Desperate housewives you must meet my wife recap

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desperate housewives you must meet my wife recap

Desperate Housewives is an American television comedy-drama-mystery which premiered on ABC on October 3, , in the United States. The first season had a single special episode, while the second and third season each had two. Seasons one through eight have been released on DVD in Regions 1, 2, 3, Desperate Housewives follows the lives of four women–Susan (Teri Hatcher). Housewives - Season 7, Episode 2 - You Must Meet My Wife: Susan is Episode Summary Watch Full Episodes: Desperate Housewives. Warning: the promo photos for the October 3 new episode of Desperate Housewives contains gratuitous shots of a shirtless Brian Austin Green. The seventh.

He takes her hand in his and rubs it up and down the wood panel. Keith cracks a joke, and Bree awkwardly laughs before dashing off to her car as she is running late. Bree hops inside her car and throws on her seat-belt. Yes, when Bree was a little girl, she'd been taught her sexual urges were dangerous Bree sits in her car and admires Keith's backside as she reverses off her drive.

She hits something with a loud thump! She dashes out of the car to find an injured semi-conscious Juanita lying on the ground. Her face is badly cut and bruised. Bree holds the girl in her arms and tries to comfort her.

Desperate Housewives - Season 7, Episode 2: You Must Meet My Wife -

Unfortunately, she was about to learn those urges were dangerous for everyone. They can set bones, bandage wounds, and treat diseases. Sadly, one thing they don't know how to heal, is a guilty conscience. Bree is pacing back-and-forth and is troubled by the accident. Andrew is positive everything is fine as Juanita was talking when she was put in the ambulance.

He heard about the accident and rushed over as that is what good neighbors do. Karen explains that he doesn't have to wait around with them as nothing can be done. Bree, after short hesitation, takes his hand and Karen and the others do the same. During Paul's prayer, Bree and Lynette whisper to each other about how strange their nemesis is acting. The prayer ends and Paul leaves.

Gabrielle appears and announces that Juanita is going to be fine, but she's being kept in the hospital for a few days for observation. She politely asks if she can speak to Bree and Andrew for a second - they're taken aside where Gaby suddenly flips. Andrew butts in and thanks Gaby for not telling Carlos about the hit-and-run cover-up. Bree tells him to watch his mouth and explains that she was messing around with the radio. But while we're talking about the radio," Andrew continues, "You do know that model is like 15 years too young for you?

Maxine teaches Susan how to vacuum in a sexier manner. Meanwhile, Susan is in the process of her first online web-cam video.

She is hoovering her apartment carpet in a white sexy night-gown nervously. Clearly, Susan feels uncomfortable.

Marcia Cross on Desperate Housewives - 7x2 You Must Meet My Wife

She hides her breasts and buttocks from view just as the doorbell rings. Her boss, Maxine Rosenis outside. Susan stops streaming the video and opens the door to greet her. Maxine reveals that she has been watching Susan 'perform' and is angry because the video was so boring.

Maxine tells Susan to sit down and begins to give her a few pointers. Maxine takes hold of the vacuum cleaner and starts to suggestively thrust her hips against it, before finding a feather duster which she flirtatiously flutters around the room with. Maxine finishes and explains that they're job is to sell a fantasy to their customers and you have to loosen up to make it more believable.

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Susan admits that she is worried about all the men out in the world who will be watching her but Maxine quickly encourages her by explaining that those men are spending their hard-earned cash to see the perfect woman. At the Scavo's, Renee is arguing with her ex on her cellphone.

Lynette tells her to stop because her daughter, Pennyis in the room. Renee ignores Lynette and after hanging up, she approaches Penny. She asks Lynette's daughter what 'Auntie Renee' has taught her - "Never sign a prenump," Penny replies, much to Lynette's dissatisfaction.

