedicating a lane to public transportation, while simultaneously providing space to taxicab services that were so notoriously scarce they spawned an entire alternative industry.

Camp complained, "I didn't want to park on the street and I didn't want people to break into it [my Mercedes]. I would call [a cab] and they wouldn't show up. Understandably, this tactic soon landed Camp on the taxicabs' blacklist and forced him to gravitate to the Sunset gypsy cab method. What separated Camp from the Sunset kids also using gypsy cabs, was that he envisioned the merger of the Sunset's underground transportation with the Casino Royale-style GPS capabilities of a new smartphone from Apple — the iPhone.

As one of the two eventual founders of Uber, Camp elevated himself from a multimillionaire to multibillionaire by merely plagiarizing and digitizing the Sunset kid's transportation system. The purpose of recounting Camp's story is neither to villainize nor extoll Uber, but rather to draw attention to the ludicrousness of the city's new driving restrictions on the formerly two-lane Taraval Street.

During one morning commute I monitored eastbound Taraval Street traffic at 20th Avenue. With pedestrians crossing 19th Avenue, which delays vehicles' attempting right-hand turns, eastbound Taraval Street vehicle traffic was stalled for two blocks.

We all get it: And, most of us accept any means of transportation that does not expose us to gridlock, or our cars to the break-in epidemic. But the City's idea to give Taraval Street preference to taxis, which are as rare as horse-drawn carriages, illustrates a serious disconnect between the city's utopian fantasy and the billions being made by investors more attuned to Sunset residents' transportation adversities. This article was intended to be exclusively about the new Taraval Street design and a city that has forgotten how.

First, an article appeared in Investment News describing how the insurance industry is mounting a lobbying campaign to Congress to allow for the expansion of "pooled employee plans" into the k markets. When the article described a "pooled employee plan" it perfectly confirmed the suspected structure of SFERS' deferred comp plan: A voluntary retirement savings plan commingled with numerous other retirement savings plan around the country into a group annuity collective.

So far, insurance companies have been limited to utilizing this profitable, but shadowy, scheme on deferred comp plans because they aren't protected by the Department of Labor, ERISA law, or pension boards that lightly implement their fiduciary responsibility.

Now the insurance industry is trying to infiltrate mainstream k markets because it is such a lucrative business, although proportionally more risky for group annuity customers. Second, on the same day, the Securities and Exchange Commission censured ING Insurance Releasefor shifting dividends away from customers' group annuity accounts to ING-affiliated subsidiaries.

This ING gaming of the consumer is disconcerting for two reasons: In Aprilwhen Retirement Board Commissioner Joe Driscoll described annuities as an "inferior product," he really nailed it. In light of that statement, and the confirming troublesome facts coming to light on March 8, it is difficult to reconcile why Commissioner Driscoll voted to approve a group annuity for city employees.

Or why another SFERS board member, Wendy Paskin — whose private firm's SEC filings CRD document that none of her clients have been directed to as an inferior group annuity — while she simultaneously voted to steer city employees into one.

Whether it's being realistic about traffic patterns or safeguarding employees' savings, it appears that since the "golden rule" is being employed less frequently, the city that knew how seems to be losing its memory. He currently provides fiduciary retirement, investment, and tax planning to clients of Nich Capital Partners Nichcapitalpartners.

Last month, the long stock market calm was disrupted by a storm of volatility. Thus, not only are city employees being mislead about what they are actually investing in, but SFERS also has empowered Prudential to do the opposite of what the most successful investor of our time has recommended. Be careful city employees. Packing a flashlight, a radio, and nonperishable food items assures residents they will be prepared for the aftermath of an earthquake, while simultaneously hoping the kit is never put to use.

The switch to CITs is tantamount to filling the earthquake preparedness kit with only non-FDA regulated food items and perishable, rather than nonperishable, foods. This is not fee reduction for city employees — this is a tradeoff lacking government protections. Unlike mutual funds, CITs generally have great leeway to invest in alternative investments, including hedge funds. He has an MBA in Taxation.

He currently works with clients at Nich Capital Partners Nichcapitalpartners. He can be reached personally at Lou. March Laundering Influence: Generally, the first block of Turk Street is a sliver barely more habitable than winter in the Arctic. On this evening, the dangling credentials that draped ten chests glittered in the cone of illumination from the streetlight above. A harsh terrain, soothed by an abundance of law enforcement.

