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dj soul please meet

Meet Black Coffee, Africa's First Superstar DJ . DJ Tabu of Soul Summit remembers a “definite buzz” about Black Coffee, noting, “The crowd. Meet Mel, a world-renowned, Austin-based DJ who got his start I was just playing soul and funk, Jimmy Ponder and real chilled-out stuff. DJ Honey (Instagram) came to DJing more or less by accident but now 60s Northern Soul, RnB, popcorn and girl groups on original 45s.

I love this stuff. And I just started laughing. The seams are starting to show.

dj soul please meet

One of those things seems to be this negative narrative about the Bernie youth, the Bernie Bros and the Dank Meme stash and all this. Are these rallies just full of bros?

Meet Black Coffee, Africa’s First Superstar DJ | Rising Stars | OZY

What are you seeing? Older people who were around at a time when there were only three major networks were being fed the same stuff and are believing it, but now there are so many channels and resources to get your information.

  • Meet Black Coffee, Africa’s First Superstar DJ
  • Meet DJ Brownsoul, Internationally Acclaimed Talent

You can get an opposing opinion, and maybe you can find something truthful online. Raking through the muck.

She makes YOU Dance! Meet Dj LeSoul - On Point with Sandy Nene

Clinton and I spoke over the summer we got into this whole dialogue about him trying to get back control of his publishing rights and all that. Are these connections things you think about when you make these playlists? Are you instigating a lot of these creative choices?

Is Jane Sanders coming to you with Grateful Dead playlists? No, no, not at all! Like going to the dentist or something, you know? Are the campaign staffers coming to you with feedback? Early on in Iowa I was playing music really low, while the press was getting situated and people were filing in.

Meet the Man Who Pumps Up Bernie Sanders: DJ Mel

I just think this is an honor. Even when I did stuff for Obama, I never asked for money. I believe in Bernie, and I believed in President Obama when I played for him back in and up until now. What do you make of how you got into this political DJ thing?

I heard you have a friend who worked at the White House and he just hit you up. It was complete madness and oh so magical! Since when have you been a DJ? I very quietly collected records for over a decade and was asked a few times along the way but never had the courage to get behind the decks. I was eventually coerced in What was your first ever record? Favourite record of all times and why: The passion, heartbreak, desperate plea and emotion in that record is something special and for an artist to lay their heart bare in a recording like that is a true gift for us listeners.

dj soul please meet

Not a dry eye! Accompany it will a driving soul beat and viola! Record you usually play at all your DJ gigs: Barbara was, and still is, a force to be reckoned with!

She writes her own songs, plays her own instruments and performed alongside the Kings of RnB owning the stage every single moment as she should! A woman standing up to an abusive partner and taking back control of her life.

dj soul please meet

Taking back her power. Vinyl or other media: Favourite club to play at: Nude RestaurantOsaka, Japan.