Tom returns home from work. He isn't feeling well. You need to go to the doctor. Renee begins to tell Lynette how she needs to be careful because her and Tom are starting to sound a lot like her and Doug's arguments before their separation. Lynette tells Renee her and Tom are fine. Bob and Lee start arguing and Karen adds, "It's been months. Can't you just kiss each other's bottoms and make up? The group agree to go and help her out just as the woman drops spills the contents of the fishbowl onto the street.

She squirms on the floor, trying to rescue her flopping fish, which she quickly throws back into the bowl. The woman explains that she's lost and explains that she was looking for a street named Wisteria Lane.

Beth replies, "Paul Young. Paul calls out from behind them and he makes his way over. She hasn't been returning his phone calls, so he takes the opportunity to assure her he's not a cold-blooded killer; and then he kisses her. After Edie leaves, Paul discovers the tape hidden in the sofa cushions, not at all where he left it.

desperate housewives you must meet my wife recap

Continuity[ edit ] Bree's conversation with Maisy Gibbons, the "town whore", is ironic due to Bree's character in Season 8. In What's the Good of Being Good? Bree simply smiles and accepts her new status as the "town whore" and walks away. Notes[ edit ] After a three-week absence, Nicollette Sheridan returns as Edie Britt and has the most screen time for this episode among the entire cast. It was Mark Moses who suggested to the writers of Desperate Housewives that he thought Paul and Edie Nicollette Sheridan should be intimately linked, which is shown in this particular episode.

But a relationship never blossomed between the pair.

desperate housewives you must meet my wife recap

When Tom returns from the doctor the next day, he informs Lynette that he is suffering from Postpartum Depressiona condition that generally affects women and, although rare, even men. Lynette does not take this news seriously and is astonished that Tom is taking the diagnosis seriously. Meanwhile, Renee who is still staying in the Scavo home warns Lynette that she should take Tom's concerns more seriously, but Lynette ignores this.

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Lynette is especially angered when she learns that Tom has been confiding in Renee, listening to his problems when Lynette will not. One evening, Lynette learns that the two have gone to dinner but left a message for her to join them if she wishes.

Angry, Lynette meets the two at a restaurant just as they are discussing Lynette's dismissive behavior towards Tom. Lynette pulls Renee aside and tells her that it is inappropriate to be so close to Tom and demands that their current friendship be toned down. That night, Lynette realizes she needs to be there for her husband more often and the two decide to simply talk to each other rather than make love, thus making progress in their marriage.

Renee later apologizes to Lynette and is forgiven, and reveals that she has just bought Edie Britt's former home on Wisteria Lane. Lynette is hesitant to the idea, but happy nonetheless. As Juanita recovers in the hospital after being accidentally hit by Bree's car, a nurse needs Gaby to make a few clarifications regarding her daughter's health background.

It is then that Gaby discovers that her daughter's blood type is not consistent with what it should be, since Gaby and Carlos's blood types cannot possibly produce what Juanita's is. This leads Gaby into believing that Carlos must not be Juanita's father. She asks Susan to recall a vacation the two had taken years earlier where Gaby had been harmlessly flirting with a French man, and Susan remembers that Gaby did not return to their hotel room until the following morning.

desperate housewives you must meet my wife recap

This news makes Gaby believe that Juanita was conceived through had a drunken affair with the French man. Carlos does not seem to take his wife seriously and dismisses the claim without asking any other questions. The next day, Carlos arrives at the hospital to check on Juanita. He encounters the same nurse who informed Gaby of their daughter's blood type.

desperate housewives you must meet my wife recap

Gaby arrives just as Carlos is learning about the inconsistencies of Juanita's blood type. She panics and begins to tell Carlos that he isn't Juanita's father. Realizing he can no longer hide the truth, Carlos pulls Gaby aside and finally reveals to her that Juanita was accidentally switched at birth, devastating Gaby. Paul Young visits the hospital shortly after Juanita is admitted, much to the surprise of Bree, Andrew, Karen and Lynette.

desperate housewives you must meet my wife recap