Confidence radiated from a literal ton of combined SFPD and fed narcs who surrounded a solitary unlicensed pharmaceutical salesman. To complete the arrest, the narcs needed to find the marked money that an undercover police buyer had tendered to the salesman. The most likely hiding place was somewhere in the suspect's long overcoat's underlining, where tunnel systems were known to stem from holes in the pockets.

Only the salesman went ghost, rabbiting into the Tenderloin night while leaving the narc behind holding the overcoat, now minus its owner.

The narcs had ignored the mathematical equation that caution diminishes in proportion to the number of teammates participating in an operation. Every narc had assumed someone else was responsible, and the result was a lapse of officer safety protocol that had allowed an armed felon to penetrate the officers' personal spaces. Sometimes overconfidence makes one drop their guard. Other times it can lead to countries engaging in war. Significantly, because ten officers feel confident on a treacherous block of Turk Street does not necessarily translate to financial competency when they take over a police-related charity's board of directors.

The PAL is a quasi-public funded c 3 non-profit organization formed in to counter San Francisco's then-growing "juvenile delinquency problem" by organizing youth sports, and other healthy activities. Of the eight active SFPD members added, two were later promoted to captain, two were promoted to commander, and three became deputy chiefs. However, it appears some directors overlooked that with the glamor of the title, came the assumption of fiduciary responsibility. Does using a CPA firm help cover fiduciary responsibility?

An enrolled agent can sign tax returns without passing the comprehensive CPA exam that includes segments on operations, forensics, business law, auditing, probability and statistics, internal controls, comprehension of accepted accounting principles, ethics, and knowledge of tax laws.

Additionally, a CPA has a hour per year continuing education requirement. Downshifting to an enrolled agent is like substituting your artistic landscaper for your general contractor in your kitchen remodel. It is possible that a charity might try to save money by using an enrolled agent, especially one with cheaper Fresno office rent.

Replacing a multi-tooled CPA with an enrolled agent is also strong evidence the PAL board, despite their fiduciary responsibilities, has never requested an independent audit of the PAL's books. Absent an audit, the board of director with the greatest responsibility for the PAL's books would probably be the person signing the PAL tax return.

Did a felon sign the PAL's tax return? The PAL's federal income tax returns are public information. But who is "Benjamin F. Tan," and how did he gain authority to sign the PAL's tax return?

The Santa Clara District Attorney also accused Tan of being involved in "illegal fiscal practices" and for spending the charity's money on personal items such as Ipods and Jazzercise classes. As a result of Benjamin F. The charity pursued a civil suit against the Fresno accountant for failing to detect the embezzlements. Could the South Bay Benjamin F.

Tan who signed the PAL's tax return? While it might be just a coincidence of names, that seems unlikely considering that both Benjamin F. Tan's would have been associated with Fresno accountants, and both Benjamin F. Tan's would have been associated with different youth charities.

Whether it is one-and-the-same person isn't independently confirmed. But if this is one-in-the-same felonious Benjamin F. Tan, he was successful in penetrating the inner circle of SFPD's highest ring of command staff, similar to a gun-carrying drug salesman mingling with the narcs on Turk Street.

Excessive stock turnover, what Wall Street calls "churning," might be the only thing that happened here and it would have been the PAL board's fiduciary duty to monitor and prevent this. This one-time gain looks and smells like financial engineering just to pay someone off. In the SFPD annual report, crime statistics were published for and compared to the prior year of When the annual report was published, the previously published crime stat totals magically increased to greater numbers to make the large jump in crime appear smaller, when compared to the crime numbers.

Thus, it stands to reason that since using two different crime figures for the same year was successful, why not apply the maneuver to financial statements. Speaking of cars, need a ride? For better or worse, even if the car looks brand new, stick your head inside and look around.

Finally, a short discussion about handwriting: Neatness counts; end of discussion. Ever try to read one? Suppose you get one that looks like it was signed with a ballpoint pen tied to a weed eater—and you were going to sell it on eBay? Do you hand it back and say, start over? Sure glad I got to type this. Look at my suggestion this way: Science Care is a remarkable organization that gives hope to future generations through an end-of-life option that you or your loved ones may not know about.

