Design electronics to meet hemp

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design electronics to meet hemp

Overview of EMI, EMP, HEMP, GMS, CME, and Electronic Threats. The term induced into an electrical system from an E1 pulse could reach A. The E1 which can be integrated into the design of virtually any critical electronic system. Development experience of designing Electronic Devices for substation environment with emphasis on electromagnetic field and interference suppression. Pulse (HEMP) Filters are designed to protect sensitive electronics equipment Meets Mil-STD, E1 and E2 pulse requirements; Custom designs.

design electronics to meet hemp

So how did your building become the first permitted Hempcrete structure in Denver? The zoning supervisor agreed, but because it is a new building material, he required we provide certification that our building conformed.

design electronics to meet hemp

This issue identified how important it is for Hempcrete to conform with National Standards. Everywhere else in the world that builds with Hempcrete has had these certifications for years. What kind of resources did you have as far as education in learning about Hempcrete yourselves, but also educating people like the zoning board about Hempcrete?

design electronics to meet hemp

There are a lot of great books out there plus the Internet is full of information and videos. However, the best way to educate the public and state officials is to build a Hempcrete structure, put it out there on social media and invite them to come out see it! One of the themes that I noticed with your process was the technology and the fact that this was a multigenerational project with you and your son.

Vermont Architect Builds First Permitted Hempcrete Structure in Denver

It blows me away how social media can get things out there and make it so easy to share information. Where is the project at now and what has the reaction been? We started the design in the beginning of May and applied for the building permit in July.

We had the most amazing diverse group of people attend the class and we owe a great deal of thanks to the core of probably eight or ten people who were there every day! Overall, there was maybe people that came to help or observe the process. It was absolutely amazing.

design electronics to meet hemp

This is where the sustainability factor was challenged by political reality. We ended up getting the hemp from overseas, because we wanted the highest quality material to build the workshop, and at the time, this was the best source. The problem is that in the U. So your interest is presumably in the hurd inside the stalk, right? Is there variability in the cellulose from one strain to another or other differences?

There are many strains of the hemp plant. The strain we use for Hempcrete is totally different from the strain that is grown for food, medicinal purposes, or bio-plastics!

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So, I want to end by asking about your future goals with Hempcrete, more structures in the suburbs, something in the northeast, or something different? Where do you go from here? Right now, I have three other Hempcrete projects in the works, two in Colorado and one in Vermont.

design electronics to meet hemp

Our post and beam workshop out in Denver happened because Eric had the foresight to know that building his workshop would garner an enormous amount of interest and could then be used as a vehicle for educating the public about the benefits of hemp. My goal is education, not only for the common person, but also for the government regulators and building industry officials so they can get on board to not only change the laws allowing our farms to grow hemp legally, but also to certify the many products that can be produced from this amazing plant.

When you look at the workshop that we built in Denver, it is a simple post and beam structure that showcases the aesthetics and utility of the Hempcrete walls and ceiling. So, if you build it, they will come? My son Alex is a good example of growing up in Vermont and leaving the state once he was done with college to find work. He came back because he saw an opportunity to build a business in a budding industry!

Do Engineers Design Things Anymore? Electrical Engineering in the Age of ICs - News

It is not difficult to perceive the existential, and reciprocal, bond between these two concepts. Design leads to creation, and creation serves as motivation for design. Will a person take the trouble to design if he or she has no hope of creating something truly new?

How can something truly new be created if an intelligent agent does not design it from whatever already exists? Engineering I think that many engineers originally pursued engineering because they had a strong interest in, or a strong aptitude for, creation and design.

What happens, then, when the engineering profession no longer provides engineers with sufficient opportunity to express their creativity or immerse themselves in challenging and therefore intellectually satisfying design tasks?

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But perhaps some of us are. When I was in college, I enjoyed learning about transistors and thinking about how I might design an amplifier around a discrete BJT. There were all sorts of subtle issues involved—biasing, gain parameters, output impedance, and so forth.

Nowadays, much of my PCB design process occurs as follows: Add discrete components according to the recommendations in the datasheets. Make connections between the ICs based on the recommendations in the datasheets, or based on previous designs. As I asked in the title of the article: Do engineers design things anymore?