David bowie strangers when we meet discogs records

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david bowie strangers when we meet discogs records

The discography of English singer David Bowie (–) included 27 studio albums, 11 He then released three solo studio albums with EMI – Let's Dance ( ), whose title track one in the UK and became Bowie's first album to reach number one on the Billboard in the US. "Strangers When We Meet". David Bowie – 1. Outside 8, I Have Not Been To Oxford Town, 12, Segue - Ramona A. Stone / I Am With Name, 19, Strangers When We Meet. Apr 10, Before he was David Bowie—s musical chameleon in chief—he was David Bowie began the '80s with one of his best albums (Scary Monsters) and the biggest hit of piano) and the album-closing “Strangers When We Meet” are as good as any other art-rock of the day. 1. . Data provided by Discogs.

david bowie strangers when we meet discogs records

He said, "as soon as I released that I thought, 'It's much too fucking long. I really should have made it two CDs.

A non-linear Gothic Drama Hyper-cycle. In this future, murder and mutilation of bodies had become a new underground art craze. The main character, Nathan Adler, was in the business of deciding what of this was legally acceptable as art and what was, in a word, trash.

The album is filled with references to characters and their lives as he investigates the complicated events leading up to the murder of a fourteen-year-old girl. One is meant to assume that Bowie's character, Nathan Adler, works for the British government due to several references to the cities of London and Oxfordbut in the liner notes these are revealed to be, at least in some cases, London, Ontario and Oxford, New Jerseyindicating that the entire story may take place in North America—or, indeed, that the distinction between the two places has become blurred and indistinguishable.

Bowie would claim that the album has "strong smatterings of Diamond Dogs The idea of this post-apocalyptic situation is there, somehow. You can kind of feel it. It's a diary within the diary. The narrative and the stories are not the content—the content is the spaces in between the linear bits. The queasy, strange, textures Oh, I've got the fondest hopes for the fin de siecle. I see it as a symbolic sacrificial rite. I see it as a deviance, a pagan wish to appease gods, so we can move on.

There's a real spiritual starvation out there being filled by these mutations of what are barely remembered rites and rituals. To take the place of the void left by a non-authoritative church.

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We have this panic button telling us it's gonna be a colossal madness at the end of this century. Because of the way we've demolished the idea of God with that triumvirate at the beginning of the century, NietzscheEinsteinand Freud.

They really demolished everything we believed. But there is also this positivism that you find now which really wasn't there at the end of the last century.

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Then, the general catch phrase among the artistic and literary community was that it was the end of the world. They really felt that in there was nothing else, that only complete disaster could follow.

It isn't like that now. We may be a little wary or jittery about what's around the corner, but there's no feeling of everything's going to end in the year Instead, there's almost a celebratory feeling of 'right, at least we can get cracking and really pull it all together. The self-portrait's name is "The Dhead — Outside" and is a lithograph measuring The original portrait remains in Bowie's private collection.

david bowie strangers when we meet discogs records

The over-ambitious intention is to carry this through to the year Outside sessions that he voiced his intention to continue the narrative through a 3-album set. There are a lot of factors that could create a value boost small or huge over the value of a good condition correct pressing. Is there a serial on the LP and maybe a pressing plant ID mark? These could factor into things. You could do a search to see IF there are others that have found this error and if there are a lot of them.

That is partly how I finally all these years later found out why the small black CBS print at the It was when CBS bought Columbia and inthey added the small cbs to the label and it appears only for before the labels change to the 2-eye label for and ran through Plus there will be other avenues to find out how common or not this album you have is, and if uncommon, was it sought after, and if so, it'll be worth more with the incorrect info than not.

My original copy of Kind of Blue by Miles Davis has a common misprint for the jacket's backside. Side 2 has the titles revered label itself is correct so that won't make it any more valuable outside of being in mint condition, of which it's not but not bad overall, just needs a good cleaning though.

The record labels and cover both state side 3 and 4, identifying the songs that are supposed to be there, but the music on side 4 is identical to side 3. What I am saying is do as much research as you can in more than one place. It is possible your error mispressing could be rare enough that it isn't well documented or documented at all.

Something like this error might also be talked abt there.

david bowie strangers when we meet discogs records

Discogs though is a great resource. Side two has the correct label and it's banded exactly how a normal copy should be, one short track [Horizons] and the epic Supper's Ready. But side one actually plays.

David Bowie - Strangers When we Meet

Someone told me many years ago that she had a copy with Supper's Ready on both sides. I looked for one for years but never found one.

One side had Peter Gabriel live at the Roxy on it. Groovin', by the way was one that played fine, but for a time with groove distortion when playing the compilation. My original Rascals LP is fine. One of the better tracks was Funky Broadway by Wilson Pickett and it does not play worth a damn.

Lance Lawson Dylay's like a Rolling Stone was originally released as 3 minutes on side A and the other 3 minutes on side B Bob Boyer I've not encountered any of those examples, but then my collection is curated rather tightly. I'd love to see something like that, however, just to say I had it.

I also have the Starship album "Knee Deep In The Hoopla" on cassette where side 1 and 2 were swapped, but simply opening the shell and turning the tape reels around solved that problem. Both my original cassette of X-Sinner album "Get It" I got new which was stollen years ago and the replacement cassette I managed to find recently on Ebay for a realistic price were reversed sides.