Body donations are extraordinary gifts. Science and medical research depends on such gifts. There is no cost for final arrangements. They help support physician and surgeon training programs and assist in the development of medical products, procedures and treatments. Sooner or later we are all faced with end of life preparations.

We prepare wills, living wills and healthcare powers of attorney. Then the subject of burial and cremations services comes up along with their hefty price tags. Consider one more step, donating your body to science. No matter how many tangible items you may leave behind, can there be a better, more lasting legacy than advancing medical and personal health research? Learn what to expect. You will be amazed at the process. The website explains in detail why people join.

There are research stories, testimonials and donor stories. Find out how Science Care donors are making an impact on medicine. Science Care has a HOPE Program for hospice patients and the terminally ill if you are inquiring on behalf of a loved-one. Please make a difference in the world. Can I type messages and watch porn on it? You talk on it. What the hell is wrong with you? Before you join a meal kit delivery service read this: Pizza comes to your house already cooked.

Give me your wallet and watch. With every hour of sunlight we lose, I move up a belt loop. All yoga is 'hot yoga' if you watch from the back of the class. School of Hard Knocks: You have a lot to learn. Wait, are you wearing jeans? Turn to page Why do men feel uncomfortable buying tampons? No one thinks they're for you.

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Sister Mary Rose could really put away the beers. She was my favorite, bar nun. The dentist gives me toothpaste when I leave. Step up your game gynecologist. According to my police report.

I used to date athletes. Opening Line of a Novel: He had a devil-may-care attitude that made him a magnet for trouble. We went to the same barber, Sam Ventura. When you see him ask about such and such.

Sam and I had a pact: We had to hear his first-person account. Besides, Bruce got excited and that added to the entertainment value. You see, Bruce stuttered. His escapades ran the gamut from frivolous nonsense to life-threatening terror. Bruce owned a plastering company.

On Wednesday mornings he visited job sites and he played golf in the afternoon. The crossings had signs warning drivers to beware of approaching trains, but there were no gates to stop traffic. One Wednesday, as he approached the tracks on his way to the golf course he warily inched his way up to the tracks because a hedge on the left blocked his view.

He leaned over the steering wheel to make sure the coast was clear. An oncoming train was a few feet away. I s-saw a h-headlight f-fly past the w-windshield. Through it all, Bruce sat petrified as his car was being demolished. The train ground to a stop and Bruce fled the wreckage.

They checked to make sure Bruce was safe and conducted an investigation. Afterward, a cop asked if Bruce needed a ride. I b-bought a n-new c-car. The lead story was about a car-train wreck in Lakewood.

The camera zoomed in on the wreckage and she saw his license plate dangling from the bumper. She frantically called the Lakewood Police Department. The cop who answered assured her that Bruce was okay. Why do immigrants sneak across the border instead of entering legally? Why not use the front door where we say welcome to America?

There must be a reason. You can learn English along the way. You noticed I said course twice in one sentence? Once you come through the gate, quicken your gait.

See what I did there? Look, English is complicated. It takes eons to master the way we Americans communicate. It takes a PhD to figure out the difference between tough, though, thought, through and thorough.

Those words mean strong, done, idea, nevertheless and accurate but not in that order; for homework, figure it out. As crazy as dropping a new letter into a word seems, adding or forgetting a comma really screws up a sentence. The most common examples are: What time do we eat grandma? What time do we eat, grandma? Woman without her man is nothing. In fact you may already know that Dr.

Terry Martin one column to the right…and close to my heart suffers from multiple sclerosis MS. Terry compares the symptoms she experiences with those of an MS challenged chap in Ireland named Trevis L.

Gleason who she ran across when he wrote a column for everydayhealth. MS cost him his job and his marriage. He rented a cottage in Kerry, Ireland and never looked back. Travis and Terry fight pain and exhaustion daily.

Adding to the MS, Terry went through triple-bypass surgery and Travis had a hip replacement. Yet they manage to find the joys of life. I thought it might have been my thyroid. But after a series of diagnostic tests I learned it was MS. Trevis explains what the disease is like. You know the feeling: I have very little feeling in my legs; they are numb. She stays mentally and emotionally aware. In His wisdom, God decreed that seniors become forgetful so they would have to search for their glasses, keys and other things-thus doing more walking.

And God looked down and saw that it was good. Then God saw there was another need. In His wisdom He made seniors lose coordination so they would drop things requiring them to bend, reach and stretch. Then God considered the function of bladders and decided seniors would have additional calls of nature requiring more trips to the bathroom thus providing more exercise.

God looked down and saw that it was good. It is all in your best interest even though you mutter under your breath. There are nine important facts to remember, as we grow older: Death is the number one killer. Life is sexually transmitted.

Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die. Men have two motivations: If you see an old man with a gleam in his eyes make him a sandwich. Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Health nuts are going to feel stupid one day, lying in the hospital dying of nothing. All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism. In the 60s, People took LSD to make the world weird.

Now People take Prozac to make it look normal. Life is like a jar of jalapeno peppers. An Italian company, Luxottica pretty much owns the global eyewear industry and their glasses retail for 10 - 20 times what they cost to make.

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You, too, can beat the monopoly. Find discount designer frames online. Their financing options from 6 to 24 months are interest free. Just make the minimum payments and pay the full amount by the end of the payment period. But they all had one thing in common: I guess it started in elementary school.

The first day of school he wrote I. Get it out of your mind once and for all. You might have some under your kitchen sink. I jumped up on the porch, revved up my chainsaw and removed the front door. Rotary phones with sticky dials caused wrong number calls. In those days there was no caller ID so you answered the phone. Usually there was a click. But once in a while he met his match: Mistaken identity can be a culprit.

When a man named Eddie Uhas worked for the Cleveland Indians there were actually two people named Eddie Uhas in the phone book. One night Indians outfielder Larry Doby hurt his leg sliding into third base and was carried off the field. After the game a reporter called for a medical update but awakened the wrong Eddie Uhas. Unwanted sales calls can be like a pine needle under your cuticle. After listening to an annoying sales presentation I asked if the caller could hang on for a minute.

He said, yes so I put the phone on hold and took my wife to dinner. There is an election on the horizon and pollsters are in season but they never call me. These columns run about words or less. That whacks out room for a tech support discussion. When I was a bachelor, I taped a greeting on my answering machine: Oh, and please sing your message. He was a sportswriter.

Baseball was his favorite sport and for many years he covered the Cleveland Indians. Sportswriters have an unwritten creed, no cheering in the press box, but Joe secretly rooted for the Tribe. Being on the road with the team for six months was rugged and Joe decided to spend more time with his family. He opened a public relations firm. Years later while vacationing in Tampa he stopped at Al Lopez Field. Lopez had been a major league catcher and then manager of the Cleveland Indians.

It was the offseason; the parking lot was vacant. Joe pulled in, parked the car and sat for a few moments thinking about Lopez and the years he covered him in Cleveland. What a tribute it was for Lopez, the first Tampa native to play major league baseball to have a ballpark named after him and it was the training site of the Chicago White Sox. Joe noticed an open entrance. He walked in, stood for a moment to admire the field where he covered spring training games when the Indians played the White Sox.

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He walked down to the field opened a gate by the first row, stepped on the field and took a seat in the first base dugout. He thought this is where I belong.

Joe trotted out to left field, his regular position, turned facing home plate, leaned forward and put his hands on his knees prepared for the first pitch. He clicked his tongue simulating the crack of the bat——a soaring high fly was coming his way.

He turned and took off chasing the ball over his head. He sped toward the outfield wall extended his gloved hand and made a sensational over-the-shoulder backhand catch. As Joe tipped his cap acknowledging the roar of the crowd reality set in. A member of the ground crew stood nearby watching him. He looked confused, on edge so he put the paper in his pocket and left.

Then he presented it to a teller. The getaway car was a brown Corvette. Seen many of those on the road? A telephone repairman working on a pole outside the bank saw the robber run out of the bank, pile into the Corvette and speed away. He called the police.

A Chagrin Falls squad car spotted the Corvette and gave chase. They raced through three municipalities. Fortunately, no shots were fired. We had a branch bank in University Heights located at a busy intersection. The window was so big that the workers asked the manager and assistant manager to help hold it in place. A cab happened to be driving past the bank and the cabbie noticed two men in suits with their arms spread out against the window so he called the police.

Six cop cars descended on the bank—sirens blaring. This was my favorite incident: I managed a branch in a strip shopping center. A four-door sedan was billowing with smoke. Within minutes a fire truck was on the scene. Fire fighters surrounded the car, smashed the windows, tore open the doors and hosed down the